Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Annick Goutal Rose Pompon Eau de Toilette

We have had a month of rain in the DC area. Even as the roses in my garden started to bloom, it rained. It was relentless. I needed something to brighten my spirits. Annick Goutal's new Rose Pompon Eau de Toilette ($149, 100 ml) was the perfect antidote to dreary weather. I've been wearing it to work nearly every day since I received it from Annick Goutal.

Introduced this year, Rose Pompon is a fresh, lively, rose fragrance in a pretty pink bottle. It makes me think spring, even when it doesn't feel like it outdoors. For those who might dismiss the idea of a rose-themed fragrance, keep reading. Rose Pompon is not your grandmother's rose. I've read many reviews of this fragrance, but I'll start by telling you what Annick Goutal has to say about it.

A mischievous glance, charming smile, burst of laughter...the Rose Pompon woman exudes joie de vivre. A fresh and playful olfactory creation, Rose Pompon is a bold composition inspired by new horizons… Sparkling notes of blackcurrant and raspberry mingle with pink pepper and a hint of peony to reveal the trio of rose extracts, including the fruity tones of rose centifolia (an old rose, often called Provence rose or cabbage rose or Rose de Mai); Bulgarian rose, and Taïf rose. The composition and balance of the ingredients is gorgeous.

Rose Pompon is the story of a young Parisian woman. She seduces everyone with her irresistible elegance. Her perfume, a fresh and sparkling rose, conveys her charm and happiness. Her addictive trail makes everyone want to smile, laugh, and enjoy life. An addictive freshness with a bold and modern twist.

I'll bet you know the house of Annick Goutal. Haven't we all worn at least one of the iconic fragrances in the past? My favorites include Un Matin d'Orange, Petite Chérie, and Eau d'Hadrien. These fragrances have been in my collection for more years than I can count. The Annick Goutal house of perfume is known for the quality of its ingredients, using the rarest and noblest essences, almost all of natural origin, such as Sicilian lemon, Damascus rose, Italian iris, and tuberose from Grasse. Their raw materials are chosen with the greatest care and extreme precision, to achieve, note after note, the perfect harmony.

Not only that, the house's bottles and packaging are made exclusively in France by expert craftsmen, resulting in an exceptional finesse in its detail. The finishing decorative touches are almost all done by hand, each one conveying a memory in the creator's life. As Annick Goutal liked to point out "luxury is in the details." When you hold and use an Annick Goutal fragrance, the quality and elegance lift your spirits and make you feel special.

Rose Pompon was developed by Camille Goutal and Philippine Courtière. I'll give you the creator's description because they said it better than I ever could.

Passionate perfumer, Camille Goutal keeps searching for new inspirations and raw materials. Camille appreciated the work of Philippine Courtière for awhile, and she wanted to collaborate with her for the creation of the new Annick Goutal perfume. Both their parents introduced them to the universe of perfumery during their childhood. They share the values of a family tradition, with a destiny of perfumers, although they began their careers as a photographer for Camille and a lawyer for Philippine. The purpose of their collaboration was to compose a fresh and playful rose, a unique scent inspired by new horizons. Named Rose Pompom, this creation is an olfactory ode to the two perfumers’ joie de vivre.

Rose Pompon reflects Annick Goutal's olfactory creations, with a bold and modern twist. It is the joyful interpretation of a new and luminous rose where the spicy notes of Pink Pepper mingle with the bright and green sparkle of blackcurrant before opening out with the velvety notes of raspberry. Its heart notes carry a duo of rose extracts composing the Rose Pompon (Centifolia), a garden rose with a thousand petals, delicate and precious. First, the Bulgarian Rose essence, chosen for its luminous and green facets evokes the freshness of a rose at dawn. Then, the Taïf Rose, a rare flower with a suave and sensual scent offered by its fruity facets. Finally, a hint of peony envelops the notes with an ethereal sensuality. A playful and addictive composition warmed with woody cedar and powdery patchouli, followed by an exquisite note of white musks.

Rose Pompon has worked its magic on the iconic ribbed bottle, adorned here with shades of pink lacquering. The packaging reflects the work but also the bold and creative universe of the great photographers Camille admires. The Annick Goutal House has imagined a new woman, charming and mischievous, the Rose Pompon woman who attracts attention and makes everyone smile, hiding behind her extravagant flower. A sketch combining strokes of black pencil and the exuberance of a dazzling rose, embodying the woman for whom Camille and Philippine created this made-to-measure fragrance."

Imagine, then, the joy they shared with us when they created Rose Pompon. A fruit-laden floral, it is fresh and lively. When I apply it, I feel like I've stuck my nose into one of my David Austin roses, bred for fragrance. Plus, I get the extra-added benefit of juicy fruits, lingering as long as the rose does. What I don't smell is patchouli. I was shocked when I found it in the list of notes. Most of you know that my nose can sniff out patchouli in just about any fragrance. To me, it smells like cheap, acrid perfume. There isn't even the slightest hint that patchouli is in Rose Pompon. I believe that speaks to the quality of the ingredients used by Annick Goutal. There's patchouli, and there's patchouli. Rose Pompon probably contains very little of the very best on the market.

I think Rose Pompon lasts on me for about four hours. Often we trade longevity for the sparkling freshness of just-picked fruits and fragrances. That's a trade-off I'm always willing to make. I bought some little spray decant bottles that I can keep in my handbag and refresh my fragrance at lunchtime. That way, I - or those close to me - can enjoy this beautiful fragrance all day.

If you like fruity florals that sparkle, you should cheek out Rose Pompon. You can find it at Annick Goutal's Web site easily. It's also available at Luckyscent (but backordered in the 50 ml size - probably owing to its popularity) and some Neiman Marcus stores.

Photos courtesy of Annick Goutal


Grlnxdor said...

I absolutely adore rose in a fragrance, but as we both know, not all roses smell the same. I always feel bad that some people don't take the time to get to know the various true rose scents. They throw up their hands and exclaim "I don't like the smell of roses". I feel sorry for them! I have a small raised bed rose garden and I specifically plant for color-reds and pinks-and rich fragrance. I've found that David Austin just knocks it out of the ballpark with his roses, especially for my zone 4 location they cannot be beat.

Anonymous said...

I would love to smell this as I adore roses and have about 75 heirloom roses (some of them David Austen) in my garden. They fill me with joy. Have tried the diptyque Rose scent, F. Malle Une Rose, Hermès Rose Ikeba and the original Stella McCartney. Nothing compares to the actual rose fragrance. Thanks for showing us the A. Goutal.

Anna R said...

Your description is lovely! I almost smell it through the computer!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Now I need to track this down, I love rise scented fragrance.