Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chantecaille Compact Soleil

How is it possible that I had never purchased a Chantecaille bronzer until a few weeks ago? I am an avid Chantecaille fan, and I have so much wonderful makeup and skin care from Chantecaille. I think my enthusiasm for this year's latest and greatest bronzers led me to try one that's not brand new, but from a company I love.

When I was browsing at Chantecaille online, I clicked on "cheeks" and studied Compact Soleil ($45). Here's what I learned.

Compact Soleil captures the wonderful effects of the sun without any of the harmful effects of UV rays. This incredibly natural-looking bronzer is the result of the latest micronizing technology that creates an ultra-fine powder with a silky, glowing finish. Gingko biloba and wild rose work together to heal and protect the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant. It's cruelty-free, with no animal derivatives, paraben-free, and fragrance-free.

There were three shades from which I could choose: Capri, which appeared to have a touch of rose (a plus); Tahiti, which appeared light and interesting, but was out of stock; and St. Barth's, listed as a new shade. St. Barth's appeared to be too dark and too brown for my fair skin. I wanted that online special (which has since ended, but was available when I was shopping), so I added Capri to my shopping bag. Ah, the sheer joy of anticipating a new arrival! You know how that feels. As soon as you complete the transaction, you want UPS to materialize at your door.

Carpi arrived pretty quickly, and I fell in love with it just as quickly. I don't really see rose in it, but I can't compare it to the two shades I don't own. I will look next time I go to Neiman Marcus. I am curious about the other shades, especially Tahiti. I just can't believe I never tried them. I was probably too focused on other extraordinary Chantecaille items. There's nothing like the month of May to awaken an interest in bronzers!

I decided to apply Capri with a makeup sponge for swatch photos, and I took the photos in sunshine in my garden, but from different angles. I applied it ridiculously heavily at the top of my arm, just so that you could see the concentrated shade, with a slightly blended representation below. No one would apply a bronzer as heavily as I did for these photos - I hope.

I love the color, texture, and finish. It is matte, so there are no sparkles to gleam in outdoor lighting. It does have an indescribable glow. The color is pure tan - no mud in sight. I see no rose on my skin either, although I do see an ever-so-slight rose tint in the heavy application in my photos. On my face, when applied properly, it's a gorgeous shade.

The texture is the fine, creamy powder we expect from Chantecaille. It adheres perfectly and imparts a natural appearance. I am impressed. It has definitely joined the "wear me" pile among the best bronzers in my life.

After having so many makeup artists apply bronzer to my face, making me look healthy, helping my cheekbones pop, and making my square jawline recede a bit, I've become a bronzer convert over the last year. Look out world! I will be trying even more of them.

You can find Compact Soleil at Chantecaille's Web site. I assume it's at the counters too. That's where I plan to see how the other two shades look.

Update 5/24: I just learned that St. Barth's is not darker and is perfect for fair skin! It's a new product inspired by Le Tigre Bronzer. I bought one a few days ago. Love!

Photo at top courtesy of Chantecaille


Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

I've just recently been exploring Chantecaille because of you and I have to say I LOVE IT. Everything is just so subtle, glowy, but not glittery-perfect. I feel like I have finally got some big-girl makeup! :)

Zuzu's Petals said...

That looks so pretty! Bronzer is one Chante item I have not yet tried. I hope it's still in stock when their next promo comes up--they are often out of product without the ability to backorder.

Charlestongirl said...

Hey there, Tracy!

It's what I call "adult makeup." Perfect for me. :)

Charlestongirl said...

I know, Zuzu. We'll have to talk to them about that. :) More stock, please! Also a source for my friends in France!

Zuzu's Petals said...

What??? Not sold in France? I sometimes forget this is a US-based brand but aren't the Chantecailles native Frenchwomen.

I just took inventory, and I realized I have 24 Chante shadows, not counting palettes! I really do love this brand. It is the perfect texture for maturing skin, and I am always amazed how well the Shine and Iridescent formulations look on me.

I am really tempted to try that bronzer.

Charlestongirl said...

Yes, poor reader Clarisse in France can't get Chantecaille in Paris. I sent her Tiger in the Wild because I think everyone should own it. :)

You ARE a Chantecaille fan! Good for you!

Lakshmi said...

I have been *obsessed* with everything Chantecaille for the past few months... I just adore how everything wears so beautifully, it almost seems to get better as the day progresses.. do you know what I mean? It doesn't look like "makeup" just an effortless look. I have Capri and adore it, it's funny that it acts as a pink toned bronzer for my NC 43 skin, at the opposite end of the skintone spectrum from you! But that's Chantecaille for you, right? The only problem is that I am soooo sad I missed out on all the gorgeous LE palettes from years past.. :(
Do you know if I'd still be able to find the Dauphins palette somewhere? Thanks :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lakshmi,

I can't find Les Dauphins anywhere. I looked when you asked. Nordies lists it as unavailable, although they still have a great photo up.

Lakshmi said...

I know.. I've looked everywhere, Neiman's, Bloomies, Nordstrom and Bergdorf... oh well I'm sure there'll be plenty more pretty palettes in the future! Thanks for looking though! Btw do you have the Olivia pallete? One of the most versatile palettes I own, gorgeous!

Charlestongirl said...

I do have Olivia! Love it, although it is a tad too warm for me.

I even called NM for you to see if they had any Les Dauphins left. I got that idea when I saw it was unavailable at Saks.com, but there was a note to call about stock. I didn't know if that meant they had some squirreled away in store inventory. NM has been sold out of it for a long time.

There will be more pretty palettes, and you can bet the next one from Chantecaille will be another blockbuster! :)

Beth said...

Hello - do you prefer Capri or St Barths? I'm very very pale with pink undertones. I called Chantecaille and they recommended Capri. What do you think since you've tried both? My local Nordies doesn't carry it so I'm forced to guess, so far I've loved everything I've received from Chantecaille though. So much so that I don't wear other makeup anymore!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Beth!

Get St. Barth's. My skin is like yours. If I could only have one, it would be St. Barth's. It's lighter.