Sunday, February 27, 2011

Celebrities Sell Beauty Products

In our celebrity-obsessed culture, celebrities sell beauty products - really well. Gone are the days (at least for now) when supermodels "owned" advertising for beauty products. Now celebrities do.

During Oscar week, beauty companies shower celebrities with free products and services. The very people who have the money to buy everything they want don't have to do anything except show up. Companies rent suites to attract celebrities with free stuff; the swag is amazing. "One brand name dropped at just the right time, even by a minor celebrity, can echo for months, translating into lucrative exposure for any beauty brand canny enough to be stationed within a mile of" the Academy Awards.1 While the Oscar arena is "choked" with beauty brands, some stand out.

The exposure pays. According to an issue of WWD's Beauty Biz, published five years ago, Revlon estimated that a small investment paid off in over $2 million in publicity. As a result, many celebrities are on the payroll of beauty and fashion companies, giving those companies year-round associations with beautiful woman. COVERGIRL has Taylor Swift, Lancôme has Julia Roberts (who has been airbrushed to feature-less "perfection"), Gucci has Jennifer Lopez and her children...the list is endless.

There is an enormous amount of attention, including from beauty bloggers (myself included), paid to what celebrity wore what makeup to the Academy Awards ceremony. Beauty companies send their top makeup artists to Los Angeles to cater to and prepare the nominees and presenters. I love looking at the fashion, but I've always got an eye on the makeup too.

At the Golden Globes, without even seeking the attention, Chantecaille became the lip gloss of choice when Angelina Jolie was seen touching up her lips on camera. What gloss was she wearing? Brilliant Gloss in Love. Angelina is also said to wear Charm, but it was Love she pulled out of her evening bag. The next day, Love sold out everywhere. You couldn't get your hands on Love anywhere. Chantecaille ran out, Neiman Marcus ran out - every source ran out. The run on Love was amazing, showing the power of Angelina Jolie to sell makeup - without really trying. I suspect, from what I've read about Jolie, that she finds Chantecaille's philanthropy as magnificent as I do. Even Brad Pitt uses Chantecaille products. Fact or fiction - I don't know the man - he's supposed to favor Future Skin foundation.

I didn't cover the news of Angelina's lip gloss selection right after the awards. There's the obvious question. "Do women really think a lip gloss will make them more like the ravishing celebrity?" However, I read it in the press with the rest of you (so disappointed that I didn't receive the press release - sob) that it was Love she was wearing.

Now, so that you can keep your eyes peeled for the next great, impossible-to-get product, I'm giving you the heads-up to watch tonight's ceremony. Then go online and order - quickly - if you want a tiny part of that celebrity experience! For those who were willing to wait, Chantecaille's Web site and Chantecaille counters have restocked Love. You can buy Angelina's lip gloss now. In DC, go see Alicia Cortes at Neiman Marcus Tysons.

So that you can see Angelina's fave lip glosses, I swatched them for you. My photo was taken outdoors during a momentary appearance by the sun. Love, shown at the top of my arm, is light pink. Charm, shown below, is nude. In my humble opinion, neither matches the shade squares shown online, which is why I'm showing them to you now.

Chantecaille's Brilliant Gloss ($28) is one of my favorites, and that has nothing to do with Angelina Jolie and the recent exposure. Brilliant Gloss feels good on the lips, looks good, and lasts a reasonable amount of time for a lip gloss. Just like Angelina, you'll need to re-apply it when you've been eating, drinking, or out on the town for the night. I know of no lip gloss that's truly long-wearing, and the thought of one actually scares me. Would it cling to your lips with magnetic attraction, picking up cat or dog fur? Or stray bits of grit on a windy day? [Shudder]

Now that's you've read to the end of this rambling feature, what do you think? Will you be swayed by what the stars wear tonight?

1Leslie Gornstein, Beauty Biz, April 14, 2006

Photo at top courtesy of NBC


Clarisse said...

It's incredible the power those celebrities do have! Even though I use a Chantecaille product I doubt I'll be endowed with a quater of Angelina's charm and beauty:-) but is's true we are confirmed in our choice of beauty products.... Unfortunately I won't be watching the Oscars'night since it would mean not sleeping...I'll watch it tomorrow on the internet (though I have a "mad" friend who has taken her Monday off in order to watch the ceremony on TV to-night (she does love and know so much about cinema!)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse!

Too funny - taking a day off to watch the ceremony from France (which does mean all night) is devotion!

I'm not sure Angelina is charming (I have no idea), but she is undeniably beautiful. I was simply astounded that her lip gloss choice sold out as soon as the brand and color were publicized. That's power! :)

Jenny P said...

Hello Ms Charlestongirl !
Wanted to let you know that I am very much enjoying your blog. I was introduced though Cafe Makeup, so the cross promotion absolutely works !
To the point of this current post- for some reason I am drawn to products that I see fave celebrities using candidly. Spokeswomen, ie. Julia Roberts/Lancome, Jessica Biel/Revlon, Vanessa Paradis/Chanel, have no bearing on my purchase because I absolutely know that they are being paid.
If the color or product is one that I adore then I'll definitely purchase and hey, if my fave celeb also uses it then I may feel a little less hum drum housewife and a little more hottie housewife. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Yea, Jenny!

Nothing like a mood booster. I never thought of that! Hmmm...I wonder if that's the reason I get so happy with new goodies. :)

Thanks too for reading!

Lisa said...

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I applied the treatment each morning and evening after cleansing my skin and before moisturizer/primer and then makeup. Within just a few days I could see that my skin was much more supple and smooth - particularly in the t-zone. After about two weeks, I loved the beautiful glow my skin had - even without makeup.

Charlestongirl said...

Lisa, I am going to have to bite and buy some SK-II soon as I finish testing all the new skin care I just bought!