Monday, May 2, 2011

Ultraflesh Bronze Metalika Bronze and Glow Collection

Wow! I am not sure how I could be more impressed with a sight-unseen purchase. I discovered Ultraflesh while browsing Sephora online. I knew nothing about it. Somehow, I had overlooked the publicity about the line launching at Sephora last fall. Now, I have purchased nearly everything. Here is what Sephora has to say about the brand.

High fashion, function, and performance come together in Ultraflesh. Inspired by the desire to elevate mundane beauty routines, founders Nicole Ostoya and Robin Coe Hutshing created this high-fashion collection of beauty products, which are made with innovative designs and infused with even more innovative technology. Packaged in unique, memorable designs, their panther-inspired mascara tube is just one beautiful example that Ultraflesh is not just a brand, it's a movement.

Ultraflesh debuted at Sephora with a mascara. I haven't tried it. The new items, exclusive to Sephora, are incredible.

The Bronze Metalika Bronze and Glow Collection ($39) is a multipurpose five-piece compact that has everything you need to achieve the ultimate bronze glow. I was jumping-for-joy pleased when it arrived. I had already read that the mineral-based, talc-free, non-comedogenic formulas offered cream-to-powder color that can be used all over the face, with a long-wearing and non-creasing shimmer effect. I also knew that the formulas were free of most of the nasty ingredients we are all trying to avoid. What I didn't know before my new collections arrived was how incredible and luxuriously creamy the textures of the components are. Each item in a collection rivals the most expensive makeup, but without the luxury price.

This Bronze Metalika Bronze and Glow Collection contains:
  • One Allover Enhancer,
  • Two Allover Shimmers,
  • Two Allover Highlighting Pencils.
They could not be nicer. Even more exciting, the shades worked for me - no mud, no overwhelming heavy colors - just skin-enhancing beauty. How good does it get?

The collection has levels, much like a Kaleidoscope. Here is a photo at right of the enhancer, taken outdoors in sunshine. Below at left is a photo of the second level of the palette, containing the cream shimmers. I was amazed with how nice these products are, even before I pulled out the lowest level, containing two mini-pencils for highlighting or lining the eyes.

Because these are sheer, wearable shades, they were extremely hard to photograph. I took my swatch photo in full, outdoor sun, and I swatched the enhancer and shimmers with a sponge-tipped applicator. I applied the pencils as-is. You will see the enhancer at the top of my arm, the shimmers below (barely), and the two pencils at the bottom.

There isn't a shade in the bunch I don't love. The rosy copper-bronze is the darkest, but remember that I applied it very heavily for the photo. It is gorgeous on the skin when applied with a brush. It leaves my face with a soft glow, radiant and illuminated with a neutral bronze shade. I can't find enough superlatives to describe it. The enhancer alone is worth the price of the collection, but it gets more exciting.

The creamy shimmers offer a light pure gold and rose gold touch. They can be used anywhere. The pencils are intended to be eyeliners, but they are fabulous highlighters when applied lightly and blended. One is a white gold, and the other rose gold. I'm not sure how this collection could get any prettier. I'm gushing.

I haven't had the collection long enough to know how long the shades "wear," but my intuition tells me that they will be shades that stay with me all day. Their textures give away their quality.

I have quickly become an Ultraflesh addict. I also purchased the Highlight and Shimmer Collection and two UltraGloss Luminous High-Shine Lip Glosses, which I hope to show you this week if the sun shines again.

You can find Ultraflesh at Sephora.

Top photo courtesy of Sephora


lovethescents said...

Fascinating! I've never heard of this range before...the name is slightly off-putting containing the word 'flesh'. What a wonderful review. I'm going to have to try this soon.

I look forward to your review of the glosses!

Charlestongirl said...

Too funny, Lovethescents! I hadn't thought about the "flesh" part. Better than "flash," don't you think? LOL

Lisa S. said...

Just yesterday I read about Ultraflesh Panthera mascara! Had never heard of it, but it was listed as a must have item.

Lakshmi said...

I'm so glad you reviewed this, I almost bought the highlighter set during the VIB sale.. Looking forward to your review of that. Thanks and enjoy!!! :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lisa,

That mascara came out last fall. WWD had an article about its launch at Sephora. I missed it - can't read every day.

It's the one item I didn't buy. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lakshmi!

It is every bit as exquisite as the Bronze Metalika set. Amazing palettes! Wish I had purchased during the VIB sale - I love saving money. :)

Nicole Ostoya said...

Hey there... so glad you like the collection.. this is Nicole... one of the creators. Robin and I created the brand to be a beauty junkies beauty brand and are obsessive to see what the reviews are. Because we care :)

We have much more to come.. enjoy!


Charlestongirl said...

Hi Nicole!

It's so nice to meet you! Thanks for commenting.

I adore the line! I am enjoying everything I purchased and have two more features to share with my readers. Your line is brilliant!

Good luck with Ultraflesh. I love the line and look forward to new intros.

Nicole Ostoya said...

Lovely to meet you too...
send me your address...