Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Neiman Marcus Fall 2011 Beauty and Fashion Trends

As I mentioned over the weekend, I attended a presentation of the fall fashion, beauty, and home trends for fall. We were shown a fabulous short tape, narrated by Ken Downing, on what's hot for fall - hot on the runway, hot in the stores, and hot on you! You can see a shorter version at this link. Then we were shown the latest examples to arrive in-store. All but one of the trends attracted my eye.
  • Bordeaux - the shade of wine and roses (look for handbags and footwear in shades of cabernet and merlot)
  • Lady Chic - ensemble dressing (look for matching dresses and jackets), dresses with fluidity, beautiful blouses, both cigarette and wide trousers
  • Colorblocking - layering, contrasting colors, even multi-toned shoes
  • Leather - everywhere
  • Subtle Shimmer
  • Ken Downing's own Bordeaux Collection for Le Métier de Beauté
  • Pumps (in all heel heights)
  • Hand-held Handbags - elegance, polish, and polite spirit
  • Bold Gold - the perfect decoration for saturated color - Downing says, "More is more and less is a bore."
It's going to be a glamorous, elegant, ladylike season. The bag pictured at the top of this feature captures two or more trends with its gorgeous color and hand-held polish. The Bordeaux Collection developed by Ken Downing for Le Métier de Beauté pairs a lipstick with nail lacquer, taking the essence of the fall runways and distilling it with elegant, coordinated duos to transform you into Lady Chic.

Bold Gold? Fashion jewelry is back in style. Could it be that the price of gold has finally made what we used to call costume jewelry the "it" accessory? I'm a "gold snob," but I'd wear this gold-plated Golden Petal Necklace by Milly in a heartbeat! Priced at $220, it's accessible.

Cuffs continue to be very popular, and I'm coveting the gold ones. Neiman Marcus will have a gorgeous gift with purchase at the Trend Event from August 18 to 21. You'll receive the Neiman Marcus-exclusive Roxanne Assoulin for Lee Angel cuff, shown at left, when you spend $350 or more on regular-priced women's apparel, accessories, shoes, handbags, or jewelry. It's the perfect time to update your wardrobe.

You can shimmer with makeup or add an accessory - even though some of the subtly shimmering dresses for the season are extraordinary. I was drawn to this metallic Roberto Cavalli silk Leopard-Print Stole ($355), which brings on-trend sheen - and the collection's signature leopard print - to your look, ideal for topping casual T-shirts, your little black dress, and cocktail dresses alike. It's a wardrobe changer.

I've always been a shoe lover, and some of the latest shoes and boots we saw were stunning. Unfortunately, I can't walk in spike heels anymore (not that I ever wore the tallest of the tall). They even have trendy shoes for me!

I'll be scouting the trends starting Thursday at Neiman Marcus. I'll be taking a close look at stylist, editor, and supernova Rachel Zoe's collection. A fellow Virgo, she has designed a fabulous, glamorous collection of contemporary apparel, shoes, and bags, launching at Neiman Marcus.

Many thanks to our friends at Neiman Marcus Tysons Galleria for their gracious hospitality on Saturday. I left ready for fall and all of the latest fashions, with such an elegant return to the Lady Chic look I love.

The fall events at every Neiman Marcus store will showcase the latest looks. Check with your favorite store for a list of events, and don't forget Fashion Night Out and Beauty Week. All the stores will be hopping on September 8.

Photos courtesy of Neiman Marcus, Neiman Marcus Blog, and Le Métier de Beauté


Clarisse said...

WOW!!! just as well I live far from your heaven of temptations! I'd immediately go for the 2 gorgeous bags you show us and that delicious stole which must do wonders with a simple black dress or black or deep blue anything! And the cuffs, the jewelry..(the problem with costume gold jewelry is that it looses its shine rather quickly and even gets greyish...I prefer to buy silver)The bordeaux collection of LmdB is lovely too...I love the new Chic style we are heading for this Winter, the clothes and shoes are so elegant!....Well, you see, I'd be lost and broke in no time ! But what wonderful treats you are for! Enjoy them:-)))

Charlestongirl said...

Oh, Clarisse, I can't afford half (or more) of what I saw, but I'll be digging into my closet to resurrect, and possibly tailor, what I do have for fall. I skipped grunge, casual chic, and other long-gone trends. I love the return to pretty, feminine looks.

Wear that cobalt! It was another color trend they showed us.

The best fashion jewelry is always plated with real gold. Those pieces shouldn't lose their luster. I'll be going to the Jewelry Show this month. I haven't purchased a cuff in a long time. I'll be looking for a gold one, even if it's a gold-plated one.

Clarisse said...

Funny: we do the same!...Of course I was joking and couldn't afford even half of what you showed us but I always plunge back in my closet to dig out something which I kept when the fashion passed...I love wearing old loved items!

Charlestongirl said...


If I remember correctly, I have just the handbag for this season! I need to rummage through my closets (yes multiple closets). I don't listen to those gals who promote throwing out 75% of what you have to simplify your life. Sounds nice in theory, but saved treasures can come back with a nip and tuck.

Eileen said...

What a perfect time for cobalt to be in! The theme of the LA Phil's opening night concert this year is Rhapsody in Blue conducted by Gustavo Dudamel in partnership with that incomparable master of jazz, Herbie Hancock. I'm sure that the ladies attending the concert will be wearing everything from full on blue to just a pop of color from an accessory. Me? I'll be going the accessory route. I have a beautiful YSL silk shawl from the 1970's when he was doing so much Moroccan influenced design. It has the most incredible shades of blue in it.

As for the gorgeous wine shades, every woman should be able to find something that flatters. I've already picked up a couple pieces in soft merlot and can hardly wait for the weather to cool down enough to wear them. And, they'll blend nicely with things I've already got.

Ladylike handbags. Hmmmm. . . I do think I need to look at some smaller, more feminine handbags, though. I only have one and it is so obviously for evening. I'm used to toting my life around with me and all my bags are proof of it! LOL

All the trends considered, this is shaping up to be a beautiful fall. I actually find the fashion much more inspiring than the make-up this year.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen!

Even though Bordeaux is the "it" color, the others he named as hot were cobalt blue (thanks, Kate Middleton), jade green, teal blue, saffron/marigold, and winter white. :)