Saturday, June 18, 2011

Paul & Joe Beauté Limited-Edition Collection for Summer 2011 - Eye Shadow B

Paul and Joe introduced three limited-edition Eye Color B ($22) shades with their Summer 2011 Collection: 001 Le Midi, 002 Adrift, and 003 Tranquility. All of the shades provide swirls of color that, when blended, are suitable or any occasion.

I knew I didn't want Adrift, the pinks; figured that the yellow/brown of Tranquility would work for me; but then went for the unconventional swirled teal. I feared it would be too blue, in which case I could give it away, or perfect. I was thrilled that it's perfect.

Despite its showy face in the pan, the color is very subtle - a teal blue wash that anyone should be able to wear - and a nice addition to my makeup wardrobe. I had a little difficulty getting swatch photos for you because the shade is so sheer and so light. I applied it heavily with a sponge-tipped applicator and took my photos outdoors in both sun and light shade.

The photo at right was taken in light shade. I hope you can see that this color will leave a perfect, sheer wash of greyed blue on the lids. Sorry about my yellow arm; it's still bruised.

The photo at left was taken in fairly strong sunlight, which gave the shadow more shine than it has.

Finally, I've included a photo with a pink hydrangea - rather than blue - hopefully to provide some contrast.

I think I selected the nicest shade. Others must have agreed because 001 Le Midi, with the movement of ocean waves, seems to be the one that sells out first wherever it's offered.

You can find Paul & Joe Beauté at Apothica, b~glowing (where I purchased my items from this collection), Beautyhabit, and DermStore.

Photos by b~glowing at top and Best Things in Beauty

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