Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Belou's P Lorient Fragrant Body Oil

How does this sound for heavenly? Created in Saint-Barth with rose hip oil from Chile and Vitamins A, E, and F...no alcohol, no coloring, no artificial preservatives - just voluptuously natural and organic fragranced oils for the body and hair. Belou's P makes all-natural and organic fragrant oils, a tanning oil, a mosquito repellent oil, and a 100% vegetable soap.

Although they had been written up in Town & Country, W, and Bazaar, I stumbled upon the Belou's P Body Oils at Beautyhabit. Each fragrant oil is named for a different island beach. Colombier, enriched by lily, jasmine, and frangipani, sounded right up my alley. It was the first one I purchased. Used to moisturize or as a substitute for perfume, the body oil leaves a scent that is rich, floral, and tropical. I find it intoxicating. Not only that, the bottle is beautiful and recyclable.

Beautyhabit sells the body oil in two other scents. I couldn't believe that either could rival Columbier. Because of its name, I thought Lorient might be an oriental blend. I was so wrong! Lorient ($38) is a sensuous floral blend of tuberose, gardenia, narcissus, and iris. I bought it two weeks ago, and when it came, I wore it to bed. It's nothing short of divine. I'm living in it now. Just like its sister Colombier, Lorient telegraphs rich, floral, and tropical flowers, transporting you to the islands. Once you have visited the islands, you never forget the smells; they become ingrained in your memory, emerging when you catch a whiff of a fragrance like the Belou's P Body Oil.

The third scent, Chauvette, is said to radiate warm spices, santal wood, and lime. I'm not a spice lover, but it may be just the thing for you! If it's as enticing as the other two, I'm sure it has plenty of fans.

Pick your scent and try one! The fragrance will last for hours, enriching your mood while it moisturizes your skin.

Given the season, I'm thinking about trying the Belou's P Mosquito Repellent Oil ($35). I meant to try it last year and never got around to it. Advertised to keep mosquitoes away, the oil is also supposed to help with the itchy, unsightly red welts from bites. If this summer is like our last few, I am going to need it.

Head over to Beautyhabit. Let them tempt you with the Belou's P line.

Photo courtesy of Beautyhabit

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