Wednesday, September 1, 2010

M∙A∙C Leopard Luxe Pigments Plus Superslick Liquid Eye Liner

M∙A∙C is featuring two Pigments ($19.50) with its new Leopard Luxe collection, one of the three new Fabulous Felines. I have never purchased Pigments before. I am not one of the M∙A∙C devotees, who must purchase every new collection, but I do like certain M∙A∙C items - a lot!

I decided it was time to get my feet wet with M∙A∙C's pigments, despite the fact that no self-respecting cat likes wet feet. I started to purchase Lithe and decided to "spring for it" and order Old Gold too. Both have a frost finish. I saw the shades on Karla Sugar's The Next Best Thing to Going Shopping Yourself, so I knew what to expect.

On my skin, Lithe looks lighter and sheerer than Karla Sugar's swatch, but Old Gold is a ringer. I applied both with an eye shadow brush and took my photo in shade because the Pigments would have blinded you in a full-sun photo. Lithe is a very pretty peachy gold. I wore it to work today; it's definitely not blinding. Old Gold is a great name, and I love the shade. It will have limited use for me unless I apply it very lightly and blend it really well. Still, I am taken with the shade. I think there must be a little right-brain artist screaming to overtake my dominant left brain.

I mentioned yesterday that loose shadows are messy. I'm sure there's a knack to using them. It's not one of my skill sets - yet. Maybe one of you can comment and suggest a way to use them without ending up with a tenacious powder in my bathroom sink. The Pigments do hold; they last on my eyelids all day. I can see why so many love them, and I'll probably purchase more of them when M∙A∙C tempts me with shades I can't resist - or collections named after cats.

I also ordered a Superslick Liquid Eye Liner ($17.50), Marked for Glamour, from Leopard Luxe. I think this liner is stunning. Shown on my arm at left (again in shade - that's why my arm looks grey), it was applied with its own brush. I painted a thick line so that you could see the nuanced shade. To my eye, there's a blue-green cast to the charcoal. Once this liner sets, it won't budge. Leigh mentioned in a comment yesterday that it flaked off her eyelids. I can't get it off! Seriously, even using oil-based remover that will usually take off anything, I can't get it off my eyelids - or arm. This morning, I applied a very thin line right at the base of my lashes, and I won't be surprised if there are remnants left after my shower tomorrow morning. Good thing I like it!

That's it for my feline adventures. I could see myself wearing more of the shades, but Charlie is sitting here reminding me that the best cats have fur and fangs.

You know where to find M∙A∙C.

Photo at top courtesy of M∙A∙C


Leigh said...

Glad the MAC liner worked for you. I exchanged mine today for a gel liner - - it's what I'm used to.

Long story short, I wrote about four paragraphs earlier, but just lost it with a keystroke when I tried to preview!

Bonnie C. said...

I totally agree with you, the liners look so lovely! :-) I enjoyed seeing Karla's photos, and by far the items I liked the most out of all her swatches were the liners (though some of the pigments caught my eye too). :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Oh no! Did you try your back key? I have had strange things happen in comments on others' blogs, so I know the frustration with blog publishing tools!

Glad you got one you liked, Leigh!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Bonnie,

How about that dark blue liner? Lovely! I WILL RESIST. I WILL RESIST. I WILL RESIST.

MarciaF said...

I'm loving the new Superslick Liquid Liners. I've got the brown and blue and plan on MORE!!!! Mine comes off with Mary Kay eye makeup remover without a problem but it's very tenacious on my arm.

Charlestongirl said...

Marcia, I will have to give the MK one a try. Bobbi's Long-Wear remover wouldn't touch it, and it's my holy grail for tough makeup.

Old Gold was fated for disaster. I had a makeup avalanche in my bathroom (not sure if Charlie was in the vicinity when it occurred), and a bunch of things fell into the sink. When Old Gold hit the sink, the cap loosened, and pigment fell out all over the sink. It was a total mess! I have maybe 1/6 of the product left. The rest got flushed. Another reason to avoid Pigments (from my perspective)!