Friday, September 24, 2010

Julianna Margulies to be the Face of L'Oreal RevitaLift

WWD reported today that Julianna Margulies has become the newest face of RevitaLift, the $100 million-plus anti-aging brand under L’Oréal Paris. Margulies, 44, said joining a beauty brand, especially one whose tag line she grew up reciting, seemed a natural fit.

I think it's a significant nod from L’Oréal Paris to the growing over-40 demographic and spending power! Margulies joins actress Andie MacDowell, 52, as a face of RevitaLift. Perhaps Margulies can help lift sagging sales for the brand, which WWD reports are down.

Marguilies told WWD, “I remember the first time I heard “Because you’re worth it." I was young, and I said to myself, ‘When I have money, I will buy beautiful products and feel I’m worth it.’”

Margulies, who lives in New York City, is a wife, mom, and working actress. Like many women, she is on the go 13 hours per day and don’t have the time to shop for skin care in department stores. The drug store, she said, plays an important role in meeting her beauty needs “as long as I can get excellent quality and affordable prices.” Her favorite L’Oréal items include Kérastase and EverStrong hair care, Revitalift Complete SPF 30 Day Lotion, and Preference hair color, which she said she has been using since 1996. When she has the time to indulge, Margulies said she treats herself to Tracie Martyn facials (which average $400 each) and massages at Soho Sanctuary. “They are my two biggest indulgences. It’s like putting money back into the product,” she said. I think, given what she has to have earned from ER to The Good Wife, those $400 facials are perfectly affordable!

The RevitaLift print and TV ads in which Margulies is slated to appear next year were shot in New York. They will focus on her skin, which she said hasn’t been cosmetically enhanced or subjected to needles or fillers, such as Botox, which freezes facial muscles, making it difficult to show expression. “I always have considered my skin [my best beauty asset] because I got lucky; I have small pores. I am also very pale, so I have stayed out of the sun most of my life.”

What I find interesting is that either Margulies or WWD felt it necessary to delve into her medical history and make it clear that she has not been "cosmetically enhanced." She's a gorgeous woman, and it shouldn't be anyone's business whether she has or hasn't had a little help.

I don't know whether celebrity faces lift sales or simply attract potential customers. Getting us to the counter is a critical step. What I do know is that I like the trend. Let's see more women over 40 showing that life and appearance can be beautiful!

You can read the full article with a subscription to WWD, a necessity for any fashion and beauty addict.

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Miss Brahms said...

Charlestongirl, can you tell me what is so special about a Tracie Martyn facial or her products? I read about her constantly in the fashion mags.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Miss Brahms,

I can't because I have never had a Tracie Martyn facial. I assume they feel good and make a gal look good too - at least for a period of time!

There was a very interesting (and amusing) article in the NY Times a few years ago about having a Tracie Martyn facial. You should check it out at this link: