Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick for Body Giveaway Contest

Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick for Body ($75) is a luxurious, radiant "bronzing/illuminating" powder that can be used to create head-to-toe glamour. The lightweight, silky powder can be used on arms, legs, décolleté, or anywhere you want to glow - including your face! The deluxe oversized compact features three shimmering bars of color. It's easy to select only one of the shades if you want because the compact is large.

I love mine (one of my all-time favorite shimmer bricks) and was able to find one for a giveaway contest. Actually, I purchased two when I found it - one for my "stock" and one for one of you. This Shimmer Brick for Body sold out at some of the stores and remains hard to find, although it's available at Bobbi Brown's Web site and Neiman Marcus (Bloomingdale's too, I think). There might be an outcry if the company discontinues it without a replacement!

How can you enter to win this contest? Easy! Just leave a comment here once. After you comment, feel free to send me an e-mail at and identify your comment. You can never be too careful about sharing an e-mail address you care about on a blog, so feel free to follow this step (an alternative is to code your e-mail, e.g., myname at gmail dot com, in your comment).

You can "earn" a second entry by tweeting this contest. Just make sure to include "@BTiBeauty" (without the quotes) in your tweet. I will tweet the contest later today, and you can simply retweet it to earn that second entry. You can earn a third entry by following the blog - either here or on Twitter (any entrant who is already a follower will automatically earn the follower point, but you can save me time by telling me you're a follower in your comment). I can't track followers through a third-party service, so you need to be on Google's list for me to verify the entry.

The deadline for entries will be Saturday, June 18, at midnight. The next morning, I will use a random number generator ( to select the winner. I will e-mail the winner at that time. The winner will have 48 hours to reply to my message and provide a shipping address. After 48 hours, the prize will be forfeited, and another winner will be selected. Make sure to check your e-mail - and look in your spam folder - when the contest ends.

This contest will be open to anyone anywhere in the world. I will ship the prize uninsured (the insurance costs way too much). I will also provide proof of shipping, if necessary. I will take a chance that both mail systems - the winner's and mine - will deliver the box without loss, theft, or destruction!

My contests are a way to give back to you for all the friendship you bring me. Thank you - and good luck!

Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus


Colleen Boudreau said...

i would love to win this!
i follow on twitter; @collifornia

holliister at gmail dot com

so said...

The color looks stunning. You said it was your favorite, I can see why.
sonsethues at yahoo dot com

so said...

I twitted this contest.

Tina:) said...

i would love to own something from bobbi brown!
kooky-tina at hotmail dot co dot uk

sensina said...

nadia_leonova at hotmail dot com

Jane said...

looks amazing! thanks for the contest.

schnurrjohanna (at) hotmail (dot) com

following with that email address

DRTVrMoi said...

Wouldn't it look lovely on faux tanned skin? Thank you for the contest.

happypulitzer at hotmail dot com

DRTVrMoi said...

I follow you on Twitter @DRTVrMoi

happypulitzer at hotmail dot com

Lisa said...

Can't imagine winning a great product like this by a simple posting. Guess it doesn't hurt to try since I read your blog every day.

lisa said...

another great contest!
i enjoy reading and following your blog.
hope you had a great weekend!

ljb829 at comcast dot net

MaryB said...

This is so pretty. Love your blog.

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥Kat F.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

I'd love to have this shimmer brick, it's got gorgeous colors.
fastkat at gmail dot com

Bethany C. said...

Sooo pretty!
I'm a gfc follower


Anonymous said...

I would love to win. Thank you for the chance.

denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

windycindy said...

I adore Bobbi Brown and this
Shimmer Brick for the body
is absolutely gorgeous. What fun
for summertime?!
Many thanks, Cindi

Dlori said...

I always look forward to Sundays because that's the day we all get to see what new and exciting product you have chosen for the week's giveaway. It's nice to win but I know that whatever you have picked, you put a lot of love and thought into ensuring that it is special enough for your many fans. And this week's choice, Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick for the Body, is no exception. It's perfect for any time of year but especially for the summer. Thank you for bringing another special contest to your many fans. Good luck to all.

kleimanlaw at aol dot com

windycindy said...

Again, many thanks to you!

windycindy said...

I follow you on Twitter...
Merci, Cindi

maria s said...

i follow on twitter, @mstratienko
maria stratienko
mstratienko at gmail dot com

and i retweeted the contest!

Anonymous said...

hess dot miriam at gmail

Andrea said...

this would be a staple in my purse while on vacation......if i win of course !!!!

ajlurie2001 at yahoo dot com

Glogirl said...

I would love to try this shimmer brick. It would be perfect to add a little to glow to my skin this summer!


Glogirl said...



Glogirl said...

I follow you on Twitter @glogirl3 and subscribe to your RSS feed.


Erica K. said...

everyone should add a little glow to their day <3
erica_kempf at yahoo dot com

The Ultimate Makeup said...

I've been wanting this one for a while! Good luck to everyone :) at gmail dot com said...

Bobbie Brown makeup is a.m.a.z.i.n.g! said...

following you on Twitter


dropastitch at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I have beeb wanting to try this shimmerbrick! I am a twitter follower. scleary1201 at yahoo dot com. Btw you do a wonderful job on your blog!

Rose said...

What a lovely color-the pink is really pretty! I signed up for your newsletter. Love your blog! my email is

Melissa said...

Oh, that would be lovely to win! All these giveaways are so generous!

melissa.c.drake at gmail dot com

xiao said...
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Radhika said...

Would love to win this!

My email: myweekendramblings (at) gmail (dot) com

Benita said...

The powder looks fabulous. Please count me in.

Anonymous said...

Whohoo. Throwing glitter in the air! Who wants to win? I do I do
Juliegirl1970 (at) hotmail (dot) com

luv2smilexo said...

I have never tried a shimmer brick!

lovesongformylipgloss at yahoo dot com

Belinda W. said...

I want to try a BB product too!
yanziforever1028 at yahoo dot com dot tw

Dlori said...

I retreated about your contest on my twitter page (@DianeLori)

kleimanlaw at aol dot com

Dlori said...

I follow your blog via RSS (Google username is Dlori) and I follow you on twitter (@DianeLori)

kleimanlaw at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for The Nice giveaway! I am a huge Fan of your Blog and follow it from Germany! Anyway id love to participate: Schweinchen dot klopfer at Yahoo dot de wish you a wonderful week XOXO Gabriela

lovethescents said...

This looks glamorous! Fingers crossed and I'll try to follow you on Twitter ;-)

Silverstargirl said...
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Silverstargirl said...
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Silverstargirl said...
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Liz said...

You have amazing contests. It's as if you're in my brain, looking at all my makeup wishes. :-)

I follow you via email.

Jules said...

I *need* this! I'm so fair skinned that I've never been able to find a bronzer (or shimmer) that looks natural and good on me! But I believe this Bobbi Brown pallet is just what i need! Thanks for giving me a chance to win this!

julie dot luhtala at gmail dot com

sassytownhouseliving said...

love love love your blog. thanks so much for all of the wonderful info and contest!

lmc1971 said...

Lovely giveaway! Bobbi Brown is a favourite of mine. Thanks as always, Lisa

Anonymous said...

HI Charlestongirl,

It looks lovely. I just started wearing bronzer this summer, is this gonna make me go down another path that makes my wallet weeps?? lol.

Thanks for yet another fabulous giveaway contest


JoElla said...

I would love to win this!

JoElladur at yahoo dot com

an ika said...

Great giveaway!

anna_k67 at yahoo dot com

an ika said...


anna_k67 at yahoo dot com

an ika said...

following on twitter

anna_k67 at yahoo dot com

Anne-Marie T said...

Would love to have a good bronzing powder. Please count me in.


Anne-Marie T said...

Tweeted (@amt946)


sitkunora said...

So pretty!

I follow you on Twitter @sitkunora and subscribe to your RSS feed.
I retweeted this giveaway!

sitkunora at gmail dot com

nightowl said...

Love the colors and Bobbi Brown products.

mitch1066 said...

oooh looks stunning,great for all skin colours too!


folies cosmetics said...

Hello, I participate on the contest!

Name: Folies cosmetics

Twitter : posted your contest:!/Foliescosmetics/status/80381305929469952 (+1)

I follow your blog GFC: folies cosmetics (+1)

I hope have not forgotten!

Thanks for the contest!

Leonie said...

Oooh, that looks very pretty! I can be contacted at miss leonie @t Gm@il dot com, with no spaces and all the @'s are actually A's.

Thank you for being so generous with your giveaways! said... said...

Donna said...

Awesome contest! I'd love to win this.

d burrington @ hotmail dot com

Noniek said...

I would love to try this :)
I tweeted
And also follow you on twitter : noniek99

pow0w at yahoo dot com

Suzy said...

I'd love to win this.
Thank you for offering it.

Suzy said...

I would love to win.
Thanks for offering it.

Straight Up Glam said...

I would love to be entered in this contest! That shimmer brick looks gorgeous!
I am a follower via GFC as Straight Up Glam! =)

Thank you!

Andrée xx

DRTVrMoi said...

I retweeted your contest @DRTVrmoi

LilyBiscuit said...

This product looks beautiful. I've tried one of Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks for the face and I love it.
vac924 at gmail dot com

LilyBiscuit said...

I just tweeted:

vac924 at gmail dot com

LilyBiscuit said...

I follow your blog and follow on Twitter @dragonfly777
vac924 at gmail dot com

Hana said...

i'd love to win this
aznhanavira at gmail dot com said...!/dropastitch/status/80728020406648832

Anonymous said...

Ty for this lovely giveaway :)

sswpss at yahoo dot com

mystylespot said...

I've been wanting this compact sooooo bad!!!!


Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup said...

I follow you on Twitter @Devoted2makeup

I retweeted this contest.

Thanks for sponsoring such fabulous contests. You are always so generous with them! It's much appreciated!


spg said...

Please enter me :)

I've tweeted about your contest here:!/techspidergirl/status/81617181296697344

I'm already following you on Twitter (@techspidergirl)

techiespidergurl at gmail dot com

daniela said...!/BTiBeauty/status/80063351467675649!/SEXYFOSH/status/82206670679318528

thank you so so much