Thursday, January 20, 2011

Giorgio Armani Beauty Rouge d'Armani Spring 2011

Spring is such a perfect time for finding a new pink lipstick. Giorgio Armani Beauty just made the search easy with Rouge d'Armani #518 Dawn Pink ($30). I think this limited-edition lipstick deserves a place in the permanent collection. It's as pretty as they come.

The subtle, colorful, metallic pink finish is perfect for setting off a darker smoky eye - one you might create with the eye palette from the La Femme Bleue Armani Spring Collection 2011. This is a complete collection, meaning that all of the new pieces coordinate beautifully. That's nice for those who have little time to experiment, but want a polished, elegant look.

Some pink lipsticks are too light for me. They make me look washed out. When I first saw this one in the tube, I feared it might be too light. Not! It's gorgeous. I love the silky finish and subtle shine, and the true pink color is lovely.

Rouge d'Armani is a long-lasting lipstick. It's not drying like some, although I don't get a full eight hours of wear from it. The Rouge d'Armani lipsticks have a very soft and creamy texture. Historically, dry textures have kept me from embracing long-wear lipsticks. Most feel like chalk on my balm-addicted lips. These feel great, even without Armani's fabulous Lip Shimmers added as a finishing touch. I'll admit, though, that most of the time I wear gloss over my lipsticks. I'm a gloss gal at heart. I am not sure I'll need gloss with Dawn Pink.

Here's an introduction to Rouge d'Armani from Giorgio Armani Beauty.

The lipsticks use Color-Fil technology. Giorgio Armani pioneered this breakthrough cosmetic color technology, which owes its highly innovative formula to a unique color bond agent. Color bond, the result of seven years of research and 20 patents, offers exceptional qualities of comfort, luminosity, and color intensity.

Color bond is a revolutionary polymer architecture with an exceptional property that weaves highly selected ingredients into a supple 3D matrix that adheres durably to lips. Its made-to-measure architecture, made of two “parts,” is able to unite two contrasting properties: hold and comfort. Its smooth surface optimizes light reflection, revealing a new color vibrancy.

The ingredients allow Armani Beauty to achieve the perfect formula, with exclusive emollients and "micronized" waxes that slip onto lips for a smooth, melting, comfortable application. The spherical micro-pigments fuse with the color bond agent for rich, vibrant color. There are two lightweight oils - one for perfect affinity with the lips for comfort, the other for a smooth and satin finish.

Dawn Pink is swatched in my photo at right, which was taken indoors in direct sun. You can see the pretty shine and pure pink color. I may need to purchase a second one of these. The prettiest new colors always seem to be limited editions!

You can find La Femme Bleue Armani at the Giorgio Armani Web site, Neiman Marcus, or wherever you normally purchase your Armani Beauty products. I will be showing you the rest of my purchases from the collection tomorrow. Come back - there's much more to see.

Photo at top courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty


Diane said...

Got mine a few days ago and I love it. I thought the same thing about it being to light for me, but it works perfectly on my skin tone.

Unknown said...

Pentagon City Nordstrom carries Armani now as well as LMdB. I'm in real trouble! I have to say, though, that LMdB's Lisa at Mazza NM is so good that I may keep going there though it's way out of my way. She could write the book on customer service.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Diane! It's interesting that it looks so wimpy pink in the tube and so amazing on the lips...even my arm! Love it!

Charlestongirl said...

Oh Oh, Ava! Hold on to your wallet.

I absolutely adore Lisa Lingis. She. is the ultimate beauty professional. I love shopping with her.

MarciaF said...

That's a color I could fall in love with. I've got to go shopping.

Anonymous said...

This looks lovely! Is the finish really metallic or is it slightly shimmery?

Charlestongirl said...

Armani calls it metallic. I would describe it as softly shimmering. :)