Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Giorgio Armani Beauty Runway Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

Giorgio Armani is launching backstage makeup developed for his runway show - a look every woman can wear. Each new season for the past two years, the Armani Runway Lab has given Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani International Makeup Artist, the tools to create the new colors imagined by Mr. Armani backstage. The following information came from the Armani press release.

An exclusive and limited makeup collection, directly inspired by the fashion show, is being made available to women so they can make the latest runway makeup their own. This season, every woman will be able to wear the look from the Armani Runway.

Bohemian Chic and Timeless Velvet
The Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 2016 collection features black velvet heightened with floral prints. This soft, delicate and durable fabric, matte and iridescent at once, captures the light like none other and offers a multitude of highly inspiring facets. New shapes combine precise lines with the bohemian feel of fabrics swarming with jacquard brushstrokes, splashes of color, gradations of tone, and stylized flowers.

Makeup as seen on the catwalk is naturally soft and luminous. The pure complexion enhances mysterious eyes accentuated by lids that cast endless reflections of light. Lips are subtly tinged with an irresistible lavender nude that complements the perfectly elegant fleshy beige color of nails.
The Armani Runway Fall/Winter 2016 collection is composed of three products: 1) a palette with a sheer powder and a trio of eye shadows; 2) an Eye Tint liquid eye shadow; and 3) a Rouge d’Armani lipstick.

The Runway Palette ($120)
Featuring fabric hot off the runway, this season's eye and face palette is wrapped in silk muslin with floral prints stylized in nude, lavender, and black, as shown above.

This precious collector's palette has two tiers. The first tier reveals a silky and luminous universal sheer powder to mattify the complexion and highlight facial features. The second tier contains a trio of eye shadows in deep, delicate shades, ranging from matte velvet black to shimmering champagne and satiny mauve greige. Applied on the lids and below the eyes, they brighten and bring out the eyes.

Eye Tint – A Source of Light ($40)
Layered with the eye shadows from the Runway Palette, Eye Tint leaves an illuminating veil of iridescent champagne on the eyes. It can also be applied beneath the brow arch and in the inner corner of the eye for a heightened illuminating effect.

Inspired by MAESTRO Fusion Makeup, Eye Tint blends onto the skin smoothly for a "no-makeup" feel. Its pure, intense, and indefinable color guarantees long wear (16 hours), while retaining a light, fresh "bare lid" effect. Its extra-thin "Smart Eye Color Film" ensures flawless adherence to the eyelid. Its highly workable texture is easy to blend before drying and provides a cream-like sensation of comfort.

Rouge d'Armani ($40)
Lips are given a sensual touch of mauve beige to enhance their natural color. Rouge d'Armani lipstick deposits just the right subtly delectable tone of lavender nude on the lips.

Used every day by makeup artists around the world, this couture lipstick is now a must-have for even the most demanding women. Its gentle, lightweight formula promises exceptional color hold and comfort for six hours straight.

A Fashionable Case
Strengthening the unique ties between fashion and this exclusive makeup line, the Armani Runway products slip into a precious and elegant pouch made with the fabric of the Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 2016 collection. It's really pretty! The pouch for the palette is the same as those shown above with the lipstick and Eye Tint.

Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani International Makeup Artist, said, "For this collection, I took the fabric and was inspired by the colors; there is a blend of grey, lavender colors. The advantage of having the Runway Lab backstage is that we created a very shiny wet-looking Eye Tint that we didn’t have before."

The Runway Collection should have been available at Armani Beauty counters and online in mid-August. I've been checking every week because I want it. I'll let you know when I find it.

Update 9/21: The collection is in-store at Neiman Marcus Tysons Galleria and Saks Fifth Avenue, Chevy Chase.

Photos courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty


Alix said...

Mauve-nude lipstick? I must have it!

Sandra said...

I like the idea of Maude-nude lipstick, too, and the long-wear eye tint sounds absolutely lovely for Fall. Armani has always been an exquisite classic. I doubt we will be disappointed this time.

laura z. said...

Hi CG, This compact is gorgeous! It also reminded me of what I keep meaning to ask you. Do you know if the Maestro Fusion Makeup Compact has been discontinued? I can't seem to find it anywhere online. I sent a message to customer service on Armani's web site but haven't heard back. I will be so very disappointed if I can't buy it any more, it has turned out to be one of my very favorite foundations, next to Tom Ford of course. If it has been discontinued, can you recommend a similar compact type foundation? Thanks!

Charlestongirl said...

Laura, yes, it was discontinued. When I found out, I started a nationwide search and ended up with about eight. It is my favorite, and I was dying.

Ask your Armani rep to do a search for your color through all store sites. There may be a few still hanging around.

Anonymous said...

Also in Saks in NYC

The Curator said...

I've been waiting for this one too! The last couple runway palettes didn't do it for me but I want this one. It's still not available at the Armani beauty site! It's up at Neiman Marcus online for pre-order but they don't give an approximate ship date, so I'm continuing to wait...hopefully it'll show up soon.

laura z. said...

Thanks so much CG! Will check around and hopefully I can track one (or more) down. I hate when I find something I love so much and it gets discontinued. Why do they do that to us?! grrrr....

Charlestongirl said...

Laura, always ask. I was given three new testers today. Absolutely free.

You could call Jeannina aI (301) 657-9000 and ask for Armani Cosmetics.