Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Can Your Hair Stay Cleaner Longer? Yes with abhaircare!

What a clever name for a shampoo. Does Cleaner Longer ($22) from abhaircare live up to its name? Yes, an emphatic, resounding, enthusiastic, yes! I am so thrilled with Adam Broderick's hair care products, I want to tell everyone - try them! Buy them!

Are you wondering, "Who is Adam Broderick?" He's one of the industry’s most respected figures - recognized as a salon and spa innovator, a formidable leader, and a visionary. His early success as a colorist in Manhattan eventually resulted in the creation of his own salon in Connecticut. Two decades later, that salon and spa is an established business, known for consistent growth, pace-setting style, and multiple locations. Adam is also a motivational speaker and consultant. He's always looking for ways to help salons prosper, with critical new thinking to fuel growth. His clients include the powerhouse Proctor and Gamble, as well as international brands, such as Clairol and Wella, and beauty retail giant Ulta. What I can tell you is that the man knows hair - mine and yours. His products are phenomenal!

Adam says that home hair care often leaves hair over-conditioned, limp, and lifeless. He believes we ought to have simple, effective products that leave our hair bigger, better, smoother, and sleeker. He also thinks we should need fewer products to produce long-lasting style. His motto, more good hair days with fewer products, had me absolutely giddy. I use some of the best (and most expensive) hair care products available. When I heard about abhaircare, I immediately wanted to try Adam's products. His salon graciously sent me three to try.
  • Cleaner Longer - your go-to for clean hair that stays cleaner longer without harsh detergents. For fine to normal hair.
  • Hydrating Rinse - tame your hair with hydrating rinse for a moisture boost that will not over-condition your hair.
  • Deeper - penetrates and infuses hair with moisture, repairing and restoring natural sheen and elasticity to dry or damaged hair.
I love all three of them! Now, I have new products to put in my regular hair care regimen, and I'm thinking about dropping one more expensive brand from my favorites list.

My hair is very fine, and it has no volume. I have to wash and style it every day I want to look decent (which normally means every day). I know that dries out my hair, but I have no choice. So, I use hydrating shampoos and conditioners. On the second day, any curl I put into my bob through styling is long gone, and I'm facing flat, limp, boring hair. Cleaner Longer gave me clean hair without stripping it of its moisture - something I noticed right away while shampooing - and on the second day, I still have a hair style and volume. It's amazing! No other shampoo has done that for me without stripping all the moisture out of my hair.

I've used both conditioning products, Hydrating Rinse ($23) and Deeper ($28), after shampooing with Cleaner Longer. Both detangle my hair nicely and leave it soft and smooth, without weighing it down (which is easy to do with fine hair). I think I'll use Deeper more often this winter and Hydrating Rinse more often in the summer.

Now I want to try Bigger Better, a volumizing hybrid, and Hairspray (medium hold and humidity resistance). The three products I've used are so incredible, I'm sure I'll love the others. ab haircare products contain no petroleum, parabens, mineral oil, or phthalates. They do contain an abundance of vitamins and botanical. I'm having good hair days! My hair is cleaner longer (she says, gushing, with a very satisfied smile).

Adam's products are available at the ab beauty boutique or by phone at (800) 438-3834. You'll be happy when you try them.

Photos courtesy of abhaircare


Joolz said...

Wow, these sound great! I also have fine, limp hair but it's thin and oily as well, so I need to shampoo daily to keep it normal.

I'm putting these on my wishlist!

hair stylist Sheila said...

I use this on some of my Clients and they have a big smile :)



Charlestongirl said...

Hi Joolz! Give Cleaner Longer a try. It's not just for dry hair!

Hi Sheila, thanks for letting us know! I just wish I had known about these incredible products earlier. We bloggers have such a treat when we are introduced to miracles. :)

The Sooj said...

I want this so bad... I have to wash my hair every day if I want it to look clean, and even then it starts getting oily in the matter of hours, so frustrating! I actually dyed my hair a bit just to damage it somewhat so that it wouldn't be so thick and it'd be easier for me to take care of it, much as I love my locks they are too much work sometimes. This sounds like it could take care of a lot of my problems.

Charlestongirl said...

Saint Jean,

Please let us know what you think if you try the products. I think you might fall in love with Cleaner Longer!