Monday, September 20, 2010

Xtreme Lashes GlideLiner Long Lasting Eye Pencil

Xtreme Lashes, well known for eyelash extensions, has a dynamite eyeliner! Called GlideLiner ($29), it's an eye pencil that you are going to love if you like a long-wearing liner that's easy to apply, easy to smudge, but stays put once it sets. I mean really put. When I applied it to my arm for the photo below, I couldn't wash it off with soap and water.

I was recently offered (and accepted) the opportunity to test two products from Xtreme Lashes: AMPLIF-eye Lash & Brow Fortifier (which I am using every night before bed) and GlideLiner. I'll report in soon on AMPLIF-eye Lash & Brow Fortifier, after I have used it for a month. Today, I want to tell you all about GlideLiner in its newest shade, Black Pearl.

The concept behind GlideLiner is that everyone loves the look and performance of liquid and gel liners. They give you rich, intense color, and most of them are very long-lasting. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a steady hand and the eye-hand coordination to apply liquid liner. You failed at tennis? You probably aren't the best candidate for liquid liner. Sometimes gel liners can be just as balky. Women like the ease of pencils! Most of my friends, when polled, said they preferred pencils to other forms of liners.

In 2008, Xtreme Lashes set out to take a pot liner formula and put it into a pencil that can be sharpened (with a unique sharpener too). GlideLiners offer rich color with one stroke (or contiguous dots as I like to nestle the liner into my lash line), and it won't budge after you finish with its application. You know you are supposed to remove liner when you go to sleep, but if you don't (lecture time!), it will still be exactly where you put it the morning after.

The magic is in the soft, gel formula that allows about 20 seconds of working time (to smudge or not to smudge) before the liner sets. You can leave your line defined or smudge it. Just smudge quickly if that's your plan.

GlideLiners received a Cosmetic Innovator of the Year Award from the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers & Distributors Association in 2008. Since then, it has been a "cult heroine" in beauty land. Now, Xtreme Lashes has introduced their latest innovation to the line, Black Pearl GlideLiner. Inspired by Jo Mousselli, President and Founder of Xtreme Lashes, Black Pearl was developed to be a shade Jo could call her own. Finding black-black eyeliners too harsh, and plums a bit too flamboyant for her taste (check), Jo was seeking a color that would be soft, versatile, and classy - but not boring.

Black Pearl has a soft black base that is imbued with the subtle violet luster of black pearls (hence the name) - and I adore black pearls. Just like its namesake, Black Pearl can go from casual to dressy in the blink of an eye (no pun intended). After only weeks on the market, it became a best seller, and I can see why. The color is delicious.

When I looked at the pencil, before applying it, I saw plum and thought it might be a dicey color for me. You beauty addicts know that plum is one of this fall's tony shades. Depending on the shade, plum can be hard for me to wear. Then I swatched it and continued to wonder if it was too plummy for me. At right is a swatch photo taken in full sun, the light in which the plum cast is most evident.

On my eyelids, Black Pearl is absolutely gorgeous! It looks like a soft black, but it has an indescribable quality that makes it appear soft black - or navy - or plummy black - depending on the lighting. It's absolutely perfect for me. When I wear it to work, I don't feel like my eyes are telegraphing black liner. When applied in a thin line, the liner makes my lashes look full and my eyes very natural. It's love.

GlideLiner is enriched with vitamin E, a really nice feature for a liner. As I read a brochure about Xtreme Lashes' other products, I was impressed with the quality ingredients in the company's products. For example, their Hydrating Under Eye Gel Patches look like something I can't live without. The key ingredients include hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, green tea extract, panax ginseng, aloe extract, and glycerin. What a line-up! The patches have to plump the under-eye skin, banishing those pesky expression lines.

Back to GlideLiner. It's available in other colors. You must try Black Pearl, but you can also order Graphite, Xtreme Black (for you vixens), Golden Olive, Midnight Blue, Plum, and Expresso. I think I will have to order Midnight Blue, and maybe Golden Olive, and then there's Expresso. Check out the Xtreme Lashes Web site and see if you can resist. With free shipping on orders over $75, I'm making a list.

Stay tuned for my review of AMPLIF-eye.

Photo at top courtesy of Xtreme Lashes

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Anonymous said...

I usually only wear black liner, then a family member introduced me to the Xtreme glideliner brand in the colors of Xpresso and Plum. I was in love! First with the ease of application and it staying on ALL DAY, then with the beautiful colors! I will never go back to the other brands.