Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sue Devitt's Southern Seas Sojourn Collection

I've bought and worn Sue Devitt's fabulous makeup in the past, but nothing prepared me for the excitement I have for her Southern Seas Sojourn Collection! The collection is special. Sue Devitt's experience in the Solomon Islands and her resolve to contribute to environmental preservation in the South Pacific is inspiring. I'll let her tell you about it.

Unspoiled landscapes, uncharted reefs, an unbelievably beautiful, natural environment. This is the only way to describe the stunning raw beauty of the South Pacific, Solomon Islands.

It’s astonishing and inspiring to explore a place in the world today where the most common form of transportation is the canoe, painstakingly carved out of a single tree by an entire family over a 10-year period. A place where the majestic coral reefs are still undiscovered by tourists, the Discovery Channel, and even Google Earth.

Here, between dives and lagoon swims, playful dolphins come right up to the boat to swim alongside me, joyfully unafraid. I was also taken by the friendliness of the island children who, unacquainted with Game Boys and electronics, fished with hook and wire and played happily with toys of their own making: home-made stilts and guitars! Their innocence and friendly, open demeanor was a reminder of how easy it is to find happiness and tranquility in the natural beauty of our planet.

The pristine underwater palette of the South Pacific reefs inspired the Southern Seas Sojourn Collection. Exploring the underwater beauty here has made me so much more appreciative and highly aware of the millions of people who depend upon the reefs and the oceans for their food and their livelihood. More inspired than ever to help protect these endangered ecosystems, my company will donate proceeds from the Destination Eye & Cheek Palette in Solomon Islands to Coral Reefs in the South Pacific (CRISP), a non-profit organization that will specifically fund a project in the Solomon Islands to help preserve the stunning beauty of this unique region. The beauty of nature inspires generosity; we can follow its example in creating beauty through generosity.

The Hydrating Marine Minerals Destination Eye & Cheek Palette in Solomon Islands ($37.50) is exquisite. I wore it to work Friday and got compliments on my fresh, springy look. Don't be confused when you follow the link to Devitt's site - as I did. It's featured with the eye palettes. The benefits of purchasing this gorgeous compact are twofold: you will look great and help preserve the beauty of the South Pacific at the same time.

Swipe your brush across the tropical color family, and you will have a pinky-peach blush that will impart a seasonal glow. Use a smaller brush to pick up individual colors, and you can create your own customized eye look. The unique formulation offers the extraordinary hydrating and refreshing properties of the sea, encapsulated in a proprietary delivery system that increases the skin's moisture level and vitality. The blush contains a synergistic complex of biotechnological marine and botanical substances, such as sea butter, shea butter, ceramide 2, and hyaluronic acid, in addition to vitamins, minerals, and proteins that work in tandem to help skin absorb water from the air while restoring elasticity. I have to admit I have no idea what sea butter is. From Google searches, it appears to be related to shea butter. I'll have to find out more.

The Sojourn Lip Intensifier Pencils ($22), inspired by the best-selling Eye Intensifier Pencils, feature a unique formulation that moisturizes while intensifying natural color to maximize and enhance the appearance of the lips. The pencils offer a soft, velvety texture with aloe vera that binds moisture to the skin while locking in natural, beautiful color. Marine Filling Spheres smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while hibiscus extract offers antioxidant properties. Makeup that's good for you! You can use these lip pencils to fill in your entire lip. They are as hydrating as lipstick and are available in four colors: Bellona, Kirakira, Malaita, and Tinakula. One of them will be perfect for you.

The Lip Enhancing Gloss ($22) in Telina completes the Sojourn look. This luxurious lip-enhancing formula creates a visibly fuller look. Marine Filling Spheres smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and work in tandem with peptides to promote collagen production. Designed to impart a flattering shine and sheer wash of color for healthy and hydrated lips, Lip Enhancing Gloss is available in four shades.

I loved shopping at Sue Devitt's Web site last week. As I added items to my order, full-sized gifts and samples popped into my basket. It's unlikely I'll buy her products from other sites again - the experience at was too good! Not only that, my purchases arrived exceptionally quickly. I'm impressed. Make sure to read Sue's beauty tips at this link when you visit her site.

Photos courtesy of Sue Devitt

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