Friday, April 11, 2014

The Friday Forum - April 11

While I was outside taking swatch photos this week, this clump of hellebores caught my eye. I love them and would love to have more colors. This dusty rose is one of my favorites.

Did you read the article "Over 50 and Underappreciated" in the New York Times yesterday? The author, Bee Shapiro, introduced industry veteran  Andrea Robinson's new book, Toss the Gloss: Beauty Tips, Tricks & Truths for Women 50+. I think I'll order it from Amazon. In her article she spotlighted women over 50, like Bobbi Brown, who are industry superstars, and others, like Diane Keaton, who represent major brands. The one tiny blurb that drew my attention, though, was billed as a little-known fact: that some creams are repackaged for different body parts, but they are exactly the same. That extra $50 you are paying for your face cream? It may be the same cream you are putting on your arms and hands for less money. I do use a face cream on my hands at work, but it never occurred to me that the brand might have the same cream packaged as a hand cream. I'm reminded once again of my mantra, read labels.

There was a little blurb about Absolue L'Extrait Ultimate Eye Contour by Lancôme next to the article. It highlighted the company's claim that there are close to two million native rose cells in the cream. That made me wonder how many cells are in a typical rose. I had a hard time finding out on the Internet. I guess there aren't millions of people wondering about rose cell counts. What did I already know? A cell count would depend on the size and maturity of the rose; that's common sense. What did I learn? Too many to count. So, your two million cells could have come from a single rose petal. Impressed?

Sisley will open its first free-standing U.S. store in Las Vegas at The Shops at Crystals on May 17. I'm bummed that it won't be in the DC area. We seem to be perceived as a beauty backwater. I need to visit the Sisley counter this weekend and see the brand's new bronzer.

I have a lot of beauty stops to make tomorrow. I have to pick up my Tom Ford items at Neiman Marcus at Tysons Galleria, unless I can do it later today. I'm attending a special Beauty and Fashion Event at Neiman Marcus at Mazza Galleria, after which I must pick up my Giorgio Armani purchases at Saks in Chevy Chase. It is going to be a crazy busy beauty weekend. I've got boxes and boxes of new makeup to photograph, so I hope the sun will make an extended appearance when I'm home. I'm working from home today, but it's as cloudy as it gets.

It's time for the Friday Forum. I love this part of our week. What new products did you discover this week? Did you find any deals you couldn't resist? Are you using a fabulous product and want to sing its praises? Did you find a beauty product disappointing? Do you have a question others might be able to answer? Want to talk about skin care? What's new in your life? Just use the comments. Don't be shy. Just make sure to ask any question you might have over the weekend. By early the next week, most (not all) readers will have moved on.

Photos courtesy of Sisley and by Best Things in Beauty


Quirky Busy Beauty said...

Thanks for the tipoff about the NM event, CG! This makes 4 out of the last 5 weekends with local DC-area beauty events for me. Finally it seems like we're getting some love!

Currently loving all things Burberry beauty right now, plus the new TF summer palette. I think I need a TF blush after playing with the palette!

ChristineV said...

Bobbi Brown BB cream. Very hydrating and gives a great finish. I also rediscovered my fav cream foundation, Gerda Spillman. A kind of cult brand. Supposedly Angie J. uses it. I love its sun block attributes and a great long last, non smear finish. I love cream foundations.

Buxom cream liner in black. They call it something else, but its black. Cheaper than BB, my fav, and a smaller amount. But these dry out fast, so a smaller amount is a good deal.

Deb said...

Hi CG. I ordered two of the Chanel RCS in Satisfaction after seeing your swatches. Like you, I am very fair but I have red hair. For some reason, I have a hard time finding a shade of peach that doesn't go too orange on me. IMHO, peach is a great color for gingers but it is hard to find the right one. Your swatch showed the peach to perfection on fair skin and I liked it so much, I ordered two just in case. Fingers crossed! As for everything else, I find myself in a bit of a beauty slump. I've been keeping track of all the blogging on the new releases but I haven't seen a single thing (except the RCS) that has ignited even a twinge of lust in me. I guess I'm just burnt out. Is it me, or does it seem that everything is just on repeat?

Jo said...

I am loving the new Eve Lom tinted moisturizer and the LMdB powder and for my lips Lancôme Lip Lover in Beige Adage.

Happy weekend everyone!

Unknown said...

I so look forward to reading this blog and I have purchased many suggested items with great success.

Actually it does not surprise me that companies utilize the same product and repackage it. My trust and respect for many are less than great.

Another issue that has come to light and has deeply affected my beauty choices, is the fact that so many high end cosmetic companies are NOT cruelty free and innocent animals suffer needlessly as a result.

I have researched and found a great number of excellent product lines that choose to be humane and I have vowed to avoid temptation and refuse to buy many beloved brands that I have used and adored for years.

What do y'all think? I know CG, you are an animal lover and are kindhearted to a fault. LOL

Mamavalveeta03 said...

Yay! I received your post today!
I'm giggling over your question about "how many cells in a rose?" That's the kind of thing I think about, and also Google. At least I'm not alone!

Anonymous said...

I also am liking the Bobbi Brown BB Cream. Nice, light coverage. Not so sure about the CC Cream.

Patty J said...

I had a mini haul this week at the YSL counter at Nordstrom's in LA. Their Creme de Blush in #7 is a nicely pigmented cream blush that's blends easily and melds well on my skin. I'm a medium-dark skin delicate color isn't easy to achieve. This is a winner. I also picked up Touche Eclat #4 to replace the Givenchy version of the same. YSL Touche brightens without the sparkle. Also in the haul, I picked up a liquid eyeliner with the felt tip, it swatched darker or maybe just stronger than the brush tip.

Anna R said...

I was fortunate enough to have my makeup done at the Guerlain counter by one of their artists, Marcus Mason. What a surprising pleasure. I guess I was a little jaded going in, but he was really very nice and I think he did a great job showing me ways to use their products. I'm loving again some of their products that I stopped using, but I can't remember why I stopped. I guess I get excited to try new things and forget some old favorites. Does that happen to other people, too? If your Guerlain counter has him come to do makeup, try to get an appointment...I was really pleased.

Eileen said...

Hi Anna,

I'm thrilled you had a chance to meet Marcus and have him do your makeup. I'm a bonafide fan of his and always book an appointment when he's at our local Nordstrom. He's a charming and funny man who delights in teaching women how to work with the products and he always remembers what he last did on me--right down to the colors' numbers! What a memory :-)

The only thing I purchased this week was the TF Unabashed palette. I was on the fence looking at blog pictures, but when I experienced the actual product, I knew I'd get a lot of use out of it this summer. The bronzer/highlighter and blusher remind me of the two illuminating sticks from last summer's collection and I use these soft, silky powders in the same manner: I sweep the bronzer/highlighter over my high cheekbones, use the blusher for a pop of color, and then blend the edges well. They give a warm, shimmery, sunkissed glow without shouting bronzer! As for the eyeshadows, the satin-matte taupe and champagne glitter are lighter and warmer than the seductive She Wolf; and more in keeping with summer's burnished tones. As for that rich sapphire, wow! The easiest and most flattering way for us older ladies to wear bold color is to artfully blend it into neutrals and TF has given us a gorgeous trio of shades that make the eyes sparkle without looking garish. It's all in the blending and these shadows blend like a dream. On the lips, I like how Guerlain's Coral Whizz Gloss D'Enfer adds soft but cheerful color without competing with the eyes. Unabashed is a summer palette and so I don't want to look too contrived or finished.

As with the spring collections, there doesn't seem to be any one particular summer collection that strikes me as a standout. I seem to be picking up items here and there from various different lines. That's OK by me, though, because it's all coming together nicely.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Vanessa said...

Charleston Girl,

Thank you for posting pictures of your beautiful flowers. They always make me smile and they cheer me when I am cranky.
All the best!

Vanessa said...

I was a silly girl and responded to a online add for the Lumanelle repair, hydrating cream and wrinkle filler. I could test them for 30 days. All three had the same texture, smell and consistancy. I really believe they were all the same. Nothing happened except my skin itched. I sent them all back. What a scam and I fell for it! I have to laugh at myself.
I will never do that again. Has anyone else had this experience?

A Lovely Inconsequence said...

I bought Guelain nail polish in 00. It's a creamy color that is not too sheer not to chalky. Two coats for pretty milky nails. Love it...Also, based on your review I splurged on the Save the Bees compact by Chantecaille. I will keep it in my rattan handbag this summer alone with a lip pencil and lipstick. It will look very nice tucked inside. I adore the blush and the blue shadow. Summer perfect.

tweenymama said...

I too read the NYT article, and went to Amazon and "looked inside the book." I was ready to buy immediately, but I saw NOTHING I didn't know already in the samples, including many pages devoted to the when-to-throw-away calendars, which I pretty much (no: completely) ignore. That Ultima Nakeds line from the 90's, however -- THAT was the best line EVER. So kudos to her for that anyway.

Also from the article, WORD to the imitations! If you wait, most items will be copied eventually and show up at CVS.

Speaking of the OTHER Naked line, though, am I the only one who hasn't drunk the kool-aid on the Urban Decay Nakeds palettes? There are many many palettes with neutrals for half the price. I think the packaging including the shape is appealing somehow, hence their popularity.

Chateepatee said...

Hi CG- I'm late to the party but it's great to read so many different comments!
The Sisley Paris shoppe in Vegas sounds lovely! I have an unhealthy love for all things Sisley. In particular all of their masks- if I could I would swim in a vat of the Black Rose Mask nightly. The scent is divine, and to an asthmatic who is cautious about perfumed products-finding this product was such a indulgent pleasure!
I'll be anxious to hear what you think of the TF summer collection. Mine arrived last week and I am just beginning to experiment. Presently I'm enjoying my Chanel quads and my new fav- Burberry #15 Sage Green.
I needed a dose of spring and this has done it for me. Burberry never disappoints- lovely products and well priced.
Enjoy the sunshine and looking forward to some new posts on what you have in those boxes at home!

Lisa said...

I haven't made it to NM yet, but the day isn't over yet! But I did make a few Sephora purchases: Make Up For Ever HD Blush #410 (a coral shade their universal color), Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin in 12 Sensual Rose, a surprise purchase of Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Eye brightener in Luminous 1 ( I was using this to erase color from my lips to reapply lipsticks some of my choices where bold that day- - - and swiped under my eyes and way very pleased with the brightening, non-creasing effect--nice find!)
Last night under the wire I ordered Geurlains protective gel base coat, and Bite beauty Lush lip tint in Juicy (blind move). I am excited to see TF summer after reading how Eileen is using it. So grateful for this wonderful blog site!

Deb said... are not alone! Don't have a single UD Naked palette, don't want one, and don't care. Still don't understand the hype. I can see their benefit for a MUA or for those that really use all the shadows and constantly try out new looks and combos. For me, one of the great rewards in getting older is owning the fact that I don't need to wear makeup every time I go out of the house. My skin truly thanks me for it and I also realized nobody is paying the slightest attention to me! It's wonderful. If I were 20 yrs younger I might be more into owning those massive palettes. But now I revel in the freedom to not feel like I'm missing something and I can afford to be much more selective and discerning in what I do choose to buy. I'm glad to see someone else other than me didn't drink the UD Naked kook aid!

Linda in TX said...

Thanks for mentioning "Toss the Gloss". I need to read it, and just learned that my library has it on order. This blog is my favorite. You really do keep it classy and you continue to bring up interesting topics.

Christina said...

Hello :)
I admit that I use Embryolisse hand & body lotion on my face. It works and sometimes I use Lait-Creme concentrate for an extra boost when needed. If that is not enough, then I add facial oil.

Charlestongirl said...

Great conversation! A few notes from me...

I avoided UD's Nakeds until the most recent. The rose golds got to me.

I think there are better ways to judge whether to toss your makeup than a calendar. I use my nose. Powders last darn near forever if they are clean. Lipsticks that are dried out are history. What more do you need besides common sense?

Sisley's Black Rose Mask is a must-have for anyone with dry skin.

I'm jealous of everyone who has had a session with Marcus!

Charlestongirl said...

Quirky, did you go today? I went in the afternoon. This morning I didn't feel well, plus I realized there was nothing they could tell me that would be news.

A Lovely Inconsequence said...

I did splurge on the Toss the Gloss book. I'm a beauty/style editor for a newspaper so I can write it off - otherwise I agree that the book did not have much new. I was interested in reading about the author's insider info but there wasn't much I didn't know there either. However, I was charmed by the illustrations. I thought they were adorable and portrayed women of a certain age in a nice light. They were just so darn cute and colorful. And I double second the commenter who said she is grateful for this blog. I come here once a week and love reading what you think is great Miss CG. Thank you!

Charlestongirl said...

I love you ladies!

Charlestongirl said...

Yep, Val, there is another wildly inquisitive woman out there. :)

Quirky Busy Beauty said...

CG, I did go!

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I probably won't make the hike again (especially not on a weekend with the Cherry Blossom Parade and various traffic horrors).

It was very small- around 50 people- and only a handful of brands. I enjoyed the champagne as well as the ability to talk to some of the reps after the show (unlike the pushing match that ensues following the Nordstrom shows). Like you surmised, there wasn't any new information presented if you're in touch with what the brands are promoting at the moment.

I did, however, run into the Chanel Summer collection and promptly brought all 5 polishes home with me. That alone was worth the trip.

Eileen said...

Hi Donna and all you other ladies interested in Toss the Gloss,

I downloaded and read Toss the Gloss last night. I must say, Robinson didn't bring anything new to the table as far as beauty insider "dirt" goes as I've read all of her revelations--and much more--in a blog called Beauty and the Bullshit. Do any of you know it? Rowena has some scathing posts which reveal, condemn, and mock the industry and, like Robinson, she has solid credentials to back up her rather cynical view.

The book did have some good information about skin care and procedures but nothing new and Robinson's product recommendations were woefully inadequate. I did; however, enjoy the cute illustrations and Robinson's abundant anecdotes like the makeover at the hands of Estée Lauder or the Revlon nail polish fiasco. I think it would actually be fun to sit down for a chat with her. I bet she has some great stories--one's she couldn't publish :-).

One thing I wouldn't ask her, though, is for makeup advice. She's obviously always been a fan of makeup that is practical, minimal, and neutral and that's OK for her, but she believes all women 50+ must adhere to her esthetic if they want to look attractive. For example, she says all we need to have is one eye palette in shades of brown if we have dark eyes or shades of gray if we have light eyes--nothing else; no color whatsoever and, of course, no shimmer or sparkle. Sigh :-( Where's the fun? Where's the joie de vivre? Where's individual expression? I'd never advocate a woman my age ringing her eyes with vibrant colors, but I think it is perfectly possible to work a bit of color and a hint of shimmer with our neutrals so that we look fashionable without trying too hard. But then, I'm nudging seventy so maybe I'm just in the throes of a second childhood! LOL Anyway, Robinson takes the same my-way-or-the-highway approach to other color cosmetics as well. You know the "Toss the Gloss" in the title? That doesn't refer to tossing the gloss when it has expired. Rather, that refers to her oft repeated edict that no women over fifty should ever wear lipgloss of any kind; hence, toss the gloss. Sorry, but that sort of extremism just isn't for me. She talks about celebrating who we are and our unique beauty, but then she emphatically tells us we must do this or that in accordance with her beauty rules or we risk looking like "crypt-keepers"! Now here's the kicker: After giving us a bunch of rules that are guaranteed to fade us into neutrality, she herself owns up to having had a face lift! I have absolutely no issue with cosmetic procedures tastefully done, but Robinson seems hypocritical to decry the use of makeup to regain a more youthful appearance, but then embrace cosmetic surgery to do the same thing.

All considered, I wouldn't advise anyone to pay full price for this. Wait until it hits the libraries or buy it used. In the meantime, for some beauty insider dirt, read Beauty and the Bullshit.

A Lovely Inconsequence said...

Eileen, you cut right to the chase. Thank you! I adore my Chanel glosses and I am 57. I just finished the book this afternoon and used post its to mark a few things but was I ever disheartened to see the section on surgery after all her various rules. You are quite right with your thoughtful articulate review.

A Lovely Inconsequence said...

Oh, and I've been on Beauty and Bullshit for 3/4 of an hour now!