Sunday, April 6, 2014

Givenchy Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow

Normally, I don't feature products I don't like. I was chatting about that online this weekend with other bloggers. It's not fun to criticize poorly marketed or manufactured products when there are so many good ones. Nevertheless, because Givenchy's new Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow ($23) has received some favorable press, I'll tell you about my experience.

Called a new generation of creamy, waterproof, long-lasting eye shadow, these shadows are anything but creamy. They dry down to a powdery finish (Sephora should have said matte) and are said to last for up to 16 hours of long-wearing, waterproof color. The saturated shades can be layered or mixed to create your own unique signature color or ombre combination. Normally, I adore cream eye shadows, so an offering of new ones caught my attention immediately.

I used the little squares of color at Sephora to select my two shades: Beige Mousseline (#2) and Gris Organza (#7). Neither shade resembles the color online.

For reference, I have copied the color representations from Sephora below, starting with Beige Mousseline.

In the Sephora photo, Beige Mousseline appears to have some gold and peach in it. In my photo with the blue background above, taken in full, mid-day sun, it looks like mud. Sephora's photo of Gris Organza is shown directly below. To me, it looks grey, not the charcoal color you see in my photo. It's a closer representation than Beige Mousseline is, though.

Gris Organza came with its own surprise. I noticed the moment I took it out of the box that it had separated from the pot/jar all the way around. The moment I saw that the product had shrunk, I wondered if it would be fine (like Chanel's creams) or dried out. Unfortunately, it was very dry. See the close-up below. It is going back to Sephora. The product is defective. I might send the beige one back along with it - simply because it looks like mud on my eyelids - not what I expected. The color on Sephora's Web site is much prettier than the real thing.

I decided to show you a swatch photo. Sephora cannot resell the products anyway. I swatched with a sponge-tipped applicator even though Givenchy recommends you use your fingertips.

I found both shades fairly dry. However, the defective Gris Organza was so dry, it was hard to get enough color out of the pot to make an even swatch. I finally gave up. You can see that one side of my swatch is lighter than the other. You wouldn't believe how hard I worked to get pigment to part from the dry little plug of Gris Organza. Beige Mousseline wasn't that much creamier.

Any sparkles you see in my swatch photo are apparently left over from a product I swatched before these eye shadows.  They are definitely matte. The Non-Blonde, who selected a better shade than I did, says they are waterproof (I can attest to their stubborn refusal to wash off) and long-lasting.

There you have it. I am terribly unimpressed. I almost never return makeup. I think it's fairly unethical to blind-buy and then return an item because I don't like the color. Sephora isn't in the business of selling testers for my convenience. In this case, I think the color misrepresentations and the defective/dry product warrant a return. What do you think?

The Givenchy Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadows are Sephora exclusives.

Photos courtesy of Sephora; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


LoveSugarBabyDoll said...

Send them back. You are not a serial returner, so don't feel bad for returning a defective item. I agree with you about people who buy and return makeup with no thought to the consequences of their behavior. At least you know Sephora will be gracious and honor their return policy, unlike some other stores I know.

There were nice reviews on Cafe Makeup. I wonder if it is a problem with the shades you selected, Gris Organza, or if the lot from which you selected was damaged and dried out?

Now I am curious to see them in person.

Mary said...

I wonder if somehow these were duds. I bought Rose Dentelle in store and find it creamy, and while it does have a matte finish, not overly dry. These look terrible! Definitely returns. Sorry you had a bad experience but it does help others be aware.

Evelyn said...

Definitely the duds should go back, I rarely return things either but when there's a problem you have to do it. I swatched them at the Sephora store and to be honest the only one I really like and bought was Rose Dentelle. I've always wanted a shadow in this color.

Julie said...

I wanna try this out. Looking at them is so tempting. With such great colors, who would not want to try them. This will be in my list.

Anonymous said...

The dark shade looks like the lid was not put on properly and its dried out. I too own the Rose Dentelle and the SA did say remember each time to screw the lid on tightly or it will dry out. I actually just use my finger and swipe across and its soft and yes matt shadow but no way drying. Nothing like the Chanel or Armani ones.

ChristineV said...

I bought this based on another blog recommendation. I returned it. Crappy.

IntoTemptation said...

I tried these at Sephora and really thought the formula and colors were duds. I've been very surprised at all the positive reviews.

Unknown said...

I like the Gris Organza. But not if it's dried out and hard to use. I'm a sucker for grey. I was also drawn to the Rose Dentelle. I'll pick them up in person though. I detest returning cosmetics. But in this case, I certainly would.

Lisa said...

In this day and age there is no excuse for poor color representation with cosmetics, yet it happens all the time. If you get hoodwinked by misrepresentation online (by a faulty picture) or receive a substandard product from a high-end line, you should return the item (or their will be no hope for improvements in the future!).

saw said...

I am happy that someone else shares my thought about Gris Organza. This was the only one I got then I stopped there because it was unusable.

Lulle said...

As a cream shadow lover I was very excited to see Givenchy release this new product.
I went to the store especially to swatch them, and I was so disappointed. I totally agree with your description: they're muddy and dry, and their matte finish looks particularly flat and unflattering. There wasn't a single shade I liked.

I have to say that I'm very surprised by all the positive reviews I keep reading when these shadows are mediocre at best, and a total failure in my opinion. Thank you for your honest review.