Saturday, June 28, 2014

Why Do Blogs Roll off "Blogs You Might Enjoy with Me"?

Today, I removed a blog - one that I felt was great - from my favorite blogs list, which some call a blog roll.  Why? Because the blog had gone stale. What do I call stale? A blog that hasn't been updated in six months.

I often wonder, "How can someone who was so good just stop writing, without any explanation?" Do they think they went away and no one noticed? I want all those bloggers who have quit to know that I noticed, and I miss you. I'm sorry I had to remove you from my list.

Sometimes, bloggers don't understand their impact. Maybe they don't get many comments. It's possible they just burned out. I felt a need to write to one today, just to say that I left your blog on the list as long as I could. I had hoped you would return. I'm sorry you didn't. I hope you are well.

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Eileen said...

Charlestongirl, I thank you for removing "stale" blogs from the list. I read blogs to stay current and so posts over 6 months have little to no appeal to me. If I'm interested in an older product, I can google it and find any number of reviews from which to choose.

So, why do people stop blogging? Life! That's why. Burn out is just the tip of the iceberg. There's also boredom, illness, family needs, career obligations, relationship challenges, new hobbies/interests, financial concerns, etc. all of which require time and energy. You can add to that the fact that many bloggers have such poor writing and photographic skills (some painfully so) that creating a post becomes a chore rather than a pleasure.

As for not offering an explanation about leaving a successful or popular blog behind, I can think of numerous reasons; the number one being that it isn't our business. As regular readers, we assume we know the blogger when, in fact, all we really know is what the blogger has chosen to present to us--knowledge that might be genuine or highly fictionalized. The relationship is fundamentally superficial and there is nothing inherent in it that gives us the proverbial "right to know" or entitles us to an explanation. But, having said all that, I do appreciate it when the blogger tells us that they will no longer be posting or that they are taking an unspecified break. Really, no further explanation is needed. I assume the blogger's life has taken on a different trajectory and I wish them well as they navigate life's journey.

Charlestongirl said...

Eileen, there are definitely a zillion reasons to stop blogging. I can think of 10 right off the bat. :)

The one I removed today was good, which is one reason I was disappointed I had to remove it. I can't leave up stale blogs, though. Makes no sense to send people to sites that are as good as dead.

Resham said...

I know some top bloggers who had my name on their blog roll. They became popular... and I didn't. They removed me from their list... but its OK. I enjoy reading their blogs and pictures.

Couple of issues I face while blogging.

1. Cost: Everyone wants to read the best things... newest releases. I just cannot afford to buy all.

2. Even if I buy, lets say a highlighter... after 10-12 of them, i feel guilty of not using them and then buying another one just for blogging seems too much of expense (cost again)

3. Timing: readers want everything first day first show. By the time I buy.. photograph and write my review, readers have already enjoyed the product mentioned on popular blogs who have access to press release n stuff sent prior to review before hitting the market.

lastly, blogging is hobby for some and business or work for others.

Pardon my language.. I am not able to put my thoughts in words in better, interesting way. Thanks for hearing.. :)

ame said...

Prior to May of last year I would say I was a sporadic, halfassed blogger. I originally started it as a boredom outlet after I left the agency I helped found and took a job outside of my usual field to pay bills while I ramped my side business back up again. I had LOTS of downtime at that job, so my husband said "you write reviews on products and give the best advice on beauty, style and diamonds of like anyone ever, you seriously need a blog." So I did. But then I didn't maintain it. Last year he said "you write well, but you don't really try, why not?" and it was good for thought. So I threw myself into it, probably too late to be really seriously paid attention to, and for the last year plus, I've made sure almost every day excluding weekends (though I write most posts on weekends!) has had a post go live. It's more fulfilling than it was prior, despite the fact that I have yet to monetize, accept product or anything of the sort yet. I wish I'd have "tried" sooner. But now that everyone is going "brand" and collabing all the time, I feel like I missed my window, and where do I go next.

I hope I keep it going. I do try to warn people when I need a break for a vacation or work gets too busy (we are in wedding season!). And I figure that if I end up winding down or losing my zest for it, Ill do that then also. It really is hard to have fresh material.

Anonymous said...

Blogging consistently is work and expensive.
You have to be the mood to blog.

Jo said...

I sometimes wonder if someone stops blogging abruptly or stops posting on a forum where they have posted for years abruptly if they have died.

Anonymous said...

Eileen's comment says everything there is to say really. I can't add much except, I don't think it's ever my business to know why a blogger stops blogging and don't think I'm owed an explanation. However, I do think it's polite and appreciate it when a blogger simply says that they are taking a break/unspecified hiatus/blogging is slowing down/stopping and to not expect any new posts. That's it, just a single sentence like that will do. I know I've appreciated every single one I've read.

Whilst I know that the relationship between blogger and reader is ultimately superficial and ephemeral, readers do build up loyalty to certain blogs and I know I look forward to certain bloggers posts, they are part of my day. When there is nothing for days then weeks on end, it feels like being stood up and more importantly, we do worry that something may have happened to the blogger. As superficial a relationship as it is, we do start to care at least a little about the bloggers we read, that's why we read some and not others - it's important to feel connected to the human voice behind the blog.

So to all the bloggers, please when it's possible please just leave us a little note that there won't be posts for a while/forever. You don't owe us an explanation, but knowing that you aren't turning up for the date would be nice. We do notice your absences and it's just not nice being left hanging. (I understand it isn't possible all the time and in some extreme circumstances, you aren't up to it)

Well, it looks like I did have a lot more to say. Oops.


P.S. I always appreciate when you inform us that when you won't be posting Charlseton Girl, it's one of the many reasons I follow your blog.

Lisa said...

Remember the first time KarlaSugar stopped posting and everyone went into heavy withdrawls???? That was my first experience in blogger shut down. I was shocked at some of the fiery and some of the unkind comments made about her unscripted departure. I had to come to rely on her swatchmania when I was stuck pulling double call in the OR. But I wasn't upset with her. For all I knew she got run over by a truck. Some bloggers are just going to drift in and out of our lives, no harm no foul, others seem to be as steady as the sun rising (CG).

Charlestongirl said...

All of you bring such interesting perspectives to the death of blogs. I can tell you that my reasons for stopping will be money, time, and energy.

It takes all three to be one of the first to feature the hot, new products. the time commitment may outweigh the money! When you work all day, you are very limited in getting photo time.

You brought up an issue I dwell on occasionally: monetization. I should write about it. I have resisted so far. With the exception of Google ads, I am offered opportunities that do t "fit"my blog. More on hat later.

Anonymous said...

Fran says:
Being mobility limited and living in Australia, I'm quite dependent on the blogs to help me make choices. Most of my purchases are online these days. I do worry about yourself and other bloggers spending so much on items. It, on one hand guarantees impartiality but on the other hand becomes a slowly tightening noose which contributes to the blog's end. Part of me wishes that the cosmetic companies would come clean and publish their own realistic daylight photos of colors. It bugs me enormously that they insist on subterfuge. Burberry's misrepresentation of Pink Camelia plus the recent Armani and Chanel publicity shots which show, I'm sure, much deeper lipstick colors than the real deal. You feature so prominently on google searches I'm quite surprised that the high end companies are not giving you samples. That bugs me too.

Unknown said...

Hi, CG. I stopped blogging because I injured my back in January. Between the pain and the meds, I didn't have the wherewithal to blog. I've been in physical therapy for a while now, so I can stand and angle myself into positions to take photos again. Why didn't advise my readers? I was fuzzy minded for a while and I'm forgetful still. I only had energy and focus to go to work. Soon six months were gone.

Even when it occurred to me, I didn't feel much pressure to put up a note because I got so few comments. I never felt that there was a community to whom I should explain. My posts got a gizillion Google hits, but that's not the same as readers. Certainly no one asked where I was, which happens sometimes when a blogger doesn't post. So no, I didn't think many people noticed. Also, given that most of us read so many blogs in readers or receive posts via e-mail, I figured lurkers probably didn't realize mine was absent from the masses. I do realize, however, that this quite different situation that keeping blogs listed on a blog roll. Instagramming has been easier, faster and dirtier than blogging: I don't have to compose much text, the platform is more forgiving of photo quality, and I get more feedback.

Got a bit of a makeup jump start Thursday. Had to go to Manhattan for work and dropped into Saks where I ran into the GA dream team, Tim, Rhona, and Blair. I couldn't believe it because I've been trying to catch up with Rhona forever! So I felt like the stars had aligned just for me to run into them. They all kept me entertained (Tim kept me in stitches!) and Rhona gave me a lovely makeover. None of the new CC creams worked for me, but I learned some new techniques using some of their older products. I bought lip gloss, lip stick, a lip liner, and one of the fluid sheers, which I had not known how to use properly. I also picked up some Surratt at Barneys. Small, but lovely line.

Thanks for putting my blog on your blog roll as long as you did

Charlestongirl said...

Ava, I am so sorry! I had no idea you had back problems, and you are local! Because I've spent less time in stores and more online, i didn't "see you gone."

You know I have back problems too. I want to have that surgery Tiger Woods just had, rather than the big kahuna my neurosurgeon recommends. Meanwhile, I keep having epidurals to buy time.

Please give me a call. I'm listed.

Charlestongirl said...

How embarrassing my typos above are! I was typing on my iPad, and I'm such a loser at one-fingered typing. Hope you understood what I was trying to say about time, money, and energy. The energy comes from having joints that don't hurt. It has been years since I experienced that. I more than understand Ava's pain, although I wish I could experience that lovely drug stupor once or twice. :)

Lori Jenkins said...

Hi CG - I'm a long time reader and thoroughly enjoy your blog (thank you). I'm not sure the extent of your back issues, but I had double anterior lumbar fusion surgery in February and it has changed my life....after many years of pain and all other treatments, I'm nearly pain free! Take care of yourself :)

Anonymous said...

Readers of blogs sometimes follow loyally and for a long time. It would be common courtesy to their readers to have a simple message on the blog that it will no longer be updated. No personal explanations needed. It is such a waste of other people’s time to check and see if a blogger is back and leaving others to wonder if the blog will ever be active again.