Friday, October 7, 2011

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque Luminous Satin Lip Lacquer in Empire for Holiday 2011

Discover the pure indulgence of liquid lip lacquer, a color innovation that could only come from Chanel. Intensely rich color and shine last for hours, and the temptingly creamy formula conditions as it hydrates the lips.

Rouge Allure Laque ($32) offers all this, along with full coverage. There are two shades featured in the Holiday 2011 Collection: Dragon, a repromoted shade described by Chanel as "true red," and Empire (#707), described perfectly as pink rose and my selection.

Unscrew the cap of the sleek black tube, and you find a short wand with a doe-foot applicator. It feels balanced in the hand. There won't be any guesswork if you apply Rouge Allure Laque without a mirror.

I'm entirely captivated by Empire. The stunning pink captured my heart the moment I first applied it. It's a perfect shade of softly shimmering pink - not too warm, not too cool, although it "leans" cool on my lips. It's a shade that's extremely flattering for any occasion. It feels great on my lips, moist and lightweight with absolutely no stickiness.

I took a couple of swatch photos in full mid-day sun. My photos give the shade more intensity than it displays on my lips - probably because I painted it onto my arm heavily. It's simply divine on my lips. I like it even more than I anticipated. Since the store had no testers, I made a decision to purchase it from its appearance on the wand. It was a great decision.

I tried to turn my arm at slightly different angles to the sun as I took my swatch photos. The photo below right shows Empire facing the sun, reflecting all of its warm October love. The shade offers an alluring gleam, one that's not metallic, but that's definitely lively.

All of my swatch photos are shown exactly the way I saw Empire on my arm. I'm not quite sure why the shade is slightly cooler on my lips. I've studied it in various types of indoor and outdoor lighting. On my lips, it has more a little more blue in it than I see in these photos.

Chanel's Rouge Allure Laque Luminous Satin Lip Lacquer in Empire is a rose-pink lover's pink. I won't be waiting for the holidays to wear it. I intend to start this week. I'm also concerned about replacing it since I believe it's a limited edition. I know I'll be hoarding a few pieces from the holiday color collection. This is on my stock-up-now list.

I purchased Empire at Neiman Marcus at Tysons Galleria. The holiday collection is expected to be available at all Chanel counters and Chanel's Web site very soon. It's one of the best overall Chanel collections I've seen in years. I always like a piece or two from Chanel's collections, but I seldom go overboard, as I did with Holiday 2011. What a home run! Plus, there's a little more to come from me.

I've been featuring the items I purchased for about a week, so if you missed one, just scroll down and turn the page. Please let me know what you select when you get your hands on the testers. I think you'll find something you'll like.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting all your lovely reviews & swatches of Chanel's Holiday 2011 collection. Can't wait to get my hands on the rouge allure laque in Empire & the eyeshadow in Beige Lame! Did you by chance get to see or swatch the rouge allure extrait gloss in Discretion? I'm curious to know if it is more gold or brown tone. Ooh & looking forward to seeing your review on the nail polish in rouge carat.I'm still waiting to see if my local Nordstroms will be getting the nail polishes that are suppose to be part of the rouge allure velvet collection, debating whether not to purchase Pirate & get Rouge Carat instead.
Again thank you for all the work you put into your beautiful blog. I love it :)

Clarisse said...

Oh Charlestongirl, this is really my favorite shade and only Chanel makes such gorgeous ones! and Rouge Allure Laque are perfect too: I do need this one and more than one if it's a limited edition:-)

Unknown said...

That colour looks AMAZING! Why do you do this to me?!

Charlestongirl said...

Anon, it's beige. I have posted a photo of Chanel's swatch of it here:

Sorry the photo is dark.

I'll try to get Rouge Carat swatched tomorrow.

Thanks much for the kind words!

Charlestongirl said...

Clarisse, that's why I bought two. It's gorgeous, and it is a limited edition.

Charlestongirl said...

PP, because happiness loves company. :)

pinkribbons said...

This is probably my favourite item from the holiday collection, the blush is gorgeous too.

lovethescents said...

Oh this is so pretty! I don't have anything exactly like that so it might be necessary for me....I'll have to swatch it against my yellowy skin tone to see what it will do. Thank you so much!

Walls said...

Just when I thought the collection couldn't get any better... I am loving this colour, too. I don't own a single Rouge Allure Laque, so maybe now's the time?!

AilurophileNZ said...

I think u are absolutely right about this collection - there is just so much to love! & not just thing I know I will like. That glossimier (sorry about the spelling I am still learning!) in gold, I am going to have to try, and I would never normally look at something like that but it is just so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I finally got to see the collection yesterday!

I purchased, the highlighter, the new tweed blush (that I wore last night and love!), the two eyeshadows, the gold l/g and the rouge carat NP.

I am seriously loving this blush, I'm may need a back-up!

Thank you for all of the great pics!!


Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Beth! I'm so glad to hear it has finally arrived in other areas. Now everyone can experience the joy of this gorgeous collection.

Mackenzie said...

I can't say that the holiday collection has gotten me really excited too, but it hasn't arrived up here yet. We have gotten the new rouge allure velvet collection which is awesome, matte but still very light on the lips. I only picked up la raffinee, but will definitely go back for more. Also im really digging the new brush collection, MUCH more soft than their previous line. I'd love to see your reviews if you are planning on getting some before i head out to purchase more.

Alice said...

I just purchased a few new makeup pieces today at Saks in Tysons Galleria...including the Chanel 'Rouge Carat' varnish and of course, the Rouge Allure Laque in 'Empire'. I also own Dragon, but I think Empire is my absolute favorite Laque, by far! I've swatched the other shades and at first I thought that Empire would be too similar to the shade 'Ming', but Empire is just simply more beautiful! Do you think the new Chanel highlighter is worth purchasing for someone who already owns many, many highlighters? At first, the highlighter was at the top of my must-purchase list, but then the price threw me off a bit. I did swatch the highlighter on my hand and I thought it was pretty with a special "glowy" quality, but not enough to buy it on the spot. Anyways, I'd love to hear feedback from you about it!

Oh and I was going to pass on the new Rouge Allure lipstick in 'Enivree' cause I don't care much for shimmer in my lipsticks, but now I'm pretty sure I'm going back to purchase it! Have you been enjoying yours?

Charlestongirl said...

Mackenzie, I haven't seen the brushes yet. Now I'll look for them.

Rouge Allure Velvet isn't the right finish for me. I love shine, so I'm glad I'll save some money. :)

Charlestongirl said...

If you have a lot of highlighters, you don't NEED the new one. Its most special feature is its appearance in the compact. If you have an ivory/pink that you like, use it!

I haven't had much time yet to enjoy my new Chanel treasures, but I know I will.

Liz said...

You were SO right about this shade. I picked mine up today and I think I'm in love... xoLiz

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Liz! You "think" you're in love? I just bought my second. :) I KNOW I'm in love with Empire.