Monday, September 13, 2010

Dior Tailleur Bar Limited-Edition Haute Couture Look

Christian Dior's new, limited-edition Tailleur Bar Haute Couture Look set ($90) jumped into my arms Friday as I shopped the Beauty Event at Neiman Marcus Mazza Gallerie. My friend, Risa Levenson, a regional representative for some of the classiest cosmetics lines on earth, made sure I saw the new Dior offerings (including the new lip colors I will show you this week). Today, I want to show you the Tailleur Bar set, which contains an eye shadow palette and Sérum de Rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment, both pieces presented like an elegant gift in a white box with molded compartments for each piece. Just like artwork, each piece is numbered. Mine is No. 3233.

When you remove the protective sleeve and open the white box, you find a white, card-weight brochure with directions for use and a history of the Tailleur Bar (bar suit) legacy. I apologize for the blue-grey cast of my photo below. I took it without a flash, and it's dark.

In 1947, Christian Dior presented his first haute couture collection. The public was amazed by his new vision of the elegant woman, with her accented curves and regal posture. His look took the world by storm. Instantly named the "New Look" by Carmel Snow, Editor in Chief of Harper's Bazaar, the Tailleur Bar suit perfectly embodied the new silhouette. The jacked, with its nipped waist, and the full, twirling skirt became a symbol of Dior fashion. René Gruau, long-time associate of Dior, immortalized the Bar Suit in a sketch that captured Dior's genius in a few clever strokes. This legendary image is now embossed on the limited-edition eye shadow palette.

There are two main shades in the eye shadow palette: lavender and grey. You can see them on my arm at left. The photo was taken as the sun started to duck behind the clouds. Although there are other shades (the model's face and arms are pale, and her hat and gloves are dark), they are very small and would be extremely difficult to use unless you select a fine eyeliner brush for application.

I took my photo of the palette after I had used it (sorry!), but you can see how large the expanses of lavender and grey are and how tiny the other shades are. No matter! The lavender and grey are beautiful. Look at the refined grey color (the suit jacket) with it's slight blue cast. Both shades have just enough shimmering gleam to make your eyes pop.

The Sérum de Rouge in #470 is a gorgeous petal pink, a new shade. Purchased alone it is $32. I showed you a swatch of it in July when the new Sérum de Rouge shades were introduced. Here it is again at right. I'm quite happy to have two. Now I can keep one in my handbag.

Tailleur Bar is exclusive to Neiman Marcus in the United States. I do not know if its sister store, Bergdorf Goodman, received it. I can tell you that it's not only limited, it's very limited! If you want it, I recommend you call your favorite Neiman Marcus soon.

Photos by BTiB


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I was told by the Dior rep at a Nieman Marcus store that only 4000 were made WORLDWIDE!!
The compact is gorgeous - it is on display in a wee glass case on the counter. I am so envious of you, Charlestongirl, but I can think of anyone who deserves it more. Dior shadows have always been legendary for their confection-like texture and rich pigments. Thanks for continuing to paint a picture of luxury for your followers to enjoy.

Unknown said...

I saw it at NM Mazza. It is truly beautiful. I almost bought it but feared I wouldn't use because I'd wouldn't want to wear away the image. So I bought Le Metier Le Cirque Kaleidescope instead.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anon and Ava!

It is gorgeous, but I had to use it. It was encased in glass at Mazza, like a treasure to be preserved. :)

I have so much makeup in the "makeup museum," I decided that I have to get over my reluctance to spoil the perfect beauty of special palettes.

Ava, isn't Le Cirque wonderful?

Charlestongirl said...

One more thing, Anon...

Some countries got totals in the hundreds. I have no idea how many were sent to the U.S. I should ask Risa. I just know she did me a BIG favor by ensuring I saw it before I left the store. I was already in my own spending jail, but I had to have this magnificent Dior treasure!

Resham said...

its so pretty!!! Love the color and obviously the design and pattern!

Charlestongirl said...

Resham, it is a masterpiece. I think you would love it - and the addition of the lip color is such a cool idea.

MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

This is stunning. I'd have a heck of a time touching a brush to it even though I love those colors. You really scored a beauty.

Charlestongirl said...

Marcia, I think they still have plenty of them! It is very pretty. From your blog photos, I think it might look better on you than me. :)

I had to bit the bullet on using it, but I'm "over it" now. Yes, it's pretty, but at least I'm not blurring out an animal.

I'm trying to kick my "makeup museum" attitude - you know, one for me to use, one for the museum. When I die, they are going to come in here to clean out this house and know I was certifiably nuts.