Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Laura Mercier Silk Road Collection for Spring 2011

Laura Mercier's Silk Road Collection for Spring 2011 was inspired by the precious jewels and raw silks that once traveled the Silk Road, an extensive interconnected network of trade routes across the Asian continent, connecting East, South, and Western Asia with the Mediterranean world, as well as North and Northeast Africa and Europe. The Silk Road got its name from the lucrative Chinese silk trade that began during the Han Dynasty.

The collection features rich, shimmering shades of violet, neutrals, and golds for eyes and roses for lips and cheeks. I think it's a very pretty collection.

The Eye & Cheek Palette ($48) shown above has four eye colors and two cheek colors in perfect spring shades. The two cheek colors are gorgeous: Palace Pink - soft pink with shimmering gold pearl; and Persian Rose - pink coral with gold hidden pearl. The eye shades are Regal Violet - bold, sparkling violet; Golden Sands - soft pink peach with sparkling gold pearl; Rare Taupe - soft grey taupe with satin finish; and Lavender Silk - pale, blue violet with matte finish. So far, I have been able to resist this palette, only because I probably won't reach for two of the four eye colors, Regal Violet and Lavender Silk. It's hard, though, because I love four of the six shades, particularly the cheek colors.

The look photo above shows two Stickglosses ($20), Purple Haze and Pink Jewel. Once I saw a swatch of Purple Haze, I had to have it! Reader Soni is responsible for my purchase of a previously introduced Stickgloss in Peony. She gave me the I-wants in a comment last week. Stickglosses care for your lips while delivering colour in a sheer and sophisticated finish. I swatched my two new ones to show you.

My photo was taken indoors in bright light. You can see that Purple Haze at the top is a gorgeous blue pink - it's not purple at all. Maybe that's where the "haze" part of the name originated? Peony is rose, but it also has a touch of brown or mauve in it. It's a complex color - hard to describe. Regardless of any descriptors one might put on these two Stickglosses, I love them! I may have to buy a few more - soon - including the new Pink Jewel. These lip colors feel great on my lips - they are extremely hydrating - and they give my lips such a pretty shine, I don't need to top them with gloss. There is a slight, sweet flavor/fragrance on application, but fortunately it disappears quickly.

If you are taken with metallic gold eyeliner, there is a new one in the collection. Gold Thread ($26) will make your evening look sparkle. It's the "un-Laura," so I'm wondering how it found its way into her collection. Three Lip Plumpers round out the look. The Lip Plumpers ($30) are Ruby Glaze, Golden Glaze, and Rosy Glaze. You can see the shades in the photo above.

This collection is worth a look next time you're in a department store. We'll see if I can keep my willpower alive and continue to pass on the palette. I'm weakening.

Photo at top courtesy of Laura Mercier


Laura F. said...

Ooh, I really want this pallette. Don't need it, though.

Charlestongirl said...

Me too. I sure don't need it, but it's pretty!