Thursday, September 2, 2010

Giorgio Armani Beauty Uptown Mauve Collection

Uptown Mauves - a new "urban chic" color story of seven limited-edition shades of Rouge d’Armani, will appear next month at an Armani counter near you (and the Armani Web site, of course) to update your look for fall.

Inspired by the unique Giorgio Armani neutral color DNA, the Uptown Mauve Collection will bring new sophistication with delicate, sensual, and luminous half-tone lip colors (meaning a bit less intense than other Rouge d'Armani shades). From beige to pink to light plum, all are being revisited with a delicate mauve cast. I can't wait! I'm a mauve maven.

“An Armani 101, these mauve-cut lipstick shades bring beige into the 'now' – wearable, flattering, never pasty…they are about that uptown chic,” said Linda Cantello, International Makeup Artist at Giorgio Armani - and a color guru for the company.

The subtle pearlized shades are conceived with the same breakthrough formula as Rouge d’Armani, with its exclusive Color-Fil technology that's based on a patented color bond that unites full color with exceptional comfort. Rouge d'Armani is a must-have lipstick in my book, with its long-lasting, moisture-laden, pure color intensity.

The Armani way for luscious neutral lips and an uptown look will be expressed in these seven shades.
  • Beige 106 - Pink Greige
  • Beige 101 - Uptown Beige
  • Pink 515 - Lavish Rose
  • Plum 606 - Mauve Fatale
  • Plum 605 – Sensual Plum
  • Pink Plum 516 – Sheer Plum
  • Red 400 – Very Red
I've already selected five I think I can't live without. The excitement is building at my house! Get ready, Armani lovers!

Photo courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty


Eileen said...

It's been a long time since so many different brands have come out with such beautiful interpretations of fall. I love all the smoky eyeshadows and plum shades. I especially like how we can begin the fall with light lip colors and subtle smoke around the eyes à la Chanel; then phase into richer, deeper colors as the season progresses. Chanel threw down the glove with the Enigma collection and the other lines such as Lancome and Armani have risen to the challenge with gorgeous results. And the holiday collections promise to be just as stunning as the soft silvers give way to the warm glow of polished copper. Whenever I'm at a cosmetic counter, I feel like a kid in a candy shop :-)

Knowing what a big fan you are of Armani, I know you'll give us a great review when the new colors are released.

Charlestongirl said...


I was never into candy. Maybe that's why I was so skinny as a kid! I love your analogy, though, because the new collections compel us to drool with desire.

I can't wait to get my hands on these shades! I hear that even the lovely Armani ladies don't have them yet, so I am going to have to chill out and wait. At least I know that October has a nice treat in store. Loyd at Saks is primed to give me the word the second they arrive.