Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Paul & Joe Beauté Limited-Edition Collection for Summer 2011 - Eye Gloss Duo

Paul & Joe introduced a limited-edition Eye Gloss Duo-B ($30) with the Summer 2011 Collection. I introduced the collection yesterday. I had choices for a cream eye shadow - something that always pleases me. There was Smooth Sailing 001, Fathom 002, and Depth 003. Smooth Sailing, pretty in blue, was "not me." Neither was Depth, a pink and grape duo. Fathom - golden orange (literally, that's how it looked online) and champagne beige-gold looked like they would work.

The collection of eye-opening lid lacquers is infused with two textures: whipped jelly and a watery, pearl-enhanced base to "give eyes translucency while showcasing them glamorously." Paul & Joe claims advertises that "a champagne shimmer from their signature Secret D’Or will leave eyes sparkling like jewels with a long-lasting satin finish. The duos have the consistency of a cream-gel, yet wear like a powder without smearing or caking, with a base that contains an ample amount of liquid for continuous moisture throughout the day."

The boxes of the Paul & Joe cosmetics are so cute - I love their presentation. The Eye Gloss Duo tube is straightforward. The dual-ended wand offers two color-coordinated shades - in this case, golden beige and an golden orange-tinged peach. Reader Eileen opened my eyes to orange shades. They do emphasize the blue in my eyes, and I have learned that some of them look good on me - better than I had imagined in the past.

I have provided two swatch photos for you, taken in full sun. The shades on my arm were almost unblended. I applied them with their doe-foot applicators and then smudged them ever so lightly.

Don't let the golden orange-toned shadow scare you! I apply it as a crease/accent shadow. It takes a tiny dab amount of the cream shadow, dotted on my lid, and blended with either my finger or a brush to give me a warm, golden, and punchy peach look that's pretty for summer when paired with peach or bronze cheek and lip shades. I use the golden orange shade in the outer crease and outer lid.

I wear the metallic champagne beige-gold on the lid. Make no mistake - the lighter shade has sparkle, not what I call shimmer. The light catches micro-glitter. Anyone over 40 won't want to wear it to work (fashion, beauty, art, and culture jobs excluded). However, the color pairing is a hit. It looks fabulous with the Bronzer B in Siren, the blush/bronzer in the summer collection. I understand how the look evolved; it's cohesive. I would recommend this Eye Gloss Duo to anyone who loves this color combination and can pull off a metallic eye. I will save it for evening.

You can find Paul & Joe Beauté at b~glowing (where I purchased my items from this collection), Beautyhabit, and DermStore.

Photo at top courtesy of b~glowing; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


lovethescents said...

I have so much trouble with many cream eye shadows, except for Bobbi Brown. I seem to not understand how to apply them, even with my cream shadow brush. They are often streaky or leak down between my eyelashes. Major problems with the new Guerlain ones, for example. The idea is perfect, but in practice, too tricky for an amateur comme moi.

jezebella said...

So beautiful! I wish I lived near a Paul & Joe counter.

Eileen said...

I love that vibrant color combination, Charlestongirl. And, as you know by now, I'm fearless when it comes to oranges. After looking at the swatches, I just might have to reconsider a P&J purchase. I've never been attracted to the brand because the one thing I really dislike about P&J is the very same thing that so many bloggers adore: the packaging! It always reminds me of the Little Miss toiletries I used to get when I was a pre-schooler or my Laura Ashley phase when I was in my early twenties :-(

Hi Lovethescents,

C'est bien dommage :-( The Guerlain shadows should not leak or run in the least. Perhaps yours are faulty. I'd take them back. My three are all creamy smooth. I remove the wand, stroke my BB cream shadow brush over the doe foot, and apply the shadow directly to my lid in 1-2 strokes. It goes on smooth as silk. There is absolutely no migrating from where I applied it. Even when I build the color up along the lash line (with a BB gel liner brush), it doesn't settle into my lashes. Perhaps you're using too much at one time. If you want a more opaque look, build the color rather than applying a thick coat. Bonne chance!

lovethescents said...

Hi Eileen,

Thank you for your kind advice. Votre francais est mieux que le miens! I'll try and bring my Guerlain shadows to the shops tomorrow and see about exchanging them. Perhaps, as you suggested, I'm using too much product? I was using the applicator to apply it to the lid, then using the BB brush to spread it....I didn't think of using the brush the way you suggested. I'll try that tonight.

I just love this blog. I get such wonderful advice from you people! Thank you, thank you, thank you. A bientot!

Clarisse said...

Gorgeous, Charlestongirl, these colors must look stunning on your blue eyes (I agree with Eileen: a beautiful orange shade makes blue look precious and unique).
A glamourous make up (not sheer at all I agree) for an evening:-)

Clarisse said...

Hi Lovethescents,
I have a new Guerlain eyeshadow too and I confirm that it doesn't leak at all, on the contrary, you must apply it quickly so that it blends and sets nicely: and use it very sparingly, you do not need much product... In any case,if it's faulty, Guerlain will offer you another one (at least they do here!):-)A bientôt

Lakshmi said...

I got three of these eyegloss duos and must say that PJ's old eyegloss formula (single shade) are far superior, there is a taupe to die for called Murmur #5 that I love. The new ones require a primer and are *really sparkly*
I have been told that orange looks good on me, actually P&J make a pearl powder that is flaming orange #2 aptly called Blaze!! I've had it used on me to good effect but I cannot bring myself to buy it or use it myself. C-girl I think you will love Pearl Powder #3 a beautiful taupe.
Hi Eileen, I think you will like the flaming orange Pearl Powder i mentioned above as well, the powders are silky and easy to blend and the container will not have the pink plastic with the chrysanthemum, if you don't like it. Also Eileen, I so wish you would start your own blog or at least have some forum where we can reach you!! You give the best advice and I'd honestly LOVE to be able to hear your opinion on products and application!!! :) Would you consider it?? Thanks a ton!
xxxx to both of you

Charlestongirl said...

Lakshmi, hey there!

I have asked Eileen to blog - or write for BTiB - but she prefers to comment. She is a wise woman. :)

Thanks for all the info. I need to see more, so I'm going to go out and backtrack as soon as my credit card bill for this month gets paid. I wonder...maybe it could pay itself?

Charlestongirl said...

Wow...how do I catch up with these fab comments. One at a time.

Lovethescents, Eileen provided fab advice, as usual. Is your skin oily? We dry types don't have any trouble with creams.

Jezebella, I don't think we have any counters here either. Have to rely on online (sight unseen) sources. Sigh!

Thanks, Eileen. Actually, I always thought it was a little "cutesy" too. I do like the products I bought, though.

Hi Clarisse! Yes, orange does bring out the blue. I am more comfortable with it than ever. Thanks to you too for the advice for Lovethescents. I think it's wonderful that I can have a crazy day, and all of you take care of each other.


lovethescents said...

Thank you again Eileen, and Clarisse, for your thoughtful advice. No return necessary! I followed your advice and it's certainly not leaky.

Charlestongirl, I don't have oily skin, and my eye cream for the day is Isomers Fast Lift (at least it is for now). This dries very quickly. I wouldn't say my eye area is dry, though. That's always something to consider when applying oilier-based products. Thanks for thinking critically for me :-)

luv2smilexo said...

that is lovely! Orangey tones do make blue eyes pop. I am such a fan of coppery tones because of this. I'm glad you are featuring Paul & Joe. I think they have lovely products but no one is ever talking about them.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Luv2smilexo!

I have one more - an eye shadow - to feature. Need to get swatch photos.