Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nakkar Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer for Chanel Spring 2011

I wonder if Peter Phillips knew he was designing a blockbuster makeup collection when he created Chanel's Spring 2011 Les Perles de Chanel. The look, with its pearl-laden smoky eyes and soon-to-be-considered iconic Black Pearl Les Vernis, perfectly evokes the pearls that are emblematic of the Chanel look. The accent of pinky-peach for the lips adds a softness appropriate for spring, one that will enchant those who may not buy into the full look, but eagerly await Chanel's collections for the perfect new addition to their makeup wardrobes.

Nakkar Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer (#149, $28.50) offers a soft touch that will appeal to many, with its glowing, shimmering ripeness - a hybrid of three luscious fruit shades: raspberry, watermelon, and peach. You can't judge any gloss by its appearance in the tube. While beautiful in the tube, Nakkar looks darker than it appears on the skin and lips. I suspect it will adopt a shade to flatter your lips, no matter what their tone.

My swatch photo at left was taken in full sun. I applied Nakkar directly from its doe-foot applicator. You can see that's it's a pink-peach blend on my skin, and it does change in character when the lighting changes. It's also darker on my lips, with their natural light rose coloring.

This one's a keeper! It may soon have a twin, one to keep in my makeup bag. The other new Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer shade is Aragonite, a highlighting light white-gold shimmer. It will be a beautiful topper for your favorite lipstick.

You can see and purchase Chanel's Les Perles collection at Chanel's Web site and department store counters. I purchased my Nakkar at Saks.

Photos at top courtesy of Chanel


Eileen said...

Nakkar is a lush, ripe color that contains tiny bits of gold glitter but there's not so much that you'd hesitate to wear this beauty during the day. In fact, I think that's when it's at its prettiest. On my medium rose lips, it's a wash of ripe strawberries lightly sprinkled with gold sparkle. It doesn't look all that impressive in the tube, but applied it's a whole different story.

Argonite is also deceptive in the tube. In fact, in the tube it looks kind of blah, but applied--wow! It's packed with a veritable rainbow of sparkles. The overall tone is a warm, shimmery pink. Beautiful!

Charlestongirl said...

Good morning, Eileen!

I like the word "ripe" for describing Nakkar. So pretty!

I resisted Argonite at first look, but may end up with it once I can get back to a store. I have so many highlighting glosses, I wasn't sure I "needed" it. I also knew what was coming from the other lines and decided to select only the must-haves. We'll see how long that new frugality lasts. :)

Laurie said...

I love love love Nakkar. I bought this the second I saw it - such a flattering color. It really does perk up my complexion when I wear it.

How are you feeling? Hopefully better each day!

Clarisse said...

Funny you girls can buy and wear those marvels which are not on sale yet here (ok, they will be by the end of the month and we keep reading enthusiastic reviews everywhere)
I know I will buy the eye-palette Les Perles the minute I see it and now I know I'll buy this gorgeous Nakkar gloss too!!
Do you feel better and stronger, Charlestongirl? is your knee less painful? I DO hope so! Courage:-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Laurie and Clarisse!

Thanks for asking about progress. It comes in cat whiskers, not giant leaps. I was hoping for giant leaps. I learned from my physical therapist that my expectations were unrealistic. :)

This is such a pretty color. Not sure why we would see a collection from a French line before France!