Monday, June 9, 2014

Pixie by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Plum Quartz

Pixie by Petra has introduced three new eye shadow palettes in its Mesmerizing Mineral Palette Collection. The company sent me one of the three, Plum Quartz ($12) to try. It was probably the last one I would have selected - you know me and plum shades - but I still found most of the shades delightful.

Each palette provides six silky, coordinated shades to use together or solo plus a double-ended sponge applicator for fast and fuss-free application. These shadows were designed to make you look fresh in moments. The mineral formula reflects light away from imperfections, while gemstone-inspired tones will enhance your natural eye beauty. The shades were specifically coordinated for foolproof eye enhancement. Add to that Vitamin E, which nourishes and protects the delicate skin around the eyes, and you have a very eye-friendly shadow - at a frugal price that will make you want to purchase all three.

I took swatch photos in full sun. It was a little hard to fit them all onto my arm, but I made it. I applied all six shades with a sponge-tipped applicator, starting with the leftmost shade above at the top of my arm and working downward.

The first two shades, the colors of champagne and warm pink, are gorgeous. They blend well with the brown-toned plum that follows. The copper shade is one of my favorites. The next to bottom shade is a true plum. A gorgeous brown with silvery life is the shade at the bottom of my arm. For my coloring, four out of six is pretty good!

I love the subtle shimmer of the shades. It's my kind of finish. It gives life to my eyes. I'm not a "matte gal."

For those who aren't familiar with Pixie, the company was created over 10 years ago and launched in its flagship boutique in Soho, London. Pixi has a loyal worldwide following thanks to its pure, awakening, and skin-loving products that create a naturally radiant "just had a good night's sleep" look. Creator, Petra Strand, has over 20 years of experience as a makeup artist and product developer. Pixi is the brand for women on the go, created by a mother of two. Each product is multi-tasking, flaw-fixing, and youth-enhancing and can be applied easily and quickly.

Petra has a passion for skin care, so as she generates new products she looks for innovative formulations that are infused with botanicals and beneficial ingredients so that skin is treated while you wear Pixie. Pixi’s mission is the same now as it was on the first day the Pixi store opened: simply to bring out the natural beauty in all women - to make women look like themselves, only better!

Take a look at the Pixie Web site. You will see some enchanting products.You can purchase online or look for a retailer near you using this locator.

Photo at top courtesy of Pixie; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Mamavalveeta03 said...

Doesn't she create this line with her two sisters? Originally from Sweden or somewhere Scandinavian? I like the aesthetic of their products. And they seem to be high-quality. Is this the same version sold at Target?

Chateepatee said...

Hi CG- I'm quite impressed with the color saturation of these shadows! My local Target carrys the line, as I've purchased multiple items on holiday wish lists for many of the young gal friends of my nephews-& the prices are indeed remarkably economical.
I did purchase for myself the LE eye pencil in a most beautiful iridescent purple upon another bloggers recommendation, and I loved it. Rumor has it her facial toner is a must have for young oily complexions- I know gals who swear by it.
I'm pleased you did this review on the Pixi product. There are certain lines of makeup that appeal to specific age groups, and if you need to shop for someone in that demographic- it's SO reassuring to have a trusted, educated and experienced reviewer post their opinions.
Best Regards to you and your Mom CG.

Kiss & Make-up said...

Oooh look at the pigmentation, nice! I quite like the look of this palette.

Eileen said...

Hi Mamaval,

Petra Strand is the creator and owner of Pixi. She has two sisters with whom she is very close. I think one is or was an esthetician. Although originally from Sweden, Petra currently lives here in the Santa Barbara area.

Hi Chateepatee,

I think you got it right in saying this is a line for the young (or makeup novice for that matter). It's a nice introduction for a person who doesn't know about shade matching (many things come only in light, medium, dark), how to use different textures, how to make the most of their features, etc. Personally, I'm not a fan of the brand but then I'm not in Pixi's target demographic by any means--70 is just around the corner and, as arrogant as it sounds, I know a thing or two about makeup and application. The first time I played with testers at Target, I just wasn't impressed. I found Pixi very limited and of mediocre quality but I'm sure the brand appeals to a number of people as it has been around for quite awhile now. As consumers we are fortunate to have so much from which to choose. There's something for everyone at every price point :-)

Kari said...

I had tried some Pixi in the past when it first arrived at Target and was unimpressed. Recently I was looking for some tinted lip balm while on a quick Target run and ended up buying one from this brand. I was really impressed by it! It was a nice color (raspberry) and of good quality. Very similar to my Fresh balms, but not quite as soft. I was so impressed that when I saw this review, I stopped by the beauty department and bought all three of these eyeshadow palettes. Afterall, at $12 a pop, how can you go wrong? I think the brand is really stepping it up with these new products.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

Thanks, Eileen, for clarifying! I remember reading an article about them, and they were all beautiful, but with very unique styles.

Claire said...

Yes, impressive!! I'll be on the look out for these pans. Thanks for sharing the info, CG! I'm a big fan of Pixi Endless silky eye pen (for those who are not familiar with the brand yet, this is a good product to try).

Anonymous said...

I love most of the PIXI products, but she does not make foundation for women of color (African-Americans, dark Asians, etc.). I wonder why this is the case. If she would create more foundation colors, she could attract a wider audience. After all, we believe in using natural products too.

Dr. Schavi M. Ali