Monday, June 20, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Love Lights Highlighting Powder

Rouge Bunny Rouge Love Lights Highlighting Powder ($63.59) whispers, like the moon's light on white flowers in the garden at night. The flowers glow - the only light in a garden dark with the night's activity. At one time, I considered planting only white flowers in one far corner of my garden, knowing I could glance out the window at nature's beacon. Rouge Bunny Rouge's Love Lights Highlighting Powder reminds me of those musings.

The pressed powder is available in two shades: Goddess (medium rose amber with a golden glow that I've decided I have to have, but haven't ordered yet) and Sweet to Touch (sweet baby pink with the finest Aurora golden glow effect). I do have Sweet to Touch. I'd like to share the love with you.

The presentation of Love Lights Highlighting Powder is elegant. It comes in a large, circular box, with an insert that cradles the compact. There's no way this powder will break up in transit; it's packed with love. Once you open the compact, lovingly decorated with white flowers, you see the luminous pink powder, with a plastic insert with the Rouge Bunny Rouge coat of arms. Unwrapping the compact is itself a gift to the senses.

All Rouge Bunny Rouge cosmetics have a story. Here's the Love Lights Highlighting Powder story from Zuneta, where I purchased mine.

When night falls in the Enchanted Garden and soft moonlight bathes the resplendent beaches of the Grand Moon Seas, nymphs will emerge and dance and whirl weightlessly around a fire. The secret of their weightlessness lies in the starlight powder coating the beach - every night the nymphs luxuriate in it to sustain the magic of their skin and grace of their movement. We interpreted the sublimely haunting beauty of this powder and released it here for you.

Feather-light and creamy, to softly stroke your skin with pearly velvet light from dusk 'till dawn. A natural, even, and radiant look is yours, while the tiny dazzling micro-particles add teasingly shimmering twinkles. Let the firelight in, to accentuate cheeks, arms, legs...anywhere you dare to bare. With such a bewitching halo about you, those who lay their head upon your warm lap may not want it back.

This powder is impalpable on the skin and instantly transforms the complexion. Advanced micronization, in combination with treated spherical powders, produces an unusual perfecting powder with smoothing properties. Dazzling micro-particles are contained within a silky and luminous formula, with ginseng extract to revitalize.

I've joined the nymphs in their dance around the night's fire. Sweet to Touch is "impalpable" on my skin, like a ghost leaving a perceptible radiance, but without any major color. I tried so hard to get a decent swatch photo for you, but failed miserably. Sweet to Touch is too light - and too close to my skin tone - to contrast with my skin for a photo. The first set of photos I took was useless. The second set was nearly useless. I've included one photo just to show you how this lovely powder - almost a finishing powder with a radiant pink touch - blends with my skin. Can you see it?

Sweet to Touch Highlighting Powder reminds me of one of my favorite light pink Giorgio Armani loose highlighting powders. The subtlety in the container translates into a radiant, but conservative, glow on my face. It doesn't shine. Instead, it looks makes my skin appear lit from within. That's worth every cent of the price!

You can find Rouge Bunny Rouge Love Lights Highlighting Powder and all the Rouge Bunny Rouge temptations at Zuneta, where I should buy stock. Maybe I'll get lucky and they will institute a frequent buyer's club. I placed my third (large) order today.

Photo at top courtesy of Zuneta; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


lovethescents said...

This sounds positively foolproof! Just what I need ;-) This is the second review that I'm reading about this highlighter and it's becoming all the more tempting. Goddess sounds right for me....rosey amber? Perfect!

Charlestongirl said...

I really want to try that one too, Lovethescents! It sounds like it would be gorgeous for summer - and the descriptions on Zuneta are always right. :)

KathyT said...

You are making it very hard to resist the Rouge Bunny Rouge line! I haven't had time this summer to look at much lately, but this highlight powder might push me to make an order. Thanks for all of your wonderful pictures and descriptions because it makes it so much easier to order sight unseen.

Charlestongirl said...

You're welcome, Kathy, although you really can't go wrong with Zuneta's descriptions. They are excellent.

They answer questions via e-mail too. So if you wonder, given your own skin type and shade, what color might work best for you, they will gladly make recommendations. It's so personalized. Love them!

Eileen said...

Rouge Bunny Rouge has such an over-the-top storyline, but because it is so obviously written with tongue firmly planted in cheek, it comes across as silly, but charming. And the overall quality of the products I've tried so far has been outstanding. I love the "encapsulated pigment" technology that so many of the luxury brands have been embracing. It's resulting in ultra fine powders that give dimension to the colors and make us glow rather than shine--a very important distinction; especially for us sexagenarians ;-)

As for your swatch, what we see in the picture is a delicate ray of light casting a soft glow across your arm. I can easily imagine what this is like when swept across the cheekbones or lightly dusted over the face as a finishing powder. Do you ever sometimes get the feeling that a product was made especially for you? RBR could have easily stamped "Made For Charlestongirl" on the compact. The color and degree of luminescence is perfect on you--or at least, on your arm! LOL

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen,

I often dream that a company made a product just for me. Then some aspect of reality shakes me out of that fairy tale.

What you all must prevent is my entry into makeup creation. Repeat after me...She will not start a makeup company...She will not start a makeup company. :)

This highlighting powder is perfect for me - my face as well as my arm!