Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum Eau de Toilette

Terracotta takes me away! Each time I wear it, I teleport to the beach - somewhere in Barbados. I'm resting on a lounge chair, under an umbrella to protect my skin, and I'm eating freshly sliced coconut and drinking a refreshing umbrella drink.

If you like beachy fragrances, with subtle reminders of sun, sand, and suntan lotion, you will adore the limited-edition Terracotta Le Parfum Eau de Toilette ($73, a steal). I was on the waiting list at the Guerlain Boutique, so mine shipped the moment the shipment arrived in Las Vegas. I was exuberant when I sprayed it on my arm for the first time.

Terracotta was developed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Terracotta bronzing collection. This is the third fragrance of this collection, following predecessors Voile d’Été (1999) and Eau Sous le Vent (2009). I've read that there was a third predecessor, but I am only aware of two. Guerlain's perfumer Thierry Wasser describes the new scent as "the allure of the sun in a bottle." I could not agree more. It's swoon-worthy, in my opinion.

Terracotta was created using "solar floral notes." It opens with accords of bergamot, coconut, and the tropical tiare flower. Its heart notes include white florals, such as jasmine, ylang-ylang, and orange blossom - three of my favorites. The base notes are musk and vanilla, giving Terracotta a sultry dry down. The fragrance has great longevity for a summer scent, lasting 5-6 hours on me.

It's always hard to describe a fragrance in words - at least for me. I can tell you that the 100-ml bottle will never last long enough. I'm wearing it too often. I have already called Jonathan at Guerlain to order a second bottle. Since it's a limited edition, I don't want to wait too long to re-order.

Here is the part I don't understand. All the advance publicity says Terracotta was being released in a 50-ml bottle. My box and bottle say they are 100 ml. Go figure. You should be able to find it at Guerlain counters by May, or you could order now from the Guerlain Boutique. Ask for Jonathan at (702) 732-7008 in Las Vegas.

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*JW* said...

Just yesterday morning (actually 1:00 P.M. here in S.C.=10:00 A.M. in Las Vegas), I called the Guerlain Boutique and ordered a bottle of Terracotta Le Parfum. Couldn't wait until mid-May. Spoke with Juliet, by the way, and mentioned your blog. Sorry I couldn't wait until evening to speak with Jonathan. Juliet knew all about you, so I hope you get extra "brownies" or something! She said their initial allotment sold out immediately, and that there were only four more unsold bottles of those yet to arrive in Vegas. So I was lucky to get to pre-purchase one! I had read Perfume Shrine's review yesterday and decided to go ahead even though your review wasn't up yet. Then was pleased to see yours today with the same glowing rec. Thanks much, Judy

Eileen said...

Living in So Cal, just a few miles from the beach, I imagine I'll soon be smelling this delectable scent on women all the day long :-) It sounds like light-hearted, sunny summer days.

*JW* said...

Don't know if you'll read this for a post so old, but...I read on Perfume Shrine this morning (6/5/14)that Guerlain is strongly considering making this Terracotta Le Parfum a permanent summer fixture. Check it out. I'm excited.