Monday, January 31, 2011

Stila All Over Shimmer Powder in Kitten for Spring 2011

Next up in my Stila Spring 2011 hit parade is All Over Shimmer Powder in Kitten ($22). This duo highlighter includes Stila's iconic Kitten shade and a pink gold that glows. The name "Kitten" is misleading because you get not only Kitten with the compact, but also a gorgeous, unnamed pink gold. This is a duo that commands attention.

Intended to be an all-over shimmer powder, the multipurpose powder, inspired by light, instantly adds a fresh radiance wherever you apply it. The micro-fine pearls in the formula adhere to the skin nicely, leaving behind a creamy glow. Packaged in a convenient compact with a mirror, the duo can be used as an eye shadow, face and décolleté highlighter, and cheek color - anywhere you choose to apply it.

To show you how pretty both shades are, I quickly swatched and photographed them this weekend - on a day when we had exactly five minutes of morning sun. I applied both with a sponge-tipped applicator, and now I wish I had prepared a wider swatch of each for you. I used a sponge-tipped applicator designed for eye shadows, and I took my photo indoors.

I hope you can see that Kitten is gold, with a hint of bronze. It's a perfect shade for every skin type. Many of you know that; you made Kitten a best-seller! The golden pink below it on my arm is light and gorgeous. It reminds me of many of my favorite rose gold shades. I'll definitely be wearing both of these as highlighters and eye shadows. They are gorgeous. Having them both in one palette is a treat!

You can purchase Stila All Over Shimmer Powder in Kitten at Stila's Web site and Sephora, which doesn't give it "full name." Perhaps calling it simply a shimmer duo is more accurate. Check it out. Like Stila's other Spring 2011 introductions, it's a beauty.

Photo at top courtesy of Stila


Eileen said...

This has nothing to do with Stila, but I was just reading your profile over at Amy's delightful blog and had to send you a comment.

Warm, personable, affable, humorous, intelligent, sharp, and savvy--wow! You're all that and more, done up in a chic and beautiful package. I hope your blog will be a lasting interest for you as I'm sure you have countless readers who would miss your bright and cheerful presence in the blogosphere.

Charlestongirl said...

That's so sweet, Eileen. Thank you!

I know I've got a few more years in me, and if my knees hold out, many more. My interests are not fleeting. I just keep adding new ones. :)

Unknown said...

I agree with Eileen, I saw the post as well on Cafe Makeup and thought it was a great interview! I am loving this powder, as much as I did the original eyeshadow. The color is really flattering

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Anna!