Monday, October 10, 2011

Chanel Les Vernis Nail Colour in Rouge Carat for Holiday 2011

Look at this exquisite red! Les Vernis Nail Colour in #587, Rouge Carat ($25), captured my heart. I have no idea when I'll wear it, or how often, but I adore the color.

I didn't swatch this shade last week because I'm application-challenged. Would someone please give me lessons? First, I'd like to know how to get an even application. Second, I'd like to know how to do my right hand, painting with my left. Oh, and if anyone has tips on keeping one's hand entirely steady with a pinched nerve making it tingle, that would be useful information. Don't I sound like a mess?

Don't look too closely at these color wheel applications. You'll just prove my point. Normally, I swatch nail color for you by getting a professional application. I didn't have time to do that last week because I was out in the woods hugging trees. I took these swatch photos in a little patch of full late-day sunlight yesterday. I applied two coats, although one covered nicely with saturated color.

I wanted to show off this gorgeous "Christmas red." To me, that's the color of Rouge Carat. I hope my reference to a religious holiday (celebrated by people of many faiths) will be forgiven. I don't mean to dissuade anyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas from trying this gorgeous, glamorous nail color. Christmas is part of my own life. When I think about Christmas, I see wreathes, red ribbons, and, of course, Santa Claus. Red and green! So, I even got one swatch photo with my neighbor's green grass behind (he had some good sun patches late in the day).

The photo directly above was taken against a silver car. It turned into the perfect grey card (something I've been meaning to buy for a long time). The shade is sumptuous. I think it's true red, not blue-red, nor orangy - simply perfectly red. It shines with the gleam in Santa's eye, but there's no glitter. I think it's an elegant red.

I'll definitely be taking Rouge Carat with me for a professional application sometime soon. I'll select a day when I want to look classy. This shade is going to do it!

I purchased my new Chanel Holiday 2011 collection at Neiman Marcus Tysons Galleria. If you need help, give Kathy Shoreman or Janine Greenberg a call. The collection is arriving at all Chanel counters now and is for sale at

Here's a swatch photo of the new gold eyeliner, Or Liquid Eyeliner, at left and the Noir-Ivoire Eyeshadow Duo. I took the photo in the store with my iPhone. I didn't purchase them, so I can't do an in-depth feature. I "had to" leave a few things behind in this extraordinary holiday collection. There are more collections from favorite brands to come. I need more money! That's another challenge.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty; one photo courtesy of Chanel


Nemo said...

Cg, what did you think of the eye duo, Ivoire and Ebony (I think).
Would you recommend it for fair skin, blue eyes?

Charlestongirl said...

Nemo, I swatched the eye duo with a Q-tip, and the intensity of my swatch was fairly light. I think anyone can wear these two shades. Application will be key. With my fair skin, I'd wear the Ivoire shade with any intensity (it's seriously gorgeous) and the Noir applied very lightly or as a liner. They are both pretty.

Nemo said...

Thank you, you are wonderful and honest as always. Can't wait to get the call from my CHANEL scout that the stash is in!

Clarisse said...

This red is somptuous...though I'm afraid it will always look far better in the bottle than on my nails...I'm a bit like you about applying nail color..and I'm not very patient...that's why I don't wear nail color very often, only on special occasions do I make an effort:-)

Leigh said...

Just ordered the Rouge Carat! I know what you mean about professional application; I am besties with my nail technician.

From the holiday collection, I also got Beige Lame, Famous, Triomphal, and Sculptee highlighting powder. Clearly classy reds have my number!

The noir-ivoire eye duo and gold eyeliner have piqued my interest as well, but I think I want to see them in person first.

Charlestongirl said...

Nemo, the collection is basically in - everywhere. Wake up your scout! :)

Charlestongirl said...

Clarisse, it will look great on everyone's nails - even if it's saved for special occasions. Do you have any good salons nearby? I don't even try to do my own hands anymore.

Charlestongirl said...

Oooh, Leigh, you bought some great pieces. Enjoy!

The liner and duo are pretty, but I have a gold liner or two, and I also have plenty of charcoal and ivory shadows. I'm TRYING very hard to be rational. :)

Nemo said...

Cg, have you seen the pics of the CHANEL Spring collection yet? Beautiful! Nail polishes named April, May, June---and Attraction; Blue Horizon blush (?) and lovely lips. I'm wondering how I'll afford the Holiday stuff, and now they're "springing" spring on me? Haha! The nerve of them!

Charlestongirl said...

Nemo, I've seen photos of April, May, and June Les Vernis Nail Colours. Nice, but I think I'll be able to resist. As for the rest...I hope they give me a month or two to recover!