Monday, May 23, 2011

Sun Chlorella Cream

Sun Chlorella Cream ($75), a moisturizer and treatment cream, offers a unique blend of natural ingredients in a purified water base that will absorb into your skin's surface to hydrate the cells. Once absorbed, the nucleic acids in the Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) begin stimulating skin cell activity. Cultivated from one of nature's perfect superfoods, chlorella, the CGF in Sun Chlorella Cream will feed your skin the nutrients it needs to restore itself, leaving you with healthy and radiant skin.

I know what you're thinking...What's chlorella? Chlorella is a strain of green algae that grows in fresh water. This superfood emerged over 540 million years ago and was the first form of plant life with a well-defined nucleus (I sure didn't know that!). There are fossils from the pre-Cambrian period that clearly indicate the presence of chlorella. Because chlorella is a microscopic organism, it was not discovered until the late 19th century, deriving its name from the Greek, chloros meaning green, and ella, meaning small.

Chlorella belongs to the eucaryotic cell category of algae and lives in fresh water as a single-celled plant. Its size is about that of a human erythrocyte (between 2-8 microns in diameter). Of the 25,000 species of algae, only 15 are edible. Sun Chlorella USA sells all kinds of products with chlorella in them, including dietary supplements for you and your pet!

I've had an opportunity, offered by the company, to try some of them. I started with the Sun Chlorella Cream. What beauty addict wouldn't? Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) is a nucleotide-peptide complex of substances found only in chlorella. These substances: nucleic acids, amino acids, peptides, polysaccharides, and beta glucans nourish and replenish your skin. Besides the high concentration of chlorella, the cream has some excellent anti-aging ingredients in it, such as arginine, copper, and botanicals.

Beyond all the good stuff for your skin, the smell, texture, and feel are wonderful. The surprise is that it's green, but so are the supplements. Once applied, though, the green disappears. I couldn't help thinking that green is good, though, for mitigating redness. Chlorella has a very high concentration of chlorophyll.

It has a gentle rose scent that is beyond pleasant. The scent makes application a sensory treat. The cream is medium weight, absorbs quickly, but leaves a protective barrier on my skin. I can feel it when I hop in the shower in the morning, and I like that. I want to know that my treatment cream has been working for me overnight, fortifying my skin's barrier to keep me from losing moisture to the dry air that accompanies the heat or air conditioning in my house. Over the weeks I tested the cream, my skin was hydrated and felt smooth and supple.

The company, Sun Chlorella USA, has been a world leader of chlorella health products since 1969. Mr. Hideo Nakayama, the founder, had experienced an onslaught of illnesses that left his body battered. After he made a fateful discovery of chlorealla, which put him on the road to recovery, he dedicated the rest of his life to researching its benefits. The small company has come a long way since then. Most of the press about Sun Chlorella has been generated in the health food world. It's time to change that. Their Sun Chlorella Cream is making its mark in the beauty industry. I'm appreciative to be going along for the ride.

You can purchase Sun Chlorella Cream, which is made in Japan, directly from the company, with free shipping in the U.S. There is a small shipping price to Canada. If you aren't in the market for a new moisturizer, you might want to give the supplements a try. Superfoods are the latest "in thing" for healthy skin!

Photo courtesy of Sun Chlorella


Holly said...

My love for all things Japanese means I need to try this cream. Thanks.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Holly,

I love it - see if you do. :)

Riz said...

Hi, can i know, does this cream increase sun sensitivity??

Charleston Girl said...

I doubt it. Good question for the maker. New link: