Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thierry Mugler ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire Eau de Toilette

Many fragrance aficionados rotate their fragrances with the season. Earlier today, I responded to a discussion on a Facebook fragrance forum where we shared with other members the lighter fragrances we'd be wearing this summer. One I'll be wearing is Thierry Mugler's new ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire ($89). Sent to me by my lovely friends at Clarins, ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire reveals a luminous, floral scent that will make you feel like a golden, summer goddess. On top of that, the golden bottle is gorgeous.

The notes coalesce to convey the ALIEN tradition. Perhaps you recognize tiare. Tiare flower is a symbol of love and happiness from the Pacific Islands where it grows; this flower adds a subtle honey-toned accent to the new ALIEN. Tunisian neroli is an essence described as liquid gold by perfumers because of its olfactory richness with hints of orange blossom (a narcotic to me). Italian bergamot tea is simply a combination of the essential oils of bergamot and tea - and the result of their combination comes to life in this fragrance.

White amber, the emblematic signature of ALIEN, brings a feeling of well-being. Notes of heliotrope are the perfect addition for soft comfort.

Do you know cashmeran? It's a synthetic not found in nature and often called blonde wood.  According to Fragrantica, it's actually a musk component with a yellow, trickly texture. Its scent profile takes over the vast sea between woods and ambers, making it abstract and indefinable. It was used - tremendously successfully - in Thierry Mugler's original ALIEN where, combined with jasmine, it enhanced the floral note in the blend. You will also find it in niche fragrances (and very pricey fragrances) like Xerjoff's Al Khatt and Mona di Orio's Les Nombres d'Or Tubereuse. Once you start looking for it, you will find it's widely used for its warmth the longevity it adds to a fragrance.

Mugler's ALIEN Collection of fragrances has been a commercial success. Why? Each smells so darn good! Nice fragrances usually lead to compliments, and who doesn't love a compliment? This latest edition of the collection was designed to be a fragrant expression of summer in a bottle. The top notes will make you think citrus; think Europe; and think irresistible. The dry down will summon an incandescent woodiness that's soft and comfortable. Eau Extraordinaire is like a magnet to the nose, bringing with it a feeling of tranquility and happiness - the tranquility that comes to mind as I envision the cool breeze of the beach at dawn, the earliest moments of a day filled by glittering sunshine. This beautiful fragrance was created by Dominique Ropion and Veronique Nyberg - both perfumers at IFF.

Mugler is active in environmental causes, so he designed the beautiful ALIEN bottle to be refillable. As a result, he keeps 1,505 tons of bottle waste from landfills each year. Refills of Mugler’s favorite scents, ANGEL Eau de Parfum and ALIEN Eau de Parfum happen every seven seconds worldwide! In addition to saving the environment, this feature has an impact on our wallets as well, with savings of up to 40% with refillable perfumes. Never worry about running out and buying back-ups. That gets my seal of approval.

You can find ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire at Thierry Mugler counters nationwide and at Thierry Mugler's Web site, where you will find free shipping, special offers, and free samples.

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roxymisha said...

Thank you for your detailed review CG. This sounds like a divine perfume and will definitely have it on my list to check out.

Gauri said...

This sounds nice...good review

Grlnxdor said...

Sounds heavenly! I'm a neroli addict too.