Monday, April 26, 2010

Avon GLIMMERSTICKS Diamonds Eye Liner

Earlier today, I told you about a drugstore eyeliner bargain. Now we move to Avon's new GLIMMERSTICKS Diamonds Eye Liner ($6.00) - with a better price, less effort, and a fabulous look! Sometimes, the best bargains aren't at the drugstores. How many of us have overlooked Avon over the last few years - except, of course, for Skin So Soft, which we all use to keep from being eaten by mosquitoes, right?

This spring, you can give your beauty routine a high-definition boost with Avon’s new vibrant and rich makeup must-haves, including the GLIMMERSTICKS Diamonds Eye Liners. Avon has a new high-definition makeup line, these eyeliners are part of it, and these products are definitely on my radar.

I received some samples of these products, and I'm going to tell you today about the first one I used. GLIMMERSTICKS Diamonds Eye Liners are normally $6.00, but are on sale at for $2.99! Yikes - how can you afford not try one (or more) at that price?

Avon says your eyes will sparkle in any of the six long-wearing, waterproof, and smudge-proof shades that will give you dramatic definition and add some glimmering glamour to your look. These retractable stick liners with just a touch of shimmer are flattering, and they are available in basic shades and subtly updated shades as well.
  • Black Ice
  • Brown Sugar
  • Emerald Glow
  • Smoky Diamond
  • Sugar Plum
  • Twilight Sparkle
Regardless of their name, these liners are not glittery. They add a soft glow, and I really love the one I am using: Black Ice. It's a soft black that's perfect for my fair features. I want Brown Sugar, Smoky Diamond, and Twilight Sparkle next. I'm smitten - both with the price and their performance.

The liners are so easy to apply and control, and I adore the retractable feature. Don't ask me why; it's one of those intangibles. I just like the way I can swivel out the liner to have just the right amount on hand. The texture is creamy, and the liner glides on very smoothly for a nice straight line - perfect! The liner lasts all day for me - Avon says at least 12 hours - but I'd say longer.

GLIMMERSTICKS Diamonds Eye Liners get a definite thumbs up! I can't figure out how Avon manages to offer such fabulous products at its value pricing. I returned to Avon last year with shadows, and I haven't looked back.

These eyeliners are available through an Avon representative. To find the representative nearest you, just visit Avon's Web site. Even though I have bought from local representatives many times, I prefer to shop online. Avon has great specials. Sign up for their e-mail list! There are lots of sales and free shipping offers (one free shipping offer ends tonight - use code 426FSD if you get there on time). I don't want those nice "Avon ladies" to lose business - most of them are terrific - but online shopping is so convenient.

There you have it - a real bargain! I published this tonight, rather than tomorrow morning, just in case some of you wanted to take advantage of that free shipping code. Have fun! More to come on Avon in the next week.

Update 4/27: I awakened to a new free shipping offer from Avon. With any $20 purchase, use code AVON2010 through May 6. There you go, great time to shop. Make sure to check out the rest of the High-Definition Mega Watt Drama Collection. I'll be posting more soon.

Photo courtesy of Avon


Liz said...

Wow, for that price you really can't lose, can you? How do they stack up to UD and MUFE for staying power on the waterline and smudge resistance?

Charlestongirl said...

They are very comparable to the UD ones, Liz. I like them A LOT.

I haven't used the MUFE liners. Maybe someone else can tell us.

michelle jenner said...

You can order them right from me as I am an AVON rep.
Use code REPFS for free shipping

Jennifer Fontana said...

you can actually get free shipping on any purchase over 5 dollars with the SPRINGFREE promo code.

if u want to check out my site its
but if you have ur own representative already, just use the free shipping code!

Unknown said...

Nancy sells AVON's Glimmerstick Diamonds Eye Liner as well as complete AVON line and mark products, serving Rockaway NJ, Morris County and beyond. View makeup, fragrances and more online: Ship FREE code: FSANY.

Bari said...

Wow - I put waterproof eyeliner on my shopping list this week, and like retractible ones vs. pencils you have to sharpen. I'm ordering now - Thanks, Charlestongirl!

nick91171 said...

Hey, I'm an Avon rep and I just wanted to make a minor correction. Glimmersticks Diamonds is not a waterproof eyeliner. Based on my experience it's somewhat water-resistant; but, I wouldn't want anyone to be disappointed. Glimmersticks do come in waterproof but currently none of the Diamonds colors are advertised as being waterproof.

This is why it's great to have your own personal Avon rep. We are product experts and can answer questions and concerns and make recommendations for you AND help you get the best deals. For example right now I can offer customers an AWESOME deal on ANEW Ultimate Eye System & Age Repair Elixir for $29.99. Shopping online you'll pay $54 just for the Elixir; the eye system is an additional $32. That's right OVER 50% off.

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Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Nick! The marketing literature Avon sent me for the High Definition Collection said the liner is waterproof. We need for someone to go swimming in it for a test. :) Anyone game?

Anonymous said...

In my personal testing, think it is VERY water resistant, if not waterproof. I have sold AVON off and on for 20 years and this IS the best eyeliner EVER. I tried and love it. It makes my eyes really look amazing! Thanks for reviewing it.

Rebekah said...
If you live in the South Bay California area, or anywhere in the U.S. you can order Avon or MARK products on my website. Free shipping on any order with FSANY coupon.

Unknown said...

Want to try these incredible eyeliners out for yourself? Check out my online store at:

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Use the coupon code SPRINGFREE to get your AVON order shipped to you for FREE!

Anonymous said...

They have just been released here in Australia, and my best seller has been Smoky Diamond - just enough of a slate blue shade to make your eyes pop without over-doing it! They might not be waterproof, but are definitely smudge-proof ... love them!!! Cheers, Olga from Canberra

Charlestongirl said...

I'm so grateful to all you Avon gals for weighing in with helpful tips and codes for shipping. Thank you! Stick around. We'll be talking other High-Def products this week. Would love your input.

MarciaF said...

I just ordered after reading this review. Can't wait to get them. Thanks for the code too.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Marcia,

I hope you like them as much as I do. I need to get my order in for the three additional colors I want! Before they disappear into backorder land.

I still can't believe this value pricing!

Helen said...

As Anonymous said these eyeliners have just been released here in Australia. I've sold a bunch of them to my customers and am tempted now to try them for myself!