Saturday, April 10, 2010

ION Studio and the Rahua Collection Celebrate Earth Day

With Earth Day coming up on April 22, ION Studio in New York City and Rahua Hair Care by Amazon Beauty have commenced their glass bottle campaign to celebrate. They are providing customers with a 10% discount when they bring their Rahua Finishing Treatment ($45) for refill.

Rahua Finishing Treatment is styling and conditioning product with organic and natural ingredients that has quickly become a favorite with stylists and clients alike at ION Studio. Rahua is an oil derived from the Amazonian Rahua Nut. Rahua Oil is highly effective in repairing dry and/or damaged hair. The molecules are extremely fine, allowing the oil to penetrate the hair's cortex to rebuild, moisturize, and strengthen. Additionally, Rahua Oil has a positive charge and is attracted to the negative charge of dry hair, allowing it to effectively close the hair cuticle. Just read the ingredients at this link. If you are into natural products, I'm not sure how you will resist this one.

Rahua Finishing Treatment prevents hair from splitting during styling, blow-drying, hot ironing, and combing. One hundred percent natural and organic, the luxury hair care item is silicone-free and vegan. Use it for healthy and strong hair with a beautiful glossy and weightless finish.

Never heard of Rahua? Rahua Shampoo, Conditioner, Finishing Treatment, and Elixir are no longer a beauty secret! Just look at the press coverage at this link!

ION Studio is one-of-kind hair salon in New York City’s Soho neighborhood that combines fashion-forward styling, trailblazing color, and environmental sustainability. By using all-natural products boasting a 0% carbon footprint, combined with the use of wind-powered energy and recycled materials used in the salon construction, ION Studio is New York’s first and leading green salon. It's also where February's New York Fashion Week Media Mixer was held. Nice people there!

In addition to ION's recycling program, the co-founders of ION Studio and Amazon Beauty have begun to teach free classes at New York City’s Empire Beauty School, focusing on eco-friendly initiatives and opportunities. The newly formed program will educate and grow a new generation of “green” hairstylists interested in opening sustainable business.

For more information, contact Natia Dune at ION Studio at If you live anywhere New York City - or are visiting - you should drop in and meet the great folks at ION. I love them for being green (and nice)!

Photo courtesy of ION Studio and Rahua

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