Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trendy Hair Styles for Spring and Summer

While hair styles have never been neglected in the overall fashion dialogue, this year our hair has become a critical part of the "look." From color to cut, hair has taken center stage. You can enhance your look without buying new accessories - just use your hair! Wella and Avon are showing us how.

Wella showed us unique use of color at New York Fashion Week. See my original post here. As you might expect with a dynamite look, celebrities jumped on the Wella bandwagon. Courageous fashionistas and dye-divas are sporting the trend, including Ashley Olsen, Kelly Osbourne, Drew Barrymore, and Lady Gaga.

Cynthia Rowley caught onto this trend after her Fall ’10 show. Wella master colorist Eva Scrivo created the colored extensions for Cynthia's show, and the designer loved them so much she went back to Eva’s salon and got her own hair colored with navy streaks! Check out Wella's Web site for tips, looks, and more.

Classic - and more accessible and affordable - hair trends are also blooming with the spring flowers! Tippi Shorter, Avon Global Stylist Advisor, has worked with some of the top celebrity and fashion elite to create simple, "girly" spring styles that any woman could wear on a casual spring day or to a black-tie event.

First, a word about Tippi. Tippi’s hairstyles have topped the shoulders of many beauty icons: Diahann Carol, Beyonce, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Vanessa Williams (I can't even tell you in this post how much I admire Vanessa Williams!) among other actresses, musicians, and supermodels. Recently, she joined the Avon team as one of the Advance Techniques Global Stylist Advisors. With Avon, she helped create the latest looks backstage at New York Fashion Week and helps women achieve runway looks at home.

Tippi knows the tricks for creating this season's top trends. She refined five wearable looks with pizazz.
  • Bohemian Ballerina - A fresh, young wispy look to amp up simple designs in your wardrobe this season
  • Wavy Volume - Pump up the volume of your soft, romantic tresses with an edgy, high-fashion style
  • A Deep, Defined Part - Accessorize with a clean, defined part instead of cluttering your style with accessories
  • Sleek Ponytails - Take your style from shabby to chic with this sophisticated twist on the classic pony
  • Change Your Color - Makeover Your Look
You can create the Bohemian Ballerina if your hair is long enough. Prep wet hair from root to tip with Avon's Advanced Techniques Volumizing Mousse ($4) to enhance natural shine and create volume. Using Avon's Advanced Techniques Cushion Brush ($9), blow dry hair section by section to distribute the product and create texture. Then gather your hair tight to form a pony tail at the back crown of the head and secure it with a ponytail holder, keeping all sides flat. Holding your hair at the end of the ponytail, twist the hair firmly in one direction to form a spiral knot. Secure it with bobby pins.

On the sides, muss the little wispy hairs to add some depth and texture (and sexiness). Lightly spray with Advanced Techniques Hair Spray ($4) to finish the look and make sure your creation holds.

Got wavy hair that will never pull off the sleek Bohemian Ballerina look? Try Wavy Volume, also created with Advanced Techniques Volumizing Mousse and Hair Spray, but with the addition of Pillow Curlers if your hair doesn't dry into the look naturally.

These are easy trends to adopt, and they will take you through the hot months of summer looking and feeling cool.

Avon has a special right now on its Advanced Techniques styling products. You can select three for $9.99! You can't beat that for a deal. I'm going to order the three that look like best bets for me. One will definitely be the Volumizing Mousse!

Photos courtesy of Wella and Avon

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