Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chanel Les Deux Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer Duo for Holiday 2011

Chanel has packaged the season's essential lip gloss pairing in its limited-edition Les Deux Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer Duo ($55) for Holiday 2011. The best-selling Spark, described by Chanel as a golden berry, and Liaison, a sparkling translucent shade that Chanel said is only available in this set (see Paula's comment), are joined with a mini Le Crayon Lèvres Precision Lip Definer in Nude and a pencil sharpener in Chanel's chic black patent makeup bag. The bag comes packaged in a luxurious gold box that proclaims "Chanel" on the front. The duo is an elegant gift.

Spark can be deceiving in the tube, just as it is in Chanel's photo above or at first glance in the store. It is not rusty, orange, or brown. It's a clean rose pink, exactly the way it appears in the tube in my photo at left and in the swatches below. You could call the shade golden berry, as Chanel does, but the "berry" word brings to my mind a shade that has a touch of plum in it. If you think strawberry or raspberry, you'll be on the right track.

The two gloss shades are extremely appealing. Berry can be worn alone or used to top other shades to add a gorgeous rose glow. Liaison is almost clear, but it will make any lip color pop.

My photos were taken in full sun. Liaison is shown at the top of my arm, and Spark is below. Can you believe I hesitated before I bought this gift set? Even though it's a great value - and I knew I would keep it for myself - I wasn't sure I wanted another clear lip gloss. Now that I've played with Liaison and seen the multidimensional, glistening sparkle it adds to any lipstick, I'm glad I bought it.

Consider that each gloss, if purchased alone, would cost you $28.50, and you'll realize the gift set offers a nice bonus with the mini lip liner (a perfect size for your handbag) and a sharpener you can use with all your Chanel pencils. The classy Chanel makeup bag could house the full set in your handbag, ensuring you've always got a perfect lip look within reach. I think it's a nice set. It would be hard to give away, but if you are feeling generous, I'm sure your gift recipient will love it.

Chanel's holiday gift sets are shown at this Chanel link, where you can purchase them online. I bought mine at Neiman Marcus. I hear the Miroir Double Facettes is a hot seller.

Photo at top courtesy of Chanel; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


so said...

Just so you know, I've been at the Chanel website for the last 30 min. and everything is out of stock. I can't find anything I wanted. I checked for the set you are showing and it's out of stock too. I can't figure it out. I'll check saks or neiman marcus on line. It's my next hope.

Charlestongirl said...

That's amazing, So! They were in stock this morning. I guess the demand is high.

I know Neiman Marcus at Tysons has them. Call Kathy Shoreman at 571-212-8399 Monday.

Paula D. said...

Hi -
Just a side note - Liaison was part of Nordstroms Ltd. Ed. Fall Sale 2011 and it is still available at Nordstrom - online and in the store. I am surprised someone told you that it was only available with this set.


Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Paula! Actually, Chanel says it's only part of the set. Glad you are better informed than they are. :)

Paula D. said...

Hi -
Don't get me wrong - the set is adorable and a great deal - which doesn't happen often from Chanel.
Thanks for bringing the latest and the greatest to us!


Charlestongirl said...

Paula, I'm glad you "exposed" the little white lie here. I really did appreciate the info!

Rosamaria said...

I think I will be purchasing this set. I've hesitated in the past, but it is such a great value. Also, I've always wanted Chanel's nude liner!