Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Guerlain KissKiss Gloss for Spring 2011: Frizzy Mango, Moka Shake, and Rosy Plum

As a Guerlain KissKiss devotee, I couldn't wait to see the three new KissKiss glosses introduced with the Spring 2011 Sur mes Levres Collection. Kathy Shoreman at Neiman Marcus had done a great job of describing the colors on the phone, but she couldn't capture the richness and complexity of the shades with words like "peach" and "brown." Guerlain's lip colors always have something extra that makes them special, and I looked forward to my "special delivery" knowing that. The three spring shades are as enchanting as I had hoped.

KissKiss Glosses ($30.50) drench the lips in shimmering color, with a moisturizing formula that offers water-resistance, along with magnifying esters to ensure a long-lasting boost of volume. They have a flat, smooth brush for easy application. While I prefer doe-foot applicators, I have no problems at all using the well-behaved Guerlain brushes. Each gloss is infused with "little fireworks," sparkling bursts of color that light up the lips, providing depth and intensity to each shade.

The three new shades provide a full range of color and intensity for spring. Fizzy Mango (#849) is a sparkling pink-peach, Moka Shake (#850) is brown with a touch of rose, and Rosy Plum (#867) is described well by its name. I was able to get swatches in bright, indoor morning sun and have provided two photos so that you can see the shades from "every angle."

The first photo at right shows the shades in direct sunlight. The second photo at left below shows the shades in strong light, but without direct sun. I think the photo below captures the nuances of the colors better than the full-sun photo.

Fizzy Mango is peach, in the tube and on the lips, but it has a tender pink cast that's perfect for spring. Moka Shake's brown tone leans mauve or rose to my eye, and with the rose of natural lip coloring underneath, the rose is even more apparent. Rosy Plum is an intense fuschia, blue-toned rose. While all three shades can be worn without lipstick underneath, Rosy Plum would be my first choice to wear alone.

I'll have fun with these new glosses - probably long before spring. To my eye, they are year-round colors. I'm pleased that I selected all three - sight unseen. You can see the shades and choose your favorite(s) at Guerlain counters at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdale's, and other department stores, I'm sure.

Photo at top courtesy of Nordstrom


Eileen said...

When I was at the Guerlain counter to buy the blush and the eyeshadow palette, I didn't even bother to glance at the new lip colors because I felt I had enough--for the moment :-) How's that for self-restraint? But, before I congratulate myself, I must admit that the more pictures I see of Fizzy Mango, the more I think I need to drop by the counter again to take a first hand look. It appears to be a lovely, summery color that would go well with both Guerlain and Chanel's collections. That does it, Charlestongirl! I've talked myself into it. Tomorrow will see me getting acquainted with Fizzy Mango at Nordstrom.

Juujubez said...

May I just take a moment to say that I adore your blog? So descriptive! I am picking up Frizzy Mango on Friday, I was wondering about the pigmentation. Do they cover up most of your natural lip color? Thanks a bunch =).

Charlestongirl said...

Have fun, Eileen! Isn't Fizzy Mango a fun name?

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Juujubez!

The only one of these glosses that's pigmented enough to cover most natural lip tones is Rosy Plum. I think you will love Fizzy Mango. :)

Victoria said...

Wow! Pretty glosses!

Charlestongirl said...

They ARE pretty. Got a fave, Victoria?

Anonymous said...

Wow these are definitely beautiful :)

Although I have a question, should I pick up the Guerlain KissKiss Gloss in Rosy Plum or Chanel Nakkar Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer? Haha both are gorgeous but I was wondering which had the better wear-time or better overall quality? Thanks :)

Charlestongirl said...

Gosh, thisisfany, that's a tough question! You a teacher? :)

The two shades are very different. I think they are equal in quality, but different in appearance. Rosy Plum is vibrant. It will be your statement, the color on your face that should be the center of attention. Nakkar is a pastel, a shade that pleases enormously, but without grabbing the stage.

Any chance you could pick up both?