Monday, September 6, 2010

TioletTree Fogless Shower Mirror

Every so often, someone comes along with a superb idea. ToiletTree Products is that someone at my house!

Years ago, I stayed in a luxury hotel that had a long-arm mirror mounted to the wall so close to the shower that I could twist it toward the shower to see my face. You may wonder why on earth I would want to see my face while showering. To exfoliate, of course! How many of us exfoliate in the shower by feel? I suspect that hotel mirror was placed in its location for men who wanted to shave in the shower (brilliant, actually), but I found it a thoughtful touch - the kind that made me feel coddled.

Not long ago, I was approached by a representative of TioletTree and asked if I would like to test the TioletTree Fogless Shower Mirror. She had no way of knowing about my experiences at the luxury hotel - or that the idea had instant appeal. I said "Yes" so quickly, she may have thought I was a freebie-loving nut case (you know - one of those bloggers who can't say "not my thing").

The Fogless Shower Mirror arrived in the mail, and I read its simple installation instructions. Therein lies another story. I am starting to feel like a geezer as I recount mirror stories. I used to stay in another luxury hotel (yes, my clients treated me well, but that was long before our economy tanked). The hotel had a wall-mounted pull-out mirror with a normal side and a magnifying side. I wanted one so badly, I purchased one at Bed, Bath & Beyond. That lovely mirror has been sitting in my house for years because I couldn't install it. It has been patiently waiting for a carpenter to come (for some other reason), locate a stud behind the wall, and permanently affix the mirror to the limited space in my 1980's bathroom. I should have put it on Craig's List years ago. It has become a dinosaur in my "great idea" stash.

Here's why I'm joyful about the Fogless Shower Mirror by ToiletTree.
  • It's easy to install. No power tools required. Just give the bracket a day to dry after installation and then hang the mirror. Even I did it!
  • Despite my initial misgivings, it stays put where you install it, whether that's on shower tile or a nearby wall. It applies with soft silicone that holds, but will not damage the surface where it's installed.
  • It's a good size (not to big, not too small at 6.5 in x 8.5 in x 1.5 in and weighing less than one pound).
  • The mirror's frame pivots for a good view of your face (that would be particularly important in a household with residents of different heights.
  • It has a shelf where you can place your tweezers, razor, exfoliator, or other items that you want to have close at hand.
  • It's really fogless, a feat that amazes me. You fill the reservoir with hot or warm shower water, which neutralizes the humidity and air temperature in the shower. It's also easy to refill. Just remove the mirror and fill 'er up. When you are done, simply dump out the water.
  • It comes with its own squeegee in case you need to wipe away water from the mirror (that would be for people who install it right behind the shower's stream - duh).
  • The mirror is made of acrylic, which makes it shatter proof, a good thing if you are a klutz like me and bump into things when your knees take a twist.
  • It won't rust and discolor itself or your bathroom surface.
After I installed the Fogless Shower Mirror, I gave it a couple of weeks, waiting to see whether it would fall off the tile wall. You would think I'm from Kansas, with my show-me skepticism. Did it fall off? Nope! It's as firmly attached today as it was when I installed it. Not only that, it is fogless. Shower-shaving guys are going to love it - even if you buy it for yourself.

TioletTree is a new family-owned company, founded in 2009. That may be why you haven't read about it yet. You can see a short video about the mirror at this link. You can purchase the Fogless Shower Mirror at TioletTree's Amazon page, where the price is currently $29.95 and includes free shipping. It has a five-star recommendation from Amazon customers. I can see why. I'll bet it will make you as happy as it has made me!

Photo courtesy of TioletTree Products


suzanne p-k said...

I'm going to get one - can't stand not being about to get close to a mirror. And what about those hotels that don't have a clue about women travelers. Love the hotels that actually think to put a mirror in a location where there is enough light to be able to see what you are doing.

Charlestongirl said...

Amen, Suzanne! It's a good thing more women are entering the field of engineering and design.

As the number of female professionals increased in the '90s, I saw a growing recognition of our traveling needs. I don't think it's as bad as it used to be.

You reminded me of a trip to California I took in the '80s to a NASA site. We were traveling "on government rates" and stayed in an old motel near NASA Ames. My first morning there, I got up, washed my hair, and proceeded to dry it. My blow dryer fried the whole electrical system in that wing of the motel. When I talked to the desk, they "accused" me of using a hair dryer - like it was a foreign object intended to blow up their little palace. Seriously! You can't make this stuff up.

They weren't able to restore electricity to the rooms until sometime that afternoon, which made me really popular with my colleagues who had to dress in the dark. We moved out after work.

Yea for ToiletTree!