Monday, January 24, 2011

YSL Palette Peach Celebration Face Highlighter - Spring Look 2011

The prettiest piece of YSL's Spring Look for 2011 is the Celebration Palette ($65). This multitasking highlighting palette will give your face, eyes, and neckline a springtime glow with a delicate and shimmering golden peach hue. The ribbon pattern in the palette takes it from "just another highlighter" to desirable.

Its golden square case with graphic Yves Saint Laurent type is bold and modern, and it's housed in a collectors pouch in a matching pattern. I took a photo of the compact, with the pouch, to show you that it's not the traditional YSL look with the logo on the front. Instead Yves Saint Laurent is repeated in block lettering across the top of the compact. I find it busy.

Fortunately, I like what's inside! The ribbon pattern, although simple, adds an elegant touch. You can see in my close-up at left that the ribbons are embossed, so they will stay with you beyond the first use.

It was very hard to get a good photo of the powder on my arm. I am not sure you will be able to see the swatch I applied very heavily with a sponge-tipped applicator. I used an arrow to point to it, but the similarity of the color to my skin tone makes it hard to photograph. That's a good thing, though, for its usefulness. Celebration adds a subtle, pearly gold sheen - not at all too shiny - to my skin. I'll be able to apply this powder liberally (and quickly) without looking like I had an accident with a glitter bomb.

I took my photo at right indoors in full sun. The arrow points to a stripe of gold that has a hint of peach. YSL calls it pink, even though the name on the box is "Palette Peach Celebration." To my eye, there's a peach cast, but the predominant shade is a yellow gold. I think it's very pretty. It coordinates beautifully with the gold Golden Gloss shades featured for spring.

You can find the YSL Spring Collection at the YSL Beauté Web site and in department stores now. I purchased mine at Neiman Marcus. I will be featuring other pieces from the collection in the coming days.

Photo at top courtesy of YSL Beauté


Eileen said...

Yellow gold with a peach undertone sounds lovely and perfect for spring. I love powders like that for a light dusting on shoulders and décolleté. Do you remember when Prescriptives introduced "Magic"? I used to love that "wet" powder even though I'm sure it made me glisten to the extreme. But then, everything was extreme at that time. Since those days, we've become so much more sophisticated when it comes to finishing powders. I love them! I was very pleased with the Colorama shimmer powder that YSL released for the holidays. It's light, golden pink shimmer quickly became one of my holiday staples. So, I guess I should go take a look at this new one for spring. Since I'm fair with peach undertones, this powder should be "me" but with a glow. We shall see . . .

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen, I liked Colorama too. While that one was pink, this one's peach, making them entirely different. The pretty glow will be the same. I'm such a sucker for designs on my pressed powders too!

I do remember Magic, but I think it's long gone from my "collection." I like powders so much more than I did in Magic's days. :)