Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rouge G de Guerlain in Galiane and Géraldine - New and Pretty

We had a few minutes today when the sun made an attempt to break through the clouds. I grabbed two new Rouge G de Guerlain's, my camera, and darted outside. While my photos aren't as bright as I would prefer, it was clear that they were as good as I would be able to get today. Galiane is shown at left above, and Géraldine is shown at right.

I blind-purchased Galiane (#15) and Géraldine (#77) - both $54 - from the Guerlain Boutique in Las Vegas when they arrived. I selected two that sounded nice, as Jonathan described them, and knew I could purchase additional shades once they arrived at our local counters.

I told you about the new Rouge Gs on Monday. Please see that feature for the history of Rouge G, along with the features and ingredients that make it special. Since then, I had a Verizon service problem and couldn't reliably blog - sorry!

There are five new permanent shades. They are listed below, with Guerlain's descriptions.
  • 15 Galiane, nude beige
  • 16 Gaëtane, deep brown
  • 77 Géraldine, luminous pink
  • 78 Gladys, vibrant fuchsia
  • 48 Geneva, blood orange
I took swatch photos in the same cloudy but bright light. Galiane is shown at the top of my arm, with Géraldine below. I held my arm in front of a star magnolia that is just starting to bloom. If the weather stays warm, the tree will be glorious in a day or two.

I hope you can see that Galiane is a gorgeous nude. It has enough pink in it to make it look fabulous on my lips. It's a beautiful natural shade.

Géraldine is a bright cool-toned pink. It's a pretty pick-me-up for spring.

These Rouge Gs have excellent, long-wear and feel hydrating on my lips. They offer a subtle shine to the lips.

The new Rouge Gs have arrived at the Guerlain Boutiques and will arrive at select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Dillards, Sepora, and at Bergdorf Goodman in April - this month!

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Eileen said...

I had the feeling you'd get Géraldine and Galiane! Aren't they beautiful? Because one pass of these produces a color that is just a bit more sheer than the older Rouge G's, the rose in my lips moderates the colors so that even the blood orange Geneva becomes an eminently wearable coral. Of course, you bolder gals can do two passes and build the color up, but for me, a more subtle approach is definitely kinder. These feel so good on the lips and the color wears very well. I wore Géraldine yesterday and Geneva today and find they both maintain their vibrancy for hours. Tomorrow I'll give Galiane a go and I expect it will perform as well as the other two. It's nice to see some modern additions to the permanent Rouge G line-up.

Unknown said...

I am loving the Galiane (nude)~ so it is a must-have for me. Just the shade I have been searching for.
Great post. Thank you!

bisbee said...

Both look pretty...but I'm hesitant to continue buying lipsticks online, since I've been burned a lot lately! I've ordered several pink lipsticks that are described as cool, and the swatches also look cool, but when I get them, they look the tube and on my lips! The latest is Tom Ford Paradiso...but I sent it back today. It was positively peachy orange! Why does this keep happening? Maybe it's a STOP ordering lipsticks!

Claire said...

Thanks for the post, I love Rouge G's and will definitely check these out.

Unknown said...

Ooo I really like Galiane! It's not as brown as it looks in the promotional photos, your swatch has me convinced that it would blend well with my natural lip tone. It seems like Gaëtane might be the brown that I'd avoid. Géraldine is a great color as well, probably a bit too risque for myself but perfect for those that love that bubblegum pink for spring! Thank you for the swatches and descriptions, CG!

Lisa said...

Those are so beautiful! Thanks for the lovely post!

Anonymous said...

Fran asks:
How scented are they? Can handle the mild scent in a Chanel Shine or Gloss but can not tolerate a Dior or Lancome lipstick. Also do not like the scent of the new Armani Rouge Ecstasy CC lipsticks.

Eileen said...

Hi Bisbee,

I feel your pain! I went through the same thing back in the day when I first started reading beauty blogs. I'd read descriptions, see beautiful swatches, and then enthusiastically buy online only to be disappointed when I received the actual product. It didn't take long to realize that that wasn't a good way to purchase especially since return policies were not nearly so liberal at that time. I still order a lot of things online, but nowadays I do in-store reconnaissance first :-)

I'm lucky to have easy access to many highend and niche brands, but not everyone does and so buying blind can be a leap of faith. You have to factor in the personal preferences and coloring of the reviewer, the type of camera and lighting they are using, how the product reacts to their body chemistry, etc. But even considering all of that, I'm sometimes totally surprised when I see a product in-store that I've previously seen on a blog. I find myself wondering how on earth the products could possibly be the same! LOL. Anyway, I hope you'll have much better luck with future purchases :-)

QuietDawn6 said...

I wonder how Galiane compares to the old Blondie Rouge G