Thursday, December 27, 2012

Guerlain Météorites Perles du Paradis from the Spring 2013 Color Collection - Live and in Person

Guerlain's Spring 2013 Collection Météorites, Perles du Paradis ($70) looked so scrumptious, I had to have them. I had ordered them, but my fave Guerlain retailer had not received them - and I was more than ready. So, I "sprang" over to Nordstrom and purchased them there.

To illuminate skin with an angelic halo, Guerlain’s legendary pearls got a boost, introduced in an extra-large (spheres), limited-edition size. This devilishly beautifying spheres feature six skin-toned and pastel shades. The traditional correcting colors - blue and green - have been replaced by pink to brighten dull areas and silver to reflect ambient light and ensure one-of-a-kind radiance.

As expected dark zones disappear, grayness is erased, and fatigue vanished. When you apply Météorites, the face lights up and shimmers subtly - revitalized and instantly awakened, as if by magic. This sheer, refreshing effect embellishes absolutely every type of complexion. It's somewhat miraculous. The soft, caressing, pale pink powder is topped with a large powder puff. I really wish Guerlain had left out the decorative puff because it takes up half the container.

The photo directly above shows what I saw when I removed the puff: a container only half-full with the magical little balls of pastel powder. I tried to get photos to show you how empty of product the container really looks without the puff, so I held it and tilted (see below), being extremely careful not to spill any of the contents. You do not receive a container filled with Météorites as shown in the promotional photo at the top of this feature. That's disappointing because the shades are so luscious.

I compared the per-ounce contents to other Météorites. Perles du Paradis is labeled as having 1.86 ounces. I checked the Pucci Collection Perles d'Azur, and the weight was 1.05 ounces. The new one has a big puff; the summer set contains a nice, thin sponge that took up much less space, so the void was less noticeable.

It's always very difficult to show the shade of finishing powders in swatch photos, but I gave it a try in full sun. I applied Météorites Perles du Paradis with a kabuki brush.

You can see the beautiful icy pink powder on my arm, but you may not be able to see the randomly dispersed micro-sparkles. I know some of you don't like to see sparkles in your face powder, but I think these are brightening and glorious.

I absolutely adore Perles du Paradis. I just wish there were more perles. I can't afford to purchase a second one right now, and I fear I'll run out of these. What to do?

Guerlain’s Spring 2013 Color Collection is available at select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Bloomingdale's, and Bergdorf Goodman - and, of course, the free-standing Guerlain boutiques.

Photo at top courtesy of Guerlain; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Angela C said...

Beautiful! I love the colors; thank you for the swatch.

I wouldn't worry about running out - Have you ever actually come close to running out of any type of Meteorites? I haven't - In my experience the balls last years. :)

Anonymous said...

My container also came half full to my disappointment. However, the container still has much more product than traditional meteorites since the volume is much more than usual. I am tempted to remove the 4 silver balls, which are what produce the random glitters, but then my container will look even less full. Overall, they were a lovely purchase.

Eileen said...

I am utterly in love with my Perles du Paradis. They give a beautiful and radiant soft berry glow to my cheeks and look gorgeous lightly swept on my décolletage. As much as I love them, though, they are definitely a springtime look and so I'm putting them aside for a couple of months. In the meantime, I'm wearing Perles du Dragon as my daily finishing powder.

Like Guerlain's Spring 2012 Cruel Gardenia, this Spring 2013 Perles du Paradis is more of a special effect powder rather than an all over finishing powder. On my NC15 complexion I actually get enough berry color to forego additional blusher. On darker complexions, it will probably act more like a highlighter with soft pink, rose, or berry blushers. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why Guerlain decided against releasing Sakura here in the US. It really would be superfluous.

Perles du Paradis is so sweetly feminine. I think the boudoir packaging is adorable, but I know from reading some other blogs that some people were disgruntled with the way it was done. The big objection seems to be the cardboard box. Personally, I think those people just don't get it. Perhaps they're just too young to remember boudoir powder boxes of the past with their ultra feminine colors and designs made of compressed cardboard. The powder only came half way up the box and they always had a fluffy puff with a bow on it. Guerlain really nailed this bit of nostalgia, but it evidently fell flat with some of the uninitiated :-(

As for the quantity of product, there is more than enough to last for years especially since Paradis gives a very seasonal look. I've never run out of any of my Météorites, but then I collect them and always buying the newest version. At this point in time, I have enough Météorites to last several life-times! LOL

Anonymous said...

I absolutle adore this product!!! Beautiful! Hi anonymous :) that is exactly what I did with my powder! I removed my 4 silver balls and got a nice finishing powder without a sparkling effect. My skin is not that perfect for that effect. Then I compared this powder ti my Dragun one:) and actually noticed that it has much much less shimmer what made me even more happy! Dragun has more like golden effect versus Paradis has more like beautiful mat pink effect! Adore.....

Polarbelle said...

I'd like to ask Eileen, as I read your comments on my other two fave blogs, IF you had to choose one, would you pick this or the new Chanel highlighter. Only one choice...three seconds...go!

Anonymous said...

Hi Polarbelle! May I try to answer you ?-n as well! I have both of them and they quite different! I love both if them! I actually got two Chanel highliters and one guerlain Paradis. Chanel will give you more golden glow versus guerlain more pastel berry pink. A got two of chanel because the compact has considerably less product! It would be really difficult to choose one, because I think you can create different looks and effects with these two powders :) hope it was helpful. I think these two are a must haves

Charlestongirl said...


You are a hoot. Unfair question! Sound of whistle blowing. LOL

Charlestongirl said...


Actually, yes. One of the first I ever purchased - can't even remember it's name or number.

Charlestongirl said...

True, Anonymous. That's why I gave the weight - so it was clear we weren't getting "taken."

I guess we could take out the silver balls when we don't want sparklies. Too much trouble for me. I'd want to put them back in for night. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Eileen, if only I had a décolletage - or even clothing that show it off. :)

I do use this powder most often on my temples and cheeks. Not jaw line. I also get enough color when applied heavily as a blush.

I have no problems with the cardboard. I have very old Météorites in cardboard. I really don't like the silly puff, though.

Rhonda says the gals at Guerlain recommend that we take a wine glass and mix them all up - all the various introductions together. She explained a glass without a stem. I couldn't! Each one is special, and I can't imagine losing that uniqueness.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous, if I were to line up all of mine over the years, I would have every tint imaginable. I think that's cool - one for every mood and look.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous after Polarbelle,

Totally agree! If you only want to purchase only one, flip a coin. :)

Eileen said...

I'd pick Poudre de Signée Chanel because it is more universal. I can use it all year round with pink, coral, or peach toned blushers. Perles du Paradis is decidedly in the berry camp.

Anonymous said...

Perles du Paradis is actually my favorite Meteorites ever. I don't get the sparkle when I use this, just a gorgeous glow to my skin. I agree that it erases, shadows, greyness etc. I got 2 of these and one of the Chanel highlight. I wasn't going to get the Chanel but when I sampled it, I had to have it. Soft pale golden sheen, lovely. Going to have to cut back on spending if we "go over the fiscal cliff" so my suggestion is to get what you want now, in case you'll need to be choosier later in 2013.

Eileen said...

For those of us with lighter complexions, the various combinations that Guerlain has produced throughout the years really do create a different effect on the skin. I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine just mixing everything together! Ugh!

I'm lucky because my chest area is in better shape than my face! LOL. So, yes, I love sweeping the good old décolletage with a soft shimmery powder :-)

Charlestongirl said...

LOL Anonymous, you sound like me!

Charlestongirl said...


I told Rhonda she was crazy. She swears it's a great thing. Of course, they can take testers and do anything they want with them. I cannot imagine.

Sadly, I have a lot of sun damage on my upper chest. Not something I love. :)

Polarbelle said...

you guys are killing me, lol!!!! it's such a hard decision. I told my hubs I was taking advantage of the double points at Nordies today and got the 2013 fiscal lecture. :/ LOL I sure wish I had local access to Guerlain so I could look at it. If I don't purchase it soon enough, I'll regret it like I did with Dragon. This is a great discussion!

Evelyn said...

You all have me jumping up and down anxiously waiting for my new Perles to come from Nordstrom! lol I'm just not sure where I am going to put them since I don't really have a dresser (yes I do my makeup on my computer desk!). Pink and berry do grab my attention. :)

I wasn't going to buy the Chanel but it was there when I went to Lord & Taylor today and looked so nice and I had a $20 gift code from them that could be used on cosmetics so...

I have more highlighters than I have skin. I suppose I'll have to dust myself every morning before work so I'll look more lively (so hard to do at 6AM).

Anonymous said...

As if I needed another reason to buy this! It comes out here next month and the mentions of berry tones have me excited! I decided that this would be the one item of the collection I would buy and if funds allow after working through Dior spring, then maybe the purple palette. Entirely by accident, I have become a meteorites collector.

I quite liked meteorites when I first bought one, but wasn't 100% convinced until one day, my mother complimented my makeup. She hadn't seen it while we were in the house as she was waiting for me outside, but as soon as I went outside, she asked "what have you done?" and seemed quite impressed. It wasn't my eye makeup since I was wearing sunglasses, so only my skin was showing. It was meteorites!

It's unique in makeup in that it isn't a highlighter and not quite finishing powder. I do brush this over powder foundation too.

Eileen, your comment about the boudoir packaging, is exactly one of the reasons I like having a couple of blogs on my list by those who are yours and Charleston Girl's age (that's a compliment!) I love reading this sort of thing from those who know first hand what the old stuff was like, the same way I also like reading blogs from all over the world; the different insights into beauty are fascinating.

I'm glad the regular meteorites don't have cardboard packaging anymore though, but I can appreciate it when used sparingly and done beautifully, like with Paul & Joe's collection sparkles lipsticks.

I would love to see Charleston Girl's and Eileen's meteorites collections, they must be huge!


Anonymous said...

I bought my meteorites at Sephora last week. It was my first meteorites purchase and I was a bit surprised at how empty the container looked after removing the puff. Can anyone tell me if the puff is supposed to be encased in plastic? Mine was not, it was just sitting there on top of the product.

Charlestongirl said...

Yes, Anonymous, just sitting there on top without special packaging.

Nemo said...

OK, ladies, help me. I am new to meteorites, but bc of all your glowing remarks I am now thinking of getting them. So, how do I wear them????? HELP! Are they worn as a blush?

Annie M said...

Hi Nemo!
I have always worn my Meteorites as a finishing powder post foundation.

Nemo said...

Thanks, Annie M. Do you wear the Meteorites in place of blush, or do you apply the Met. and then blush?

Eileen said...

Hi Nemo,

In general, Météorites are meant to be worn as an all-over finishing powder. Applied last, they give a cohesive look to your foundation, blusher, bronzer, etc. They bring everything together with a soft focus glow. If you prefer a stronger look to your blusher, bronzer, etc., then apply the Météorites right after your foundation and proceed as usual with your other products. Either way, they will mask flaws and make the skin look naturally luminous by using light diffusing pigments.

Although they are basically translucent, they do have a bit of color which is determined by the combination of colors being used for the balls. Whereas some women say they all look the same, I have not found that to be true at all on my lighter skintone (NC15). My different editions of Météorites do produce different effects--not a huge difference, mind you, but enough to be noticeable and make me choose my Météorites according to the look I'm after. Also, some versions have more shimmer than others, and how much sparkle a person can tolerate is, of course, a personal preference. As some of the readers noted, they removed the four silvery balls from Paradis, but I love "adult" shimmer and would never do that. Chacun à son goût! :-)

With the lid on, I always tip my container upside down before opening. Doing this brings any loose powder that has settled on the bottom back to the top. I use my Tom Ford Bronzer Brush (phenomenal brush!) to sweep this magic stuff all over my face, neck, and décolletage. Just remember, don't buff. Buffing any powder that has shimmer--even the most subtle--will bring out the shine. Météorites are meant to give a real skin healthy glow, not create something better suited to disco nights!

Météorites will not replace your blusher, Nemo. Occasionally, Guerlain will release an edition like Perles du Paradis which is strong enough in tint that it makes other products superfluous if you are fair skinned and after a soft and delicate look. For day, Paradis gives a light berry glow to my cheeks which is sufficient unto itself and which has earned me compliments galore on my "beautiful complexion". For evening, I'd add a bit of extra blusher. Women who are just getting started, will probably prefer Perles du Dragon because it does not make as strong a color statement as Paradis. But, if you love a soft, feminine berry, then by all means jump on in with Perles du Paradis. They're sugar and spice and everything nice :-)

bisbee said...

Ok...looks like I'm going to have to purchase one of these. I don't have any Météorites - I think I have a pressed version of one of them...but I don't use it often (if at all). Looks like the results you ladies get from these are worth the purchase! This latest one sounds good - I'm pale with pink undertones, so this may be right up my alley!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nemo! The meteorites are not typically pigmented enough to be worn as a blush. This one seems to be an exception and even on the fairest skintones, it needs to be built up to wear as a blush, so don't use it for that, if it's your primary purpose.

Meteorites are a unique product somewhere between a finishing powder and highlighter (or rather, an all-over skin illuminator). For those who use finishing powder for oil control, I wouldn't use meteorites directly on the foundation to finish off - use a regular finishing powder first to control oil, then the meteorites. I have dry skin and don't need oil control, so I just add it straight onto my foundation. It works over powder foundation too, without looking cakey.

Meteorites don't tend to be so bright that you would use it as an obvious highlighter, although it could be built up in areas where you want a subtle extra highlight. If you want a lot of highlight, then maybe it's better to get a product specifically for highlighting.

Overall, I think you see that meteorites are something a little bit different to all the other steps of makeup. It's a final finishing step to give your face a certain glow that you can't quite put your finger on, but it actually does make a difference! Give it a chance, you might not see it the first couple of times, but you will.

Wow, this was long, but I hope it's helpful.


Midwestern Mama said...

Thank you for posting. Now I'm dreaming of Meteorites...going to have to pick up some at Nordstrom!

Eileen - do you have a blog?

Thanks for the post, CG!

Vanesa said...

Hello Everyone,
Can this product be used on bare skin? I use concealor and blush. Should you swirl the brush or use horizontal or vertical strokes? Thank you!

Nemo said...

Thank you, Anonymous and Eileen, for your all-out effort for me about the meteorites. With all that help, now I must try them.

Eileen said...

No, Lizzy, I don't. I just like to lurk about on BTiB and a few other blogs. BTiB is by far my favorite because, like our gracious hostess, I am "une femme d'un certain âge" and I love high end cosmetics. I also love BTiB's readership. You are all so supportive of each other and positive. Snark on BTiB is a very rare thing.

Eileen said...

Hi Vanesa,

Yes, Météorites can be used on bare skin. In fact, on very low maintenance days, I'll often skip foundation and just apply Météorites over my sunscreen. Swirl your brush over the balls and apply by pressing or lightly sweeping the powder across the skin. If you have peach fuzz on your face, brush downward in the same direction as the hair growth. These really are foolproof.

Charlestongirl said...

I just love this community of beauty lovers! I enjoyed watching the conversation, actually more than participating. Many thanks to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Do you think this product is comparable to the new Bobbi Brown finishing powder?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous,

I don't think so. They are very different. Bobbi's powders are special colors for special effects. The rose is a brightener, for example. The yellow, they say, will lighten dark areas.

This powder combines shades to give an overall pink/berry/brightening. It is, as Eileen said, more of a highlighter than some of the other Météorites.

That said, if you pick the right Bobbi Brown powder, you could get roughly the same effect.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 new Bobbi Brown powders with palettes that combine about 6 colors each - one pastel and one more nude.

If wanted a fresh non-shiny finish look would you pick the Bobbi Brown or the Guerlain?

Anonymous said...

The pastel powder is called Porcelin Pearl Brightening Finishing Powder.

Charlestongirl said...

Anonymous, I have both of them. I purchased the lighter one yesterday. It had been an Asia exclusive.

I have not used it enough to be able to answer your question adequately. Vernon applied it to me at Nordstrom. I found the effect on a no-foundation face to be blurring and brightening - but very different from Guerlain's powder.

If you are trying to choose, go with your heart (and eyes).

Anonymous said...

Thanks CG -- I will look at both of them at Tysons.
I have never used a finishing powder before, and don't like a powder gives too much of a glitter look. I am looking for something lighter than the Bobbi Brown cake powders. I prefer the Bobbi Brown packaging.
I just found this site and live in NOVA, too. You are a great resource!

Annie M said...

Hi Nemo!
Sorry for not responding earlier. I use my Meteorites after I use foundation and blush - I find it a nice way to set the face. I know that there was an older Meteorites - I believe it was called Blushy Blush that had primarily red based balls and was used as a blush. Given what I have seen, this is a product that develops a bit of a cult following. You can actually find some older discontinued ones (both the balls and compacts) on eBay.

DivaDebbi said...

This came at a curiously prescient time CG! I am on my second year of Rose 02, with probably has as much left as you are picturing in your new product. I was starting to think just for the sake of hygiene that I should replace it. I went to Sephora and none of their current offering resemble my original purchase in the slightest.
Perles du Paradis actually resembles Rose 02 quite handsomely.
What are your thoughts on continuing to use 2 year old product. On another note, I just purchased their new Terracotta Sun Shimmer Highlighter blush in Sunny Pink. I think you would ADORE it! Have you seen it? For once I may get you to the counter instead of the other way around.
So sorry to hear about your hip pain. Wishing you good healthy and tons of joy in the New Year.