Sunday, May 22, 2011

Le Métier de Beauté Flawless Kaleidoscope Face Kit

I've been holding out on you, but not on purpose. I knew I had taken photos of the Flawless Kaleidoscope Face Kit ($95) before I used it. I have had the Flawless Face Kit for many months. I just needed to find the photos - easier said than done. Given our recent bronzer talk, I knew the timing was right to find the pictures. This weekend, my elaborate search and recovery mission succeeded, with a little help from Charlie Rascal-Scamp. You have no idea how hard it is to get that pretty face to sit still and pose - even for a feature I told him was about a Face Kit!

This Kaleidoscope Face Kit combines Le Métier de Beauté's favorite face formulas in the clever Kaleidoscope internal stacking system exclusive to the brand. It's the perfect way to create the ideal makeup canvas on the go in a portable, compact kit. Do I use it on the go? Nope! It's firmly rooted at home. I wouldn't endanger this beauty by taking it along.

The four face formulations in the Flawless Face Kit are universal shades are (top to bottom) in the swivel-out compact photos.
  • Classic Flawless Face Finish Translucent Compact Powder: A lightweight, ultra-fine milled powder that provides a soft, matte finish
  • Highlighter in Whisper: Ideal for that final touch on cheeks and eyes to help illuminate and perfect the complexion, or mixed with Echo to create an entirely different shade
  • Radiance Powder Rouge in Echo: A universally flattering blush shade with a hint of natural color
  • Bronzer: For a gorgeous, sun-kissed, healthy look
The Flawless Face Finish Translucent Compact Powder shade is the shade shown in the swatch photo at top of this feature. For some reason, my own photo, above Charlie, gave it a pink cast. It's not pink. You might be able to see on my swatch photos below that it's beige - darker than my own skin tone, but definitely wearable for me and many others. Remember that I apply colors very heavily on my arm to make them pop in photos. These swatches were applied with a sponge-tipped applicator, and the photos were taken in full sun.

The lightweight, finely milled compact powder gives a radiant, soft matte finish. Silky powders enriched with vitamin E reduce shine and even skin tone, leaving a natural yet flawless appearance. You can apply this powder with a fluffy brush for a finishing touch, a sponge for a heavier application, or a wet sponge for full coverage.

The Whisper highlighting powder, shown below the finishing powder on my arm, is a gorgeous golden peach on my skin. Even if you have cool-toned skin, you will find that it leaves a perfect highlight on the skin. The color is great for summer.

Radiance Powder Rouge in Echo is one of the nicest powder blushes I wear. I've been trying to buy it as a single for at least four months. It must be incredibly popular. It has been out of stock at Neiman Marcus at Tysons Galleria for that long! Since I have one in my Face Kit, I keep waiting, but I'm starting to panic. I wouldn't want to be without this pretty pink shade. Also, the oil-free formula makes it a perfect choice for summer.

Then, there's the looks a lot better on my face than the heavy application appears on my arm. It's brown. There's no mud in this bronzer, although it's a warm brown shade with a subtle shimmer. Applied with a fluffy brush, the shade adds a touch of healthy radiance. I like to mix it on my brush with Whisper or Echo.

Even though it was introduced last year, you can still find the Flawless Face Kit. I know Neiman Marcus has it, and it's available online at Nordstrom. If you missed it, you might want to grab one before they are all gone.

I'm going to go find Rascal-Scamp to make sure he hasn't broken through the screen to go out and eat grass. Replacing screen panels gets expensive.

Photo at top courtesy of Nordstrom; Charlie and swatch photos by Best Things in Beauty


luv2smilexo said...

Your kitty is so cute! Awesome coloring. I've been eyeing this kit for a while. Don't know why i haven't taken the plunge.

Leigh said...

Nice to see Chas again - - hugs!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Luv2smilexo!

Charlies sends big thanks and purrs. The darling blue-eyed Bengal is a doll.

I don't know why the Face Kit hasn't sold out. It will, and then it will be gone. Don't wait too long; I know the stock at NM is low.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Leigh!

Charleston sends purrs back. He's sitting next to me waiting for his dinner.

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlestongirl,

What a cute kitty, such a gorgeous face!!
With every summer, I am always in search for a bronzer to use, I came to the conclusion last year that bronzer is just not for me, a "tanned look" just never quite work for my fair to medium Asian skin tone. But with all the beautiful bronzers this year, I am tempted again. My friend got me the Guerlaine Inca which I am waiting impatiently to get in my hands, I also got the Dior Aurora which is beautiful to look at but just doesn't look right on face, it is too "peachy" on me. I am just curious, of all the bronzers you have in your collection, which is or are your favorite? Thanks.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Daisy!

In the old days (LOL), I wasn't into bronzers either. Now, the new ones are so fabulous, it would be a good time to revisit them.

I understand how Aurora could be too peachy. It's not as pink as I had hoped. You might love the Guerlain one. It has some pink in it.

LMdB has extremely nice bronzer shades. Can you get to a counter?

Bonnie C. said...

Is that your hand on Mr. Rascal-Scamp's back to help persuade him to sit still for the photo? :-) I'm not a cat person, but he is very handsome! :-)

What is it with dogs and cats eating grass? We have the same issues with our current pup, as we did with our previous dog as well. Weird... :-)

(sorry this comment has absolutely nothing to do with beauty, aside from the beauty of Mr. Rascal-Scamp, :-) this kit does look great though) :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Bonnie!

Nice to hear your voice! Charlie sends purrs. Yes, that's my hand on him, trying to make him stop moving.

I think they like to eat grass for the fiber - or the taste. It's like there's something missing from their commercial pet food diet. They sell grass kits for cats, but once the grass grew, Charlie finished it off in two chomps. Wasn't very efficient.

When I'm in the mood, I put his leash on him and take him outside to feast.

Zuzu's Petals said...

Beautiful palette and great review, thanks. Love your kitty, My Bengal, Lucy, should have been named Maude, thanks to that whiskey-and-cigarettes meow.

Charlestongirl said...

Awww, Zuzu...aren't they lovers?