Sunday, April 13, 2014

Giorgio Armani Beauty Maestro Mediterranea Fusion Blush

Inspired by the intensity of Italian sun, Giorgio Armani Beauty unveils its interpretation of healthy glow makeup. Armani has dedicated all of its expertise in fabrics and face makeup to create a 100% natural sun-kissed look.

For Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani International Makeup Artist, you need both bronzers and blush to create a beautiful and natural tanned look. Looking sun-kissed doesn't just mean having a warm complexion; it also focuses on highlighting the color of the cheekbones. With Maestro Mediterranea (I have no idea where the "n" went), you can mix, blend, or layer for a custom result.

Maestro Mediterranea builds on the revolution led by Maestro Fusion Makeup Complexion Perfector, which launched in 2012. Maestro Color-Fil technology has reinterpreted the alchemy of Maestro Complexion Perfector and adapted it to blush and bronzer. Maestro Fusion Blush ($52) and Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer benefit from the unique, lightweight texture that fuses naturally with the skin. Naturally, I had to have them both! Today, I'm featuring the blush, and tomorrow I will move on to the bronzer.

The secret of this iconic Maestro formula is that no water or white powder is used. Instead, it contains five non-comedogenic oils, including white lotus oil (lotus flowers contain linoleic acid, protein, phosphorus, iron, and vitamins B and C), which gradually evaporate upon application and leave you with a “no makeup feel,” somewhat like a stain, but without a drying effect. Its name is perfect because it literally fuses with my skin. The suspension of ultra-fine oil pigments enhances the skin and is enriched with finely milled micro-pearls for Liquid Summer Bronzer and essential concentrated pigments for Fusion Blush.

The Fusion Blush comes in three shades: #300, #400 (left above), and #500 (right above). I selected my two colors on the phone - even without pictures. I finally got over to Saks Fifth Avenue at Chevy Chase to pick them up early this weekend. The one that didn't come home with me was #300. If I were not feeling a poverty pinch right now, I would have purchased it too. I told Giannina I could only have two, and she ruled out the apricot-toned #300 as being "the least ideal" for me. Now, though, I have something akin to "non-buyer's remorse." I think #300 would be beautiful on me if it were mixed with any of the other blush shades or the bronzer - especially the bronzer. That's the delicious thing about liquids.

I took swatch photos in full, mid-day sun. I applied the Fusion Blushes with a sponge-tipped applicator so I could get even swatches. You would never do that in "real life." Additionally, my swatches are very dark because I did not blend them at all.

I would normally apply Fusion Blush by putting a dot (a little of this highly pigmented formula goes a very long way) from the applicator in my palm, pick it up with a foundation brush, and, working quickly, apply the fluid. It dries very quickly, so you have to work fast. If you are intimidated by that, mix the blush with some moisturizer. That's a good way to soften the color too.

I swatched #400 at the top of my arm, with #500 below. I'll admit they don't look radically different in my photos, but you can see a shade difference in person, particularly when you blend them for a light application. Both are beautiful rose shades; one is described as pink and the other as ruby. I'll assume that #400 is pink and #500 is ruby.

I tried to get photos in different exposures so that you could see the difference on the blog - by the time the photos made their way through several photo "translators."

I wouldn't have missed these new Armani blushes for the world. They are a nice addition to Armani's new Cheek Fabric Sheer Blushes. It's a cheeky season.

These new Fusion Blushes are available at some Giorgio Armani Beauty counters, such as the one at Saks where I purchased mine, as well as the Armani Beauty Web site. Scheduled to launch this month, they should be available at all Armani counters this month.

Photo at top courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Lisa said...

I left with #400 yesterday when I visited NM yesterday. I am still wearing the dot of color on my hand where I let the pigment sit on top of my hand too long during my makeover! Pure pigment indeed! I could not believe just how little was required! I will have this bottle forever!. I did love #500 as well, but #300 was too orange/terracotta for my skin tone. Although I am unable to wear the Maestro foundation (my skin is not perfect enough) the blush and concealer are truly wonderful.
On a separate matter Have you seen Chanel's new Illusion D'ombre in Harvest Moon! OMG stunning!!!!

melisand61 said...

Gorgeous shades. And I like the idea of mixing with a little moisturizer. The colors are very vibrant and I would want to soften them.
My skin tone is warm. I bet #300 would be perfect.

Eileen said...

Isn't #400 gorgeous? I also bought the new bronzer. They both sheer out so beautifully and evenly. I held off a bit on the blushers and bronzer until I saw what TF was bringing to the table. I needn't have worried about dups, though, as the effect that the GA creates is the quintessential natural daytime look whereas the TF has some shimmer and is more fun :-) I love them both as they fill completely differentIve niches. I must say, I've really come to love the effect of using a bronzer and blusher that coordinate. I'm sure the cosmetic companies love it as well because it encourages us to buy two products instead of one. LOL

BTW, the "n" is missing from the collection's name because mediterraneo/a is Italian :-)