Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gillette Venus Embrace Disposable Razors

I just started using Gillette's Venus Embrace Disposable Razors, and I am really impressed. Maybe you think, as I used to, that a razor is a razor - and a disposable razor is a disposable razor. Buy whatever you can get at Costco, and you're all set. Right? Wrong! The Venus Embrace Disposable Razors are the nicest razors I have ever used. Better than my other disposables (also from Gillette and Costco).

The Embrace Disposable Razors are the first disposable razors to have five blades instead of the typical three. As a result, they are really effective. They glide smoothly over my legs, and in one stroke, leave them soft, smooth, and perfectly stubble-free. With regular disposables, I have to be careful not to cut myself, and I can feel the sharp razor blades moving across my skin - even with a nice coating of soap or shave gel.

With the Embrace Razor, there is no sharp feeling, just the smooth "embrace" of what feels like a soft "paddle" running over my skin. The way these disposables are designed, I think it would be hard to cut myself. The head pivots to adjust to the bony parts of my legs. The first time I tried the Embrace Disposable, I couldn't believe the blades were even making contact and shaving - it was that smooth. I also like their soft-grip handle - makes it hard for the razor to slip out of my hands, another way I have cut myself in the past.

Does anyone use a disposable razor just once? I sure don't. Each razor normally lasts me a few weeks. These razors come in three packs. They are $7.49 at, which also has a buy two save $2 offer. There are plenty of other sources. They are available at mass market drugstores and retailers like Walmart.

Am I raving? Yes! I think these razors are an advance in the razor market, and that's pretty cool. Gillette sent me these to test. I will be buying my next pack.

We have a Gillette Venus Giveaway Contest going, and I'm going to extend the deadline by a couple of days - until April 5. The winner will receive four great Gillette Venus products, and the Embrace Disposables will be in the winner's box. Because it's spring break, I think a lot of people are away and haven't seen this nice giveaway. By extending the deadline, I hope to give more of you a chance to win. Not only that, I want to have a bit more time to tell you about the other products in the package. If you haven't entered yet, just go to this link and leave a comment telling us how you stay cool and look your best during the summer.

Photo courtesy of Gillette Venus

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