Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gleam with GLEAM Body Radiance

GLEAM Body Radiance ($40) is one of the nicest lightly shimmering body tints I have ever used. I was contacted by a sweet PR guy about GLEAM, and he told me that GLEAM Body Radiance was created by Melanie Mills (the former Emmy Award-winning head makeup artist for Dancing with the Stars), and it had been used on the celebrity contestants and dancers for years. My first thought was, "Too flashy for me!" I lead a relatively simple life. My curiosity had been piqued, though, and I sent him my address for samples. When they came, I flipped.

It really is an amazing product. The show's producers have recently made it mandatory that all participants on Dancing with the Stars use the product! The line became available nationwide this month. One of its nicest features (among nice features) is that it comes in four different shades and can be used on every skin tone and type (it has been used by everyone from Kirstie Alley to Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Hudson).

Melanie is a talented gal. She's been doing face and body makeup, not only for Dancing, but also for other shows and celebrities, including Jennifer Grey, Brandi, Susan Lucci, Jane Seymour, Kelly Osbourne - and many more. She has worked at the Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and American Music Awards. While I didn't know her, she is clearly a well-known professional. I had to wonder if the artist touching up Lauren Alaina's legs, after the darling girl's "pantyhose ripped," was using GLEAM Body Radiance. Lauren's legs looked better than ever.

GLEAM Body Radiance is a body makeup that hydrates, perfects, and nourishes while imparting a glowing, velvety radiance to the skin. It enhances and perfects the skin's appearance and fills wrinkles to provide an airbrushed look. Even more exciting, it contains all-natural ingredients - vitamins and botanicals - that slow the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. Because it's available in four shades, there's a perfect shade for each of us.

GLEAM Body Radiance is made with water and olive oil, jojoba seed oil, safflower seed oil, the antioxidants Japanese green tea and white tea, aloe leaf extract, and brown seaweed (a hydrating marine extract that stimulates synthesis of hyaluronic acid and increases elasticity). That lineup will excite any skin-care fanatic.

GLEAM can be used on the face (I know where I'll be using Light Gold), neck, and all over the body. With four shades available, there's one for everyone. It should be used on dry, clean skin, with no other lotions or products for maximum transfer-resistant efficacy. I have used it, and I'm pleased that it did not stain my clothing. It is not waterproof. GLEAM Body Radiance is lightly scented with a hint of vanilla - it smells fresh and clean. It's extremely subtle and will not clash with your fragrance. If you plan to wear it while sunning, it's best to spritz an oil-free sunscreen over it once GLEAM has set.

Light Gold is an ethereal ray of sunlight, the lightest formulation of GLEAM, with a pale yellow base that counteracts ruddy and reddish skin undertones. It has a pure, creamy finish for light to medium skin tones. It will camouflages stretch marks, scars, and other light imperfections and impart a subtle dewy glow. I love it on my face.

Rose Gold is Melanie Mills’ signature color and her personal favorite - mine too. This shade is the original color created by Melanie for the “golden glow” that all Dancing with the Stars celebrities and pro dancers have worn for the camera. Melanie wanted this creamy potion to emulate real rose gold and be like liquid metal for the skin.

Bronze Gold is pure bronze, like a shining statue, and has a yellow-orange undertone. Bronze Gold is the third deepest shade, perfect for medium to deep skin tones.

Deep Gold is a pure, luminous chocolate soufflé, with red velvet undertones, that never looks ashy on darker skin. Beautiful and rich, this deep metal shade delivers a glow for the most melanin-rich skins, helping to hide pigment patches, scars, stretch marks, and dark knees and elbows.

I applied all four shades with my finger and barely blended them for my swatch photos, taken in outdoor sunlight. If I were to blend them well, I could wear even the darkest shade. In fact, the first one I tried, Deep Gold, is the darkest, and I was blown away by the gorgeous tint it left on my skin. I realized I could finally be bronze goddess - without sun exposure. Why didn't they have products like this when I was in college, baking my skin with baby oil and sun, trying to look tan like the rest of the girls?

The swatch photo above left shows, from top to bottom, Light Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze Gold, and Deep Gold. I am going to be penniless after I purchase the full sizes of all four shades. Maybe you will have more discipline than I do. I love GLEAM!

I zoomed in on Light Gold and Rose Gold in the photo at right. I get weak in the knees over rose gold makeup (and jewelry), and the Rose Gold shade did it to me too. It's hard to find words to describe its beauty. I think you can see in the photo why I find Light Gold a perfect illuminator for my face.

I didn't want to leave you dark-complexion gals out, so I also took a close-up of Bronze Gold and Deep Gold for you. I love the rose tint in Deep Gold. I think that's why I like is so much, even though it wasn't designed for my pale skin.

Remember, I barely blended these shades for the swatch photos. I wanted to get maximum impact for the photos. Once you blend them, your skin will have an incredible appearance. Be careful; you could get hooked on GLEAM!

You can purchase it from the GLEAM Web site. Please see the comments for more information. GLEAM Body Radiance is also available at three California retail shops. Go look!

Photos at top courtesy of GLEAM Body Radiance; swatch photos by Best Things in Beauty


productdoctor said...

These are gorgeous! Worth a try, especially if they don't transfer onto clothing! The NARS Laguna Body Illuminator gives a similar effect

Charlestongirl said...

Yes, ProductDoctor! NARS Laguna is similar, but it's only one shade. I love choices!

I highly recommend the GLEAM ones. I would love to have full sizes of at least three. They sent me generous sample sizes. I don't think I can "live" without Rose Gold.

Lisa said...

Shiping 10.49 parcel post for one tube! web site promotions area looks for some postcard discount code. Cannot locate any offer for free shipping. Too bad I was ready to buy. . . . .

Charlestongirl said...

Lisa, there is a promotion for free shipping. I will get y'all the code.

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

Do they ship to Canada?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Tracy,

I will check on that too.

As for the free shipping code...our trusty PR contact is trying to find Melanie to get is for us. It is a holiday weekend, so give us a little time, please.

Charlestongirl said...

Important News...a reply from GLEAM about your inquiries (pretty much in their words). As a result, I have edited my original feature.

1. GLEAM would be happy to ship to Canada, but international
rates will apply. They are working on having an online distributor in Canada very soon, which will reduce the expense of shipping.

2. The promotional code was on postcards received and circulated by industry leaders. In fact, it has been dropped off the Web site as of this weekend. For the person inquiring, GLEAM would be happy to honor the promotion seen on the site. Lisa, that would be you. If you still want to order, please send me your e-mail so that I can forward it to GLEAM. They will contact you with the offer.

Lisa said...

So I just saw this post! Thank you so much for the folow-up. On call the holiday weekend and just now catching up with life. Will figure out how to send my email address privately.

AcademicGirl said...

CG, you mentioned rose gold on the face, but which color looked most natural on the legs and arms? Was the shimmer too much for large areas?