Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chanel Aqualumière Gloss in Eau de Rose and Pink Pivoine from the Jardin de Camélias Collection

I went back to the well at Chanel, ordering a few things from the Jardin de Camélias Collection that I had not ordered on my first round. These two beautiful Aqualumière Glosses (29.50), Eau de Rose (#86) and Pink Pivoine (#88) - both shades are limited editions - have been here for what sees like forever waiting for a sunny day when I was home to take their photos. I believe I can finally say goodbye to winter and hello to spring and more frequent sunshine.

Eau de Rose shines on the left in my photo above; Pink Pivoine is shown on the right. All the photos in this feature were taken in full, mid-day sun.

Brush on the exquisite, water-light look of Aqualumière, an ingenious lip gloss, and discover perfect comfort with a sheer wash of color. Chanel has brought back Aqualumière, which was always, in my opinion, a must-have for every lip gloss lover. The mirror-like shine gives the lips a fuller, more sensual look with the precision and ease of an excellent built-in brush applicator.

I had to show off Eau de Rose in front of my blooming star magnolia. The shade surprised me. When I looked at its photo on, I really expected a totally colorless gloss. It offers an icy pink color that looks best, I think, over another lip color. When I wear it alone, I see more of my own lip color, brightened with a hint of pink and a beacon of iridescent shine. The pink makes my eyes pop blue.

Pink Pivoine, though subtly shiny, offers less shine and does not have the iridescence of Eau de Rose. It gives the lips a lot more color. I would describe it as a transparent watermelon rose - in other words, a gorgeous pink.

I'm glad I went back to the well. I love Aqualumière Gloss, and I know I'll get a lot of wear from these two shades. They feel great on my lips and provide average wear. One - I haven't decided which yet - is going in the makeup bag I lug around with me.

The Jardin de Camélias Collection is exclusive to Chanel online, and these are both limited-edition shades - so far. I think they are worth a purchase if you look pretty in pink. They are still available.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


wendy said...

hi charleston girl!! happy saturday!! i'm very sorry that i missed many of your posts and information about this collection. so, i just ordered the eye palette and glosses. i really want the sakura blush!! i even called bloomingdale's south coast plaza store which deals with chanel exclusives. yes, i know it read exclusive but, i was just taking a chance. could you please recommend another blush that would compliment this look? or would you have any suggestions where i could find sakura? unfortunately, i will not deal with ebay or izzy's beauty supply. too many bad experiences. thankyou very much!! xxxx

Mona said...

I am happy to find these glosses also, every time I see this line in new colors I just buy, the cristalle glosses were also a favorite and I have about 10 back up stash of those.

Eileen said...

I've always loved Aqualumière and was miffed when they were discontinued in the US, but as more opaque shades became the look du jour, these sheer crystalline beauties fell out of favor and vanished from our counters. There are still occasions, though, when less is more and so we're lucky Chanel continues to bring us Aqualumière even though it is always as part of the Asian Le Blanc collections. I bought Eau de Rose and love wearing it over my rosey pink lipsticks.