Monday, May 23, 2011

Ultraflesh Black Magic - The Ultimate Jet Black Eyeliner Collection

Imagine five black eyeliners in one collection. That's the new Ultraflesh Black Magic - The Ultimate Jet Black Eyeliner Collection ($39).

Black is back in force with this eyeliner set that provides multiple choices for creating sophisticated eye looks at home or on the go. Lecithin and amino acid-derived formulas apply smoothly, providing vibrant color and long wear. Plant-derived squalane adds both application and skin-conditioning benefits. That's important. No animals were harmed to produce the squalane. Spherical-shaped powder lends a long-wearing, smudge-resistant, and creamy texture.

This set is unique. It provides two powder liners, one cream liner, and two pencils in one swivel-out compact. You'll find every permutation of black in Black Magic.
  • Wet/Dry Black Liner (matte)
  • Wet/Dry Black Shimmer Liner
  • Black Smudge Liner (cream)
  • Black Kohl Pencil
  • Black Shimmer Pencil
  • Mini Pro Angle Liner Brush
I used the mini angled liner brush in the collection to apply each liner, thinking you could see how the brush works. I drew lines thicker than I would draw on my eyelids. I prefer thin liners, but I wanted to get enough pigment for the photo. Even so, I found the little brush to be much less effective than the eyeliner brushes I normally use. The mini brush is great to use on the go, but I wouldn't recommend you rely in it when you are home.

You can apply the top two powder liner shades lightly and dry, as I did, or wet your brush for a more defined look. The line at the top of my arm is the matte powder, and the next one down has a shimmer finish. Although they don't look terribly different in my photo, the shimmer is more obvious when you use a damp brush for application.

The next level (middle) of the compact holds a cream "smudge" liner that I adore. I don't smudge it (too much black for my fair skin), but it would be easy to do so with the creamy texture. The middle level also holds the mini brush.

The bottom level of the compact has the two mini pencils, one Black Kohl and one Black Shimmer. Like the other pencils from Ultraflesh collections, these are gorgeous - and so easy to apply. I will wear them out before I go through the powder liners in the kit. The pencil liners are extremely long-lasting - longer than the others. That's good for anyone who has trouble with liner fade during the day. I hope Ultraflesh starts making their pencils available as individual items for purchase.

I tried to get another swatch photo that would show more clearly the differences among liners, particularly between the two powders. By that point, the sun was low in the sky, and my photos were useless. I will append one to this feature when I can get one worth posting.

This is a fun collection. I just got mine and need more time to play with it before I decide how I feel about the powder liners. I can tell you already, though, that I adore the cream and two pencils - worth the price of admission.

You can purchase Black Magic and all Ultraflesh makeup at Sephora, the exclusive source.

Photo at top courtesy of Sephora; swatch photo by Best Things in Beauty


LovelyMissMakeup said...

I think all of those different kinds of liners in one package is a neat concept!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovely!

I think the concept is cool too. I love all my Ultraflesh collections. The one with the highlighters is a must-have among must-haves. :)

Shrinky Inky said...

I just got this today based on your review - I can see me getting MUCH use out of this - great packaging as well!

Anonymous said...

I just came across the Ultraflesh Black Magic eyeliner collection at Winners.I must say the pigments have staying power. I liked the small angled brush, it was perfect for lining the eyes in a double wing style using the cream liner. I also perchased the Ninjas Star dual finish compact powder,it was a moisturizing formula so it was a little heavy on my oily skin so I used it sparingly.The eye liner costs just 7.99 and the compact was 8.99 , not bad! So I'm going to drop by Winners in Canada too see if more products are there.