Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Clinique Pop Glaze Sheer Lip Colour + Primer

I wanted to try Clinique's new Pop Glaze Sheer Lip Colour + Primer ($18). I am a pushover for sheer lip colors, and the built-in primer intrigued me. Clinique's description caught my eye, so I ordered one sight-unseen.

A pretty pop of bold yet see-through color + a smoothing primer in one coat. Luxurious yet weightless formula with built-in primer glides on effortlessly, wears for up to eight hours. Keeps lips comfortably moisturized instantly and over time.

I had to select a shade. After reviewing six, I chose Melon Drop Pop, shown above. The lipstick bullet on Clinique's Web site made the shade look orange, but their swatch made the shade appear to be pink. I tossed the dice and ordered it, and I'm very happy with Melon Drop Pop. On my lips, it's a warm pink, definitely not orange.

For a sheer lip color, it is extremely long-wearing. I assume the primer in the ingredients helps it stay on. It is not extremely moisturizing, nor is it dry. I'd call its hydration excellent for a long-lasting lipstick and average for all types of lipsticks.

There is something else about it I like. I can use the shiny metal cap of the tube as a mirror. I know it wasn't designed that way. It just works.

Here is a quickly taken swatch photo, snapped in full, mid-day sunshine (weeks ago - it has rained for nine straight days). I applied the swatch directly from the tube. Look a the pretty color! Without the pink pigmentation of my lips, it leans peach. You can see that on my arm. However, factor in the pigmentation of my lips, and it shines like a beautiful warm pink beacon.

Clinique offers a non-sheer version in a wide range of shades: Lip Colour + Primer. You can check it out at Sephora. The colors of these are described as saturated. Go with your preference. I'm a sheer gal.

I'm glad I purchased it. The price is great, and I will get a lot of wear from it. I purchased mine from Sephora online. You can also find it at Clinique and any Clinique counter. Neiman Marcus gave up their Clinique counters, which I think is a shame.

Photo at top courtesy of Clinique; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Eileen said...

What a pretty color! For some reason, I haven't tried any of these yet. I used to wear a lot of Clinique lipstick, but it's been awhile. Perhaps it's because the Clinique counter at the local stores is invariably locate out of the way and so I just don't notice it. I should make a point of expanding my horizons :-)

Sandra said...

How lovely, and I like the description you gave, CG. I used Clinique in days gone by, but moved away as I grew older. Perhaps it is also time for me to take a look at these Clinique lip shades. The price is great!

Patricia said...

Lovely indeed. At first it looks too sheer but when you look closely and not too sheer and that is what I usually prefer. I will be checking on this.....