Sunday, June 5, 2011

Morningside Simple Originals Linden Flower Lotion

Imagine yourself lying in fresh, green grass, enjoying the late spring air under a linden tree. The fragrance is intoxicating. You want to stay, living the fleeting experience for each moment the flowers are in bloom, but, you have to move on. The memory persists, though. You can recapture it with Morningside's Simple Originals Linden Flower Lotion ($10.99).

New to me, Simple Originals is "Nature's Own Collection." The products are made from 97% naturally derived ingredients, offer lovely packaging, and have formulas that are resplendent with rich textures, antioxidants, and the fabulous, unique, subtle, fresh, and clean fragrances of nature.

I was given an opportunity to try Simple Originals by Morningside, and I didn't hesitate to select Linden Flower Lotion, even though each of the products looked delightful. The true scent of the linden captivates me. Ever since my body lotion (more cream than lotion) arrived, I've applied it at every opportunity, trying to summon that memory. The lotion is as close to the actual linden scent as any linden-fragranced product I own. It's sweet, lingering, and addictive.

The Simple Originals Body Lotion formulas contain a range of natural moisturizers, antioxidants, vitamins, and herbal extracts, such as shea butter, glycerin, aloe, green tea extract, camellia leaf extract, grapefruit seed extract, and vitamins (A, C, and E). Simply put, the natural ingredients are good for your skin.

Morningside, founded in 2004, is a woman-owned business with the mission to give everyone access to healthy and natural body-care products that are also luxurious. Morningside believes its customers should be able to trust that they are getting safe, quality ingredients at a fair price. The body lotions are pH-balanced, without parabens or animal-derived ingredients, and have no artificial coloring. All of Morningside's products are cruelty-free and manufactured in the United States at an FDA-inspected facility. Not only does Morningside offer Simple Originals, they have three other lines - all made with the same philosophy. Lots of well-known women have already discovered Morningside, among them Rachael Ray. Wouldn't you know the Food Network celebrity likes Tomato Blossom? If she's anything like me, she has the handy pump-top moisturizer close at hand and treats herself frequently.

The bottle of Linden Flower Lotion I received is beyond generous at 16 ounces! When I go to replenish, I won't break the bank either. I'll definitely order another Linden Flower Lotion (it's simply divine - in addition to being Simply Original). I'm also going to have to get my hands on the Blood Orange Body Lotion, and a few of the hand soaps. There's currently a buy two, get one free offer. Maybe I shouldn't wait.

I think I just entered a long-term relationship. You can join me in the Morningside cult by visiting the company's Facebook page to learn more or their Web site to browse. You'll see a free shipping offer (for purchases over $35).

Photo at top courtesy of Morningside; botanical print courtesy of


lovethescents said...

I love linden in perfumes but have never been lucky enough to sniff it 'live'. I quite like Eau de Noho from Bond No9 and have been told it's quite a true and clean linden blossom. If you know that one, would you agree?

This lotion sounds lovely! I checked out their website and sadly, they won't deliver to my address. I wonder if they have a shop somewhere? I'll have a look.

Thanks for a lovely review :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents,

We are so lucky to have so many great resources in the U.S. I will ask the company if they could ship to Canada for my readers. I will let you know.

I will have to give Noho from Bond a sniff. Often, Bond throws notes into fragrances that muddy the clean flowers to my nose. I'm always on the hunt, though.

Charlestongirl said...

What a responsive company! Lovethescents, here is the response I got - on a Sunday! - to your question about shipping to Canada...

We can and do ship to Canada, but due to distance from our plant, and taxes/tariffs, we cannot offer the free shipping option.

Our Canadian friends can get their hands on Morningside’s products; they just have to cover the cost of the freight.

If this customer wants to send me a message via our Facebook page, I would be willing to do the shipping cost analysis and work out some kind of agreeable arrangement.

lovethescents said...

Great, Charlestongirl, thank you! I'll look for them on FB.

As for the Bond, make sure you sniff Eau de Noho and not Nuit de Noho...the Nuit smells a lot like Mugler's Angel and the Eau is the linden blossom. Let me know if you love it!