Monday, October 10, 2011

Meet Dr. Gregory Brown, RéVive Skin Care

Got a schedule for Thursday, October 13? If you live anywhere near DC, and your calendar doesn't include a trip to see Dr. Gregory Bays Brown of RéVive, change it! Dr. Brown will be at Neiman Marcus Tysons Galleria on Thursday, meeting with customers to share his skin care perspectives and advice. After using RéVive products for over a year, I can assure you, you'll be glad you went.

I had an opportunity to talk to Dr. Brown on the phone this weekend, in advance of his visit to Neiman Marcus. Before I tell you about RéVive skin care, I want to share our conversation, which was fun for me because we have interests in common. I was thrilled to find another art collector who appreciates and collects post-war abstract expressionist work. We talked about Ellsworth Kelly, whose paining, Spectrum IV, is shown above. We talked Gene Davis, Frank Stella, Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell...I could have chatted about art all evening!

I'm intrigued by RéVive's limited-edition Artbox 9 ($550). Dr. Brown's love for art influences RéVive's skin care in ways you might not realize. The regular packaging design was inspired by an Ellsworth Kelly work. Dr. Brown also creates an annual special-edition skin-care collection that showcases artwork - this year by renowned artist Ross Bleckner. The keepsake box, Meditation (Entering), embodies a spiritual presence, depicted through a series of layered luminous organic forms. These foliage-like shapes are reminiscent of the meditation symbol, mandalas, and reference a transcendental experience that delicately balances purity and naturalism. Bleckner’s meditative imagery seemingly emanates a serendipitous quality from the center of the canvas, creating an evocative power that is captivating yet liberating. The work is captured on an elegant box that houses four of RéVive’s bestselling products. It's a steal, given that the products purchased individually would cost $200 more than the collection. All RéVive counters received limited stock of Artbox 9, so check with your counter if you can't get to Tysons.

Dr. Brown and I talked about skin care and advances being made by scientists that could be applied to prescription drugs or cosmetics, including "'toxins" like Botox that freeze facial muscles, but for days, not months. We also spent a few minutes talking about anti-glycation skin care. I loved an analogy he used. If you wrap Velcro around a smooth rod, it won't drag smoothly. Sugar has the same effect on our skin cells. Sugar molecules act like a Velcro drag on the skin. We also spent a little time on peptides and cosmetic surgery. Mindful that he couldn't stay on the phone all evening, I am compiling more of my questions for my visit with Dr. Brown on Thursday.

You have an opportunity to talk to Dr. Brown yourself! He will be doing individual consultations, recommending specific products, and - yes - answering your questions about cosmetic surgery if you ask. I understand Dr. Brown will be accompanied by Hylton Lea and John Wesley Gates (skin-care experts themselves). You can make an appointment by calling Anna Befanis at (703) 761-1600, extension 3295. If you can't get Anna, try Kathy Shoreman on her cell phone at (571) 212-8399.

The creation of RéVive is revered today as the gold standard of haute couture skin care and rigorous science for its ability to recapture the glow of youthful skin. Since the original face cream was launched, Dr. Brown has continued to pioneer the use of bioengineered growth factors in skin care. Today, the RéVive family of products employs the latest technologies and continues to set new standards for products that produce small miracles. Learn more on Thursday (or if Dr. Brown visits a store near you in the future). InCircle starts October 13, so it will be a great day to go to Neiman Marcus.

Photo at top courtesy of Museum of Modern Art; other photos courtesy of RéVive


Clarisse said...

I do wish I could meet him, Charlestongirl! What you write so enthusiastically about this skincare makes me wish I could benefit from his recommendations! Does he plan to export RéVive products across the pond, namely in France, for instance? I'd love that:-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse,

I will add that to my questions for Dr. Brown! Great question.

Elizabeth said...

This sounds fab, I wish I were in the DC area. I've been very interested in Revive - their counter is right next to the LMDB counter at my Nordstrom so I chat with their SA - but am wary of the price point. May I ask what product of theirs you simply can't live without...if you can narrow it down, that is! Thanks, Charlestongirl!

Miss Brahms said...

Hi Elizabeth - I am a HUGE ReVive user - I can recommend some products! The first product Dr. Brown created, and the one I cannot live without, is Moisturizing Renewal Cream, or MRC for short. Dr. Brown pioneered the use of Epidermal Growth Factor, or EGF, in skincare. EGF increases the rate of cell turnover, much like Retinol, but with no irritation to your skin. I cannot use products with retinol; it aggravates my rosacea. MRC contains a tiny bit of glycolic acid, which the EGF thrives in - together, it makes an incredibly powerful perfecting cream. I tell my clients that it is a Night Treatment, rather than a moisturizer - it is not a barrier cream, like a heavier night cream, but a perfector. With ONE USE, I promise, you will notice a difference in your skin - glowy, soft, radiant - the trademark ReVive glow. That is how I got hooked. Send C-girl your address and I will send you some samples of some ReVive products - you will be amazed at the instant results. No fragrance, safe for sensitive skin - designed by a plastic surgeon, not a dermatologist! The price isn't really prohibitive comparatively - the Renewal line is very well-priced for how long the products last and how well they work. And if you order them from the right store, there are always nice gifts and samples that allow you to try the whole line and extend the use of your products!!! Hope this helps.

Charlestongirl said...

Elizabeth, there is a Volumizing Serum that's miraculous. Of all the fine products, I think that is my absolute favorite (pricey too).

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Miss Brahms and Charlestongirl both! With this kind of devotion, my interest is now definitely piqued!

Anonymous said...

Just saw Dr. Brown. He is an amazing person even after what he has created as a skin care line. what a great guy

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous,

I'm glad you like Dr. Brown as much as I do. He's so nice - and so good at what he does! :)