Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clinique Brandied Bronze Collection for Summer 2010

Clinique has a new collection in the stores. Brandied Bronze for Summer 2010 has a few must-have items, including the Colour Surge Eye Shadow Palette Limited Edition ($25). I felt kind of guilty (well not that guilty!) as I purchased the last one they had at Nordstrom Tysons last weekend. Any makeup that wasn't nailed down was selling after the Beauty Trends Show.

The shadow palette is summer-perfect with six "smouldering" shades to mix and match for naturally pretty or more dramatic looks. This palette is a great value at $25.

Another purchase? I couldn't leave without Fireberry Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 lip gloss ($14). Long Last Glosswear is available in 18 glistening shades from sheer to full intensity. Fireberry appears to be "dark" and its description is "rich blue-red with soft gold shimmer." Add sheer to that description, and you've got Fireberry. Love it! The collection features three other shades. There's one that will work for you.

My third purchase from the collection was the new Different Lipstick ($14) in Bronze Leaf. Described as a frosted brownish-copper with a soft shine, this is a beautiful, wearable brown shade. Add brown to pink or rose lips, and you have a great shade. I really like brown-toned lipsticks and glosses. Many work for me, even though I don't appear to be the natural candidate for brown. Bronze Leaf is gorgeous. I would recommend it to everyone. I'm also a big fan of the Different Lipsticks. Love their look and feel!

Add to these, a True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer ($24) in the pink-bronze Sunkissed and a few "staples," and you've got a nice collection.

Clinique continues to offer trendy collections, great price points, wearable colors, and variety to please its customers - along with desirable gifts with purchase. No wonder so many of us are Clinique fans!

Most of the Clinique counters have this collection available now. You can also see it and purchase the items at the Clinique Web site. A Clinique GWP starts at Saks today! If you have any money left after filing your tax return, you might want to investigate.

Photo courtesy of Clinique


KathyT said...

This collection looks pretty, and I am a fan of Glosswear too. I like a sheer color that I can swipe on quickly while I am carting children from place to place. I think that Clinique has some great products that get overlooked. I need to check out Bronze Leaf. I have very pigmented lips, and it can be hard to find the right shade. I recently bought Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip color in Rose Garden, and it is the same color as my lips! It does give me a nice gloss to my lips, but no color change. Colors tend to skew orange on me too. Sorry - I started to ramble.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Kathy!

Isn't sheer color wonderful? It's so natural looking!

Let me know what you think of Bronze Leaf. I was pleasantly surprised.